League of Angels' Taiwanese Christmas campaign comes with real girls

It’s the time of the year when shops and online retailers switch to full battle mode, rolling out Christmas promotions and year-end sales to attract customers, showering shoppers with free gifts and lucky dips that tease a chance of winning luxurious prizes such as cars and getaway vacations. This is all great, but a game otaku who spends most of his free time in a virtual world might not care much for a shiny new car.

Now, popular Taiwanese online game, Nu Shen Lian Meng (League of Angels), ups the ante with a chance to win a candlelit dinner date with three of the six lovely real-life “angels” pictured above.

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xHeavYx1677d ago

Can I get the one in the middle, please?

Relientk771677d ago

I'm not picky, can I have them all?


paul-p19881676d ago

I quite like the middle one too.

Time to fap... lol