The Best PS3 Games of 2013

We here at Segment Next have compiled our own best of 2013 for every category of games that came out during the year.

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rextraordinaire1825d ago

I think it's clear that Ni No Kuni will win rpg of the year many many many times. For a reason.

TedCruzsTaint1825d ago

Is the demo very representative of the game as a whole? It was one of the games I was very interested in for when I grabbed a PS3 but, I need to be honest, the demo didn't do much for me.
Now I am weighing whether or not I want to pick it up.

lonelyplayer1825d ago

I don't think the essence of a RPG can be captured by a demo.

rextraordinaire1825d ago

The demo is actually from very early in the game, the battle system opens up much more later.

nategrigs1825d ago

sony had a pretty great 2013; This list doesn't include GT6 or hotline miami

ambientFLIER1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

The Last of Us is fantastic. I'm not a huge sony fan, but that game is undeniably superb. I'm about 3 hours in so far. However, the weird thing is that I'm not super impressed with the graphics. They are often pretty, and sometimes very pretty, but the way people talked them up, I expected Crysis 3 on high end PC...There are visible compromises that were made to make sure it ran ok, and to be honest, Metro 2 on the Xbox 360 impressed no less. TLOU's story, though....oh man! Exceptional!

IWasHere1821d ago

BEYOND: Two Souls and GT6 are missing!