Jackie Chan Stuntmaster Retro Review I Play Legit

"Stuntmaster was developed with the constant input of Jackie Chan himself. He not only provided his voice, but motion captured every single move you use in the game." -Play Legit

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1674d ago
wls10121674d ago

l still love this game.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1674d ago

my older brother rented this game & and a WWFsmackdown game for me from blockbuster. the only thing i remember is dying a lot trying to out run a truck in a alley, and just when i did it, jumping over a railing, the head lights of a faster truck turned on and ran me over.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1674d ago

Smacking people with brooms was always my favourite part...
Now that I think of it wasn't there a jet li game too where you used the right analog stick to beat people up, yes there is. Even though I really like Jackie chan that Jet li game was just better, but sadly no brooms...

cyguration1674d ago

Why is this an opinion and not a review?

bacrec11672d ago

They told me to change it to an opinion piece for some reason.