I’ve Lost All Interest In Minecraft

PixelGate UK writes:

''There were times when I could boot up Minecraft, sit down, and play for hours on end and just have blast exploring the worlds, spelunking dungeons, and building anything my imagination could dream up. However, as of late my interest in the game has all but suddenly died and I can only find myself playing for a few short minutes before getting completely bored of the game. My friends and I would start up a world, dive in, and just have a wonderful time creating things and making our own little worlds to explore, and have adventures in.''

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CursedHero1587d ago

Love your opinion. I lost interest when it first debuted @[email protected]

PeaSFor1587d ago

never had any to begin with, i tried at least 2hours but i was bored, then i had a big crush on Terraria and forgot about the minecraft bad aftertaste

Hellsvacancy1587d ago

Terraria is suberb, I love it, it's too technical for my daughter though, that's why I shall buy Minecraft for her

Infamous2981587d ago

You should try starbound!!

Tiqila1587d ago

is starbound better than terraria?

or better I shall ask if it is worth the purchase if one already owns terraria?

thx in advance

Infamous2981587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@Tiqila I like terraria but it get boring after a while. Starbound is basically terraria but with quests and better exploration due to fact that you can travel planets and it have NPCs which give quests etc. btw, there will be a PS4 version for this game.

Hellsvacancy1587d ago


I shall be getting Starbound for the PS4 buddy, when it's out............and when I get a PS4

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Xer0_SiN1587d ago

i dunno what the big hype on it was to begin with? i dunno just not my thing. however, my kids love it! i guess it shows the demographic its trying to reach out to.

WeAreLegion1587d ago

That's like losing interest in LEGO's. No way would I ever lose interest in either.

DanielGearSolid1587d ago

Thx for letting us know... I guess....

But uhhh... Who asked?

CaptainPunch1587d ago

Well this a user generated site...

ElementX1587d ago

"I've lost all interest in Minecraft"

That's nice, why do I care?

Blackdeath_6631587d ago

you obviously care enough to comment about it

Oagoz1587d ago

No, he wants to state his opinion on how pointless this article is. Doesn't mean he cares at all.

Visiblemarc1587d ago

Yeah but you have to admit the title of this article could have been "Man plays game to excess for years, mysteriously grows tired of it."

GentlemenRUs1587d ago

I moved onto a game known as Starbound, Minecraft kinda got repetitive fast...

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