Naughty Dog Experimenting With The Last of Us’ Multiplayer This Weekend & They Need Your Feedback

Naughty Dog is doing a little experimentation with The Last of Us’ multiplayer this weekend, with a tweak to lower the maximum ping allowed to the host in matchmaking from 200ms to 100ms starting early this afternoon (pacific time).

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wiiuniverse1829d ago

this is a good example of a game that didnt need multiplayer whatsoever. all the effort put into the MP mode shouldve gone into singleplayer content.

Nitrowolf21829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

Have you even played the MP (judging by name and comment history I am guessing not?)? It's freak'n Brilliant. I never played a MP game that had so much tension.

I don't even get ur statement either. Most first playthrough stretch between 10-15 Hours (I think mine was about 14). There's mroe than enough SP content, especially with the next DLC being that.

wiiuniverse1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

wow, what a very nice, mature response. assuming i havent played the game because i said i wouldve preferred more sp content >_>. this website is so hostile towards criticism, that goes for all 3 console fanbases.
im not saying its bad, im saying it didnt need it. like bioshock 2 had a lengthy campaign and decent MP, but most would prefer if it had more single player stuff.
well they couldve incorporated stuff like branching pathways, a morality system, multiple endings, etc to add on to the singleplayer which is fairly linear (meaning you go through the EXACT same environments and achieve the EXACT same ending) even if it is great.

pwnsause_returns1829d ago

Uncharted 2 or 3 didnt need it. guess what though, it works, and works very well.

at this point, theres no need to tell naughty dog what to do with their multiplayer components. they got that on lock.

quinten4881829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

I love TLOU MP too, add me bro quinten488.

ravinash1829d ago

@ wiiuniverse.

No, that would be terrible.
One of the best things about this game was the story and the writing.
The problem with games like the one you describe is you have to write for the event o each path you take and often details are going to get mixed up.
I really fell this would not have added anything to the game and just destroy the story.

FlunkinMonkey1829d ago


You are chatting complete rubbish.. TLOU have branching pathways?? The game is a cinematic experience like a film, there is no need for confused multiple endings. We focus on the 2 main characters stories, and their story alone.

The SP is the best SP i have played this gen and the MP is decent and something different. I don't think any more effort and polish could have gone into the SP.

sprinterboy1828d ago

My 1st playthrough took 21 hrs, if it took most gamers 10/15 hrs then they rushed through it lol

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AceBlazer131829d ago

wat bs are you spouting? this is a game that pulls off both sp and mp. any more focus on the sp we would've gotten 2 games.

sinncross1829d ago


And your post is a good example of pure rubbish.

Mp in tlou is a lot of fun.

Shnooze1828d ago

I don't even think he said it's bad.

What is with you people?

rhcpfan1829d ago

The multiplayer portion is excellent and adds tons of replay value. Honestly, I really wish you came up with a better example than Bioshock 2.

OhReginald1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

yea he could of said like uncharted 2/3 or something...but bioshock 2? what? people actually liked the multiplayer in that game? news to me...

Jury1829d ago

But the single player game is awesome so what the heck are you on about? Wait.. I don't care. You're an idiot.

Multiplayer is great!

wiiuniverse1828d ago

Nice, pal.
I'm JUST saying, it could've been longer and more in-depth without the extra time spent on multiplayer, and i would've preferred that.

It is a good multiplayer. I would've preferred single player. That's all im saying you gibbering frivolous fanboys.

OhReginald1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

thats funny it took me 10 hours to complete the single player, I spent around 60+ hours on multiplayer. The MP in this game is addicting.

If you are talking about games that don't need multiplayer. Just look at batman: arkham origins. Hell its multiplayer doesnt even work with its broken matchmaking and lag.

XisThatKid1828d ago

Yea you know another great example of a game that didn't need Multiplayer? Uncharted! Also made by Naughty Dog and had an amazing single player like TLOU and Uncharted had one of the best multiplayer experiences I have ever played. That game gives me something other shooters third and first person has never given me before. So I could care less if the MP is unnecessary as long as it's a great experience.
I don't have to be limited to what Nintendo thinks I want. I def see some great single player experiences that convert to a great MP concept.

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TedCruzsTaint1829d ago

Might jump in at some time then, now that I actually own a PS3 and the game.

Ultr1829d ago

Its great and get in with a friend or/and work with the others its crucial to win!

TedCruzsTaint1828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

Don't really have anyone I can think of to play with, honestly.
A lot of my friends, like me, up until Black Friday anyway, don't own PS3.
They either stayed on 360, or moved onto PC like I did earlier this year.

Think I have to try my luck with public matches and hope for the best.

TheEnigma3131829d ago

I just started playing TLOU and this game is so intense. I have yet to try the multiplayer, but I'll definitely check it out when I complete the SP mode.

nope1111829d ago

Is the mp populated? i fear CoD is sucking up the mp community as usual >:(

Shuyin1829d ago

There'a enuff ppl playing it, give it a try. I played it yesterday with mates ocer Voip chat and it was AWESOME. So much fun, especially when using team work and smacking other decent players and make them rage quit! :D

BABY-JEDI1829d ago

I would have liked the infected in the maps as NPC with a chance of player characters being infected & requiring meds before they turn. This would have sat better as an overall experience with the SP IMO.

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