Resident Evil 7: Voice Your Opinion

Resident Evil 6 is the last straw and fans are demanding Capcom to stop forcing their crap into the game. Ever since RE4, the game has lost its thrill factor and became more action oriented. The storyline gets lamer by the second and the fans are not at all amused on the matter.

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LackTrue4K1622d ago

They need to add more boulder punching like in 5!

abzdine1622d ago (Edited 1622d ago )

RE5 is still the one that sold most, so no matter what you say they will still make shit like RE4,5 and 6.
They can still keep making them but just as spin-offs.
Going back to the roots and give a complex world with puzzles and exploration is the only way to win me over again...

UltimateMaster1622d ago

People will hate it without even playing it like they did with RE6.

zeee1621d ago (Edited 1621d ago )

errmm... actually no. people hated it because the game sucked! not everyone is a mindless hater you know. some of us do keep an open mind.

KonsoruMasuta1622d ago

That really wouldn't stop the game from being crap. It would just be crap that's exclusive to a great console.

Capcom is going to need to do a whole lot more than that to redeem the franchise.

lnvisibleMan1622d ago

They need to bring back spiders, sharks, giant snakes and man eating plants. You know the very things that prompt an animal control officer to retire.

Max-Zorin1622d ago

Exclusivity won't make the game any better. Plus the last few Resi games have been on multiple platforms. Suddenly making it exclusive to one would be stupid.

badboy7761622d ago

Resident evil started out as a PS franchise. Sony wants to bring that PS1 vibe back with the PS4. So making Resident Evil Evil an exclusive and marketing right would be huge!!! Take it back to it roots.

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CocoWolfie1622d ago

*cracks knuckles* time to get to work :')

OtakuDome1622d ago

I hate to be "that guy", but can we get an AI partner who doesn't suck in-game? I still shiver at the memories of Shiva from RE 5, good lord she was a horrible partner.

rustyspoon801622d ago

Get rid of the AI partner completely. Or have a separate co-op mode if they must.
Then go and play RE1-CV and see what real Resi games were about.
Resident Evil isn't COD and shouldn't try to emulate it.

donwel1622d ago

A separate co-op mode, released on disc but only accessible if you pay extra, a-la RE5 versus mode.
Honestly I used to love this franchise :(

AsimLeonheart1622d ago

Why do we have to have a partner at all? I dont know why that partner thing has become a requirement for RE games. Solo character games are much more tense and scary like the older RE games. Two characters continuously chatting and helping each other ruins the atmosphere and tension.

kayoss1622d ago

I wouldnt oppose a remake of resident evil one with better graphics. Resident evil one was the first horror game that made me shampoo my hair with my eyes open and made me constantly check behind the shower curtains to see if anyone is standing behind it when i was younger.

NarooN1622d ago

They already did a RE1 remake on the Gamecube, and the graphics still hold up well today, really. Another remake would be redundant, but would hilariously show how desperate Capcom is and would be them admitting how terrible the series has become.

GentlemenRUs1622d ago

Pfft, If there is a 7th... I'm not buying it.

I fell for that scam back with 6.

Jimneous1622d ago

I say no more AI partners, having someone following you around takes a lot of the scare out of the game. Also bring back the original threat, go back to Raccoon City, don't let the virus progress to the point of the las plagas keep it zombies. Essentially take the amount of zombies from Dead Rising and drop them in Raccoon City and bring back the real Umbrella.

AsimLeonheart1622d ago

I agree. Furthermore, I think the series needs a reboot. Capcom have driven it into the ground and now it isnt possible to go anywhere with the current mess of a story. Too many characters, too many arcs and too many villains. The story has lost its purpose and focus after the death of Umbrella. Moreover, the characters themselves have become used to the zombies and creatures. Killing zombies and monstrosities has become a routine days work for all of the characters. They arent scared or worried so why would the players be?

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