My Turbulent First Month with the PS4

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

The PS4 is breaking sales records, and it’s clear that Sony has a winner on their hands. But this article isn’t about sales or the PS4’s future. It’s about my first month with the console. It was filled with excitement, regret, longing, anger, confusion, and a torrent of other emotions.

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JetP06191587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Opinions are opinions and as a gamer i respect them but i agree with sony's decision when they brought out the last of us, gt 6 and beyond two souls on ps3. The install base of the ps3 is very big and there are also a lot of late adopters who's just getting into the ps3 now. Sony has a history of supporting their platforms very well even though they had new ones that were coming out. I can see where you are coming from, but there are a lot of new ips and sequels and prequels of existing franchise that are being developed for ps4. all it takes is some patience, when ps3 came out we had less than what we have for the ps4. Give it some time. Just like you i am disappointed too because some games were delayed but hey those studios risked losing more money by delaying the game just so we'll have the perfect experience when they do release it. patience my friend. Greatness awaits still.

DarthZoolu1587d ago

What do people think they are gonna see? Games aren't gonna be that different from what we see now. PCs have been more powerful than PS4, Xbox1 for 2+years. Console gamers might get a taste of what PC gaming is like but I doubt consoles will get the mods like PC does. I think Xbox One has the best chance of something unique, kinect is something different no matter how you look at it. I hope to see something game changing come from the Kinect.

I am willing to bet the best game of the New Gen will be from Bethesda not Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo.

Boooo fanboys.

JetP06191587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@DarthZoolu You are the only fanboy here. Pc's have always been at top when it comes to power, everyone knows that but it all comes down to games and the games we play are on consoles. You're a COMPLETE IDIOT.

This guy just replied to nothing, I dont even think he read the article. He just went all ham saying pcs are the best lol.

robtion1587d ago

Great article and I agree 100 Percent.

Imaging if The Last of Us was a ps4 launch game. The graphics would have been even more immersive and it would have been the most amazing launch title of all time.

The ps4 is a great machine and will be good in the future but right now it sucks. There are no games and I have gone back to playing my ps3.

ravinash1586d ago

The graphics for last of us would have been better, but the sales would not have been as good due to the smaller install base.
For pushing out a new IP I think ND made the right decision.
The games will come in time, we know they will.
I'm happy to stick with my PS3 for now, but I will get a PS4 in future.

robtion1586d ago

I agree with you but still the lack of games on ps4 currently is disappointing. They could have released it on ps3 and ps4 like AC4, though they probably didn't have the resources to do this I guess.

My mistake for buying a console at launch, should have waited a year like I always have in the past.