Wii U Weekly Deals: Skylanders Bundle $250, Sonic Lost World $30, ACIV / COD: Ghosts $50 & more

Wii U weekly deals and sales from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Kmart, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Frys, Gamefly and Newegg.

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xNomaD1378d ago

ZombiU is still calling to me since the console launch.

Concertoine1378d ago

If you like the old resident evils you might like it. Sinilar inventory management, atmosphere, and clunky combat.

jacobvogel1378d ago

Sonic Lost World or New Super Luigi U? Which game is better?

Concertoine1378d ago

You'll get more content and multiplayer with luigi u. I personally hated lost world but a lot of people think its fun. Graphics are great.

thezeldadoth1378d ago (Edited 1378d ago )

both pretty good. new super luigi u though is a very unique take on mario.

andrewsimons1378d ago

That's a great deal, The exclusive figure is being sold from $60~$75 on eBay, you can also get another $40~$50 for the portal and game. That's around $150 for a new console.