Warframe PS4 Review: the best F2P title on next-gen consoles | PSU

PSU - Free to Play may not be something console gamers are used to hearing, but with the launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony has made big a push to not only get triple A titles but bring forth a plethora of Free to Play titles that have dominated the PC space for years to its next gen console.

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ATi_Elite1703d ago

Planetside 2 has that title!

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mixelon1703d ago

I prefer War Thunder to Warframe personally.

Maybe we need less games with "war" in the title. :D

iamnsuperman1703d ago

I agree with you. I was initially annoyed at how war thunder plays. But once you get into it, it is quite fun. I do feel they havn't got the f2p aspect quite right but it isn't such a chore to play

Raf1k11702d ago

I feel the slower nature of the gameplay has something to do with it leaning more towards simulation in some aspects of the game. For example you can't dive and expect to come out of it quickly like you can in a lot of arcadey flight games.

The game does have a lot of depth though and seems like there's a lot to get your head around for the average player.

scott1821703d ago

Nice score, looks pretty fun. I am a bit more excited for planetside 2, love what I have seen for it.

princejb1341703d ago

i played war frame
the game just wasn't for me i found it a bit to repetitive and boring

nope1111703d ago

Why does this game have such a generic title? It looks anything but imo.

cesuf1703d ago

Never heard of any other game being called that, so I wouldn't call it generic, idk I kinda like it. It fits the game.

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