Xbox One Needs Japanese Market

GuardianLv - The XBox One needs an image makeover if is going to make any headway in the Japanese market. The first XBox sold over 2 million units when it was originally released. According to, the XBox 360 had only sold around 1.65 million units as of September 2013. The new XBox One is set to release in Japan in 2014. Based on the downward trend in sales, it seems clear that Microsoft will need to have a significantly different approach if it wants to show improvement over the performance of its earlier incarnations.

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ElementX1822d ago

"Xbox One Needs Japanese Market"

The previous generations did just fine without it

HelpfulGamer1822d ago

Dead or Alive Extreme 3 powered by the Cloud, capable of making realistic Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics Sand Castles. That'll be Awesome! :D

mikeslemonade1822d ago


Yes it did and yes it does. 360 would have gotten close to 100 mil if it did, and X1 needs it because MS is poised to lose lots of market share, and also they lose small and medium size Japanese game developers.

Godmars2901822d ago

Yeah. The Xbox 360 did not constantly lose ground after the failure of its JRPG efforts.

Why o why1821d ago

I think this gen will be different. No headstart and no home turf guarantee..

Why o why1821d ago

...and now facing a cheaper competitor with stronger hardware on its A game.

KillerBanana71822d ago

For all the 5 people desperately waiting for it :)

lastofgen1822d ago

I expect we'll see the same situation as we did with the x360 in japan.
They probably just want to put their toes in there for some market penetration.
As for me, I just want to see a Lost Odyssey 2 or Blue Dragon 2.
Any one of those would be just sweet.

KingDadXVI1821d ago

This really comes done to return on investment. The situation for MS and Sony are very different when it comes to Japan.

Japan is very culturally entrenched. Sony is basically considered a national hero to the Japanese therefore it is very easy for them in that market. On the other hand MS would have to spend a much larger amount of money for a very small return on that investment. Even if MS came out with the best games that the Japanese culture wanted they would be biased against them as it is not a console by Sony. There is very little in return on investment there for the Xbox One.

When you flip the coin however and look at NA and Europe it is a much larger market and much less culturally biased. Basically in western society we really don't give a crap which company makes it or what their home country happens to be. For Sony this means they have a guaranteed large market and much larger potential return on investment by focusing over here. This is evidenced by the fact that they launched here well before their home country. They know they have a guaranteed market in Japan.

While MS will spend a considerable sum to ensure a token presence in Japan when it comes to potential earnings it really is a drop in the bucket for them and thus it will likely fall to the wayside again this generation.

I could be wrong and maybe they have some magic voodoo that will convince the Japanese to suddenly adopt a non national product but I doubt it very much.

DevilishSix1821d ago

MS doesn't have a chance in Japan the last two generations have proven this.

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