PlayStation U.S. Boss Says He Gave Up His PS4 So Someone Could Buy One

Jack Tretton claims to have passed on a PS4 so that someone else could buy it, saying "Yeah, well, to that point, I don't have one yet because I'm like 'No, sell it."

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Snookies121802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Dang if this is true... Someone out there has Jack Tretton's PS4.... Lucky bas**** lol.

iamnsuperman1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I hope it has a sticker inside of it saying "how dare you open Jack Tretton's PS4" (just on the off chance someone opens it)

Anarki1802d ago

If this is true, it should have his name engraved, as that's what they were doing at launch.

supergravity1802d ago

on the off chance...with only a 500 GB hdd and huge mandatory installs I know i'll be opening mine soon. it's all good though I love it, really it's just an excuse to get up in there and put a little custom in it, lol. thank you Mr. Tretton for freeing up some inventory so that I and other very lucky PS4 owners could stay up nites, get very little sleep and go to work tired everyday, oh yeah my wife too is very thankful.

Irishguy951801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Nah, Jack just isn't as into gaming as the rest of us.

Haha, no really come on. The guy has all consoles. For 'research' purposes/

DOMination-1801d ago

These are lame excuses on his and n4gs sides. The head of SCEA should have a ps4.

fendernow1801d ago

WOW. A multi-millionaire gives away a $399 merchandise and gets positive publicity. WOW I say. WOW.

This is like the posters here at N4G giving away a bag of marbles and fanboys kneeling in praise.

Welshy1801d ago


I think you're missing the point, whether it was worth $4 or $40,000,000 isn't the point.

It's the fact that it is a SOLD OUT device and, despite it being a blatant PR thing, is a nice thing to allow one more gamer to enjoy his companies product.

What is it with people on the internet? If you're nice, you're a douche and if you're a douche, you're a douche.

You don't always have to be negative you know!

loulou1801d ago

only on n4g do people actually believe this sh!t

andibandit1801d ago

Totally cool if he did it...
Totally not cool telling the press about his good deed.

mercyless91797d ago

i guess what he's trying to say is he let the console go that was reserved for him. just a PR stunt coz there are a lotttt of ps4 consoles out there that arent in the hands of gamers like demo units or research purposes or game developers.

lol 'if' you dont have one u shd get it mr Tretton ;)

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Eddie201011802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

He probably hasn't taken one home that is truly his but I am sure he has access to PS4's because it pertains to his job. There is no need for a tabloid article about this just to rile the fanboys and to just get hits.

Go to Kotaku for rumors and tabloid bull [email protected]#, too many gaming sites like Kotaku.

Th4Freak1802d ago

His job isn't play videogames and i'm sure he doesn't have time to go around the company looking for a PS4 to play.

Conzul1801d ago

I agree.

While I do believe him, I have trouble believing it was an act of piety over PR. Still like the guy though.

Pogmathoin1801d ago

Sure someone in his household has one.... This is a lil bit of ego tripping really. I probably upset all those who have a poster of him... Sorry...

PeaSFor1801d ago

trying to convince yourself or something?

Eddie201011801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


I am sure he has one readily available without having to search the company for one to access. I personally think he is interested in gaming on PS4 and would like to know first hand what the games play like, after all he was the CEO of SCEA for many years and in charge of making decisions for that division.

No one said his job was to play games but it is his job to have first hand knowledge of Sony products. He has to learn about the products either by demonstration or hand on.

redwin1801d ago

If he doesn't have one is because he doesn't want it, and as to the availability if the console Sony always do that, they don't ship enough not to flood the market and keep the demand high. It's topical Sony , Nintendo gimmick . Remember the ps3? Nobody wanted to pay $800 for that system but they kept the demand high by keeping it " sold out" by not shipping enough. And we always fall for it.

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dasbeer881801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Give that man a cookie!

LAYLOW1801d ago

BS ...he just had a moment of clarity and decided to go X1 @launch strictly because of the line-up and will get a PS4 at some point ....he isnt fooling anyone.

NewAgeisHere1801d ago

Ye he was feeling charitable, so he bought an Xbox since nobody else would....what a great guy:):)

Mr Tretton1801d ago

I'm too busy playing all the games I got on Steam sale.

Unreal011801d ago

With your name you could have said something really cool, but no. You decided to spout some PC rubbish.

tee_bag2421801d ago

Its called PR people. An pretty effective I've noticed from most of the comments here.

Its gives the perception that PS4 is scarce and in high demand. True on not, its better if your product is viewed as hard to get, rather than a dust collector. People want more of what they can't have.

It also makes Jack and the Sony crew look like champs.

MazzingerZ1801d ago

PS4 is indeed scarce and in high demand

speedforce1311801d ago

listen to the blog (from the original interview at the ps blog) and you'll feel stupid for saying that.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1801d ago

Do you all actually believe this? how old are you all, 10?

TBONEJF1801d ago

what a great boss, u dont see anyone else giving his system away. plus he can always get his own since he worked for PS. i would of ask for pic and autograph myself

PurpHerbison1801d ago

That's nice of him since he knows he can probably get a PS4 at literally any time he wanted to if he so desired.

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TFJWM1802d ago

Why not believe him?
It makes sense because he is prob working hard with the launch and wouldn't have time to play at home. I'm sure there is one at the office that he can play if he wants on his account

shoddy1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

What so hard to believe?
The guy have more money than most of yall broke ass immature kids.

He could even have a ps5 if he want to.

hardcorehippiez1801d ago

i was supposed to get mine last week ..... it still hasnt turned up. short supply . yea i think so. ive had mine paid of completely since august and its looking a lot like ill not get it before christmas now

FlyGuyHung1801d ago

IKR, what a joke. As if one person owning a PS4 makes any real difference in the world. So absurd.
Jack is a stand up guy but this has got to be one of the stupidest thing he's said all year.

TheoreticalParticle1801d ago

This is pretty ridiculous. If Jack were being a nice guy, he wouldn't tell them to "sell it", he'd have GIVEN it to someone. Probably via official Sony channels, with a big to-do. Some kind of "click here to win Jack Tretton's PS4" event.

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dlocsta1801d ago

You people swallow every word from Sony don't you? You are truly foolish. At this point I just feel sorry for you and I mean that seriously. You are a little delusional.

GamersHeaven1801d ago

Cry some more I don't believe him but he's still a cool guy respect him more than any microsoft phony.

eferreira1801d ago

why would he just say it, C'mon we know all know jack is a good humble man. I would've done the same in his situation

Kingdom Come1801d ago

"Microsoft phoney"? Yet you proclaim to not believe Tretton's story. Well, if you think he's lying, what does that make him?

Convas1801d ago

He sold it to the customer, not gave it away. You can put the shrine back in the closet now dude.