Ultra-Conservative Political Group Hijacks BioShock Infinite's Visuals for Facebook Propaganda

The ultra-conservative political group National Liberty Federation probably thought it was a great idea to use BioShock Infinite visuals for their own propaganda on Facebook, so they did exactly that.

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Bdxxacjkfs1704d ago

Dead to the Nationalist!

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Beastforlifenoob1703d ago

I hate conservative religious people, they need to ask themselves what has caused most of Earths violence. Is it videogames? Movies? Physcological deficiencies? Fun? The real answer they must arrive at is simple: Religion for man kinds history being obsessed with religion has caused wars, violence and much more (e.g. Al qaeda, KKK, Crusades, Nazi extermination of jews,etc,etc). If people were not so blatently obssesed with pushing their religious (and enforcing them) the worlds crime,violence and war would drop so significantly we could do something that all religouns would agree to help the starving, the disabled, the uneducated, the unliterate, etc...

Please don't try and be so obssesively enforcing on others religions, And it seems as though this group is using bioshock infinites outrageously exxagerated posters in an a way which they support meaning they "guard agains the foreign hordes"...
Conservatives are so wierd

Kryptix1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

No religious book tells anyone that they should drop bombs on any country and kill thousands of innocent civilians.

The real culprit is weak minded or power hungry people. They believe man to have the answer to every problem but it's never simple as that. The movie, The Book of Eli, explains that the power hungry go and try to use religious books for their own personal gain.

If it's not religious books then most likely something else will be used to attract the masses that follow them. KKK was about color skin supremacy, Hitler thought the whitest man were the chosen people...go in further, racism seems to be a much more powerful way to sway the population to hate a country filled with different colored humans. For example, the U.S likes to make people believe that people with Middle Eastern origins should be automatically labeled of suspicion of terrorist acts in an attempt to invade Middle Eastern countries for oil.

coolbeans1703d ago

"Religion for man kinds history being obsessed with religion has caused wars, violence and much more (e.g. Nazi extermination of jews)"

When it comes to the parenthetical part I edited in the above quote, I recommend you look that Nazi part up again if you believe religion to be the core cause behind that.

Underworld1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

So you hate me do you? Thanks, what a lovely person you are.

Hitler did not kill Jews for religious reasons, he was not Christian and in his private life he spoke negatively about Christianity. And many religious groups condemned slavery and the treatment of black people.

Please show me all the violence, crime and war being committed today because of Christianity. Today, not centuries ago. Yes, there is violence going on in some Islamic countries in the Middle East and Africa by some extreme Muslims, but they are not all like that. But there is no such violence, crime and war happening because of the Christian community. It is very peaceful. But some people will always find things to fight over.

And a lot of the world's charities, including many of the largest ones, are Christian and other faith based charities. Helping starving children all over the world, helping struggling families, fighting poverty, fighting aids, helping the homeless, helping abused people, helping addicts, etc. And the many churches that help their local communities, too.

All these causes would suffer greatly without the tremendous work religious groups do. And the world would be much poorer.

It always surprises me when people think themselves to be "tolerant", yet display so much hatred toward anyone who dare be religious or conservative.

Everyone has an opinion and their own beliefs. Hating someone because they don't believe what you believe is wrong.

SITH1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Freedom from religion and seperation of church and state. Conservatives need religion to justify their entire ideology. Not surprised they hijacked an image from a video game to further their delusional pursuits.

Nintenja1703d ago

Atheist use religion as a tool to herd those who actually believe. An actual Christian does not commit acts of hate or violence.

Don't blame good people for the works of bad people claiming to be good.



Look, I despise religion as much as you and I get what you are trying to say with not forcing your views on others, but don't hate on religious conservative people. Why? Because if you go around you'll see people out there that are awesome, despite being religious, conservative, liberal, atheists or whatever…

These are just labels. We as humans try and see patterns where there aren’t really any. We see the more apparent common features of a group (usually distort it a bit too) and assume each and everyone we can identify by this label will be exactly like one another. Big mistake… Even if MOST people in any given group would of be like that, we still can't assume each and every part of the group is just as representative of the statistical average, that would be an ecological fallacy (something our brains are, unfortunately, hardwired to do, but doesn't mean we can't be better than this).

We have plenty of religious people that just want to live their lives as they see fit without ever caring about what you do to your life. Just like I see atheists (like myself) claiming to be tolerant yet trying to force religious people out of their ways (not saying you're really doing it though)... Don’t take anyone for granted by their beliefs…

It really bothers me that we atheists, that take so much pride in our logical thinking, would keep bringing arguments like that all the time.


@Underworld and Nintenja

I'm not disagreeing with you guys, but this “no true Scotsman” doesn't stick either. Hitler was Christian and even received support from Christian clerical authorities back at the time. This is no secret. Just like it's not a secret that plenty of people out there had done awful things in name of a religion and in detriment of the different. They were not simply claiming to be good (well, actually everyone is) but they were actually Christians, either you like it or not. But the catch is: Beast's argument about religious people causing wars doesn't cast much of a shadow either.

So Nazism, KKK, Crusades, IRA, Al-Qaeda or whatever you want was related somehow to religion (oh and we could also point here some totalitarian governments that forced non-belief promoting religion-based persecution and genocide)... Ok, it's true.

But can we say ALL Christians are like Hitler or even that ANY particular religious person is actually like either of those persons and groups engaged in violence? Hell no, just go out and get to know people, it won't be long before you realize you're surround by people with different beliefs (even under the same religion!) that are just as average, normal and boring like all of us and represent no menace at all.

Can we say any of those wars spawned solely from Christianity or any religion itself? Nope, they were usually justified by "warlords" (in lack of better term for generalization) with religious speeches, but we know that this was not the objective really (it's usually down to a petty fight over resources or cultural domination).

So we have two fallacies here, Composition (just because a part of the whole is like that, doesn't mean it applies to the whole itself) and a false cause (self explanatory) or, in some cases, a fallacy of single cause (just because a general belief was a factor that helped creating some of those events doesn't mean the belief itself alone can cause it or even pushes for it).

Hence, I actually agree with you guys. But this whole "oh but Hitler doesn't count" just make you sound delusional over the fact people can be religious and still be bad persons.



Let's leave this whole logical debate behind us and be a bit more practical and realistic, shall we? The problem here is not conservative religious people or even the conservative religious mindset. It's the "ultra" part we should be worried about. Anything done fanatically is bad because normally this means people not only want to have it their way for themselves, but for everyone. When this proves to be true and people go like that, they need to be fought, doesn't really matter in what side of the fence you're on (or even above the fence – hello there agnostic friends!).

But don't go and pick a label to hate and automatically try and ostracize everyone you see fitting the patterns on your mind. There's no "oh you religious people…" or "you atheists…". Try and get to know people before judging them.

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Benschachar1703d ago


All dumbassery. Your first link is misleading, because the cause of the violence is violent takeover BY MUSLIMS no less. Your second link is idiotic because it fails, like so many anti-theist sites to take into account historical and cultural context and fails to actually provide evidence for its thesis in part because they explicitly mention that the religion practiced is a fusion of animism and Christianity.

Dumbass conspiracy theorist! Where's all the oil? Why is gas still so freakin' high with all these "wars for oil" going on

Repeat after me Islam is not a race! But it is a sociopolitical religious ideology which has not gone through its enlightenment phase and teaches the worst possible things quite unironically.

JaPo1703d ago

Lol you really think they'd wage war over oil to give the American consumer lower prices? The US govt. more than perhaps any other is controlled by corporate interests, and on top of that have done some really shitty things in the past century and beyond. That's not a conspiracy. For this reason, among others, I actually do find hardline right-wing allegiances distasteful. On the topic of religion, though, one can decide to judge it either on its inherent worth and the good it's been put to or the atrocities it's served to legitimise. I'm no real fan of mainstream Christianity, but I feel it's unfair to focus too heavily on the latter.

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KetchupBlood1704d ago

Hahaaa... thanks Abriael, you just gained a twitter follower

coolbeans1703d ago

"What makes it worse is that the BioShock Infinite used that kind of imagery to make exactly the opposite point compared to the group’s ideas."

That's the kicker to this whole thing. Surprised to see they'd just take such a picture without even bothering to understand the context it's placed in.

Qrphe1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

This is not nor last time a con group takes stuff like satire seriously as to prove their point. Stephen Colbert is a perfect example. It's quite sad and speaks volume of how disconnected from culture/society they really are..

Sly-Lupin1703d ago

I haven't played much of Bioshock Infinite, but didn't it get a lot of people annoyed because it did NOT make a point or take a stand on any of those issues? It only presented the super-racists and rebels but never made any clear moral determination on either group, right?

I seem to remember reading a lot about that a while back.

DFogz1703d ago

Yeah, if I remember right it was just a bunch of people that didn't like blacks or Irish. Nothing was ever said about them really besides "Here's the racists"

Black-Helghast1703d ago

True but it was still a great game none the less.

turgore1703d ago

America has their own theocrats. Don't let them take power !

Bdxxacjkfs1703d ago

Too late. A Church in every corner is the view of the Capitalist world

Rockefellow1703d ago

You're entirely correct that America has theocrats-- just like every other nation on the planet. Depending on your (likely skewed) definition of the term, the U.S.'s most successful years in terms of sociological equivocity and economic stability and growth were due to these types of people. Don't be ignorant enough to judge so simplistically.

Sly-Lupin1703d ago

Our least successful, too. And its the former that stands out more, because in the pas two decades the christian right has done almost nothing but damage.

TheDevKit1703d ago

Norway is 72% non-religious and is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. In-fact, most of the more secularist countries are.

AndrewLB1703d ago

As a Tea Party member, I have to say these people are complete wing-nuts. You can immediately tell if a group is trying to hijack the tea-party movement by the use of in-your-face religious crap.

True tea-party groups are largely libertarian whose focus is on keeping the government within it's constitutional limitations. We are for states rights, limited federal government, self reliance, low taxes, and liberty. While many of us are religious, bible banging is not something we do.

Barack Obama has spent $7,000,000,000,000 in only his first term in office, almost double what Bush spent in 8 years in office, and he had to deal with 9/11. This man is going to bankrupt this nation, enslaving our children and grandchildren to a national debt that CANNOT be repaid unless serious and uncomfortable reform is made to the way our government works.

Luckily there a way to reform Washington without the need of Congress or the President. The Constitution specifically grants the states the rights to amend the Federal Constitution by holding their own convention where the required representatives from 34 of 50 states draft amendments to the constitution, and when passed with a 2/3 vote.. it becomes law. This power was given by the founders because they forsaw a time where a president would go far beyond his innumerated powers and become like the King of England whom we had just broken away from.

The Amendments currently being considered are TERM LIMITS for all house and senate members. The founders intended for congressmen to serve two or three terms and return to their lives, which worked great until 1910. Then came the Progressives.

ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE. It's illegal, far too powerful, and answers to nobody. They're currently printing $80 billion per MONTH to prop up this economy and it will fall in the near future. If anyone thought the recent recession was bad... lol. buy ammunition. you'll need it.

Put the Department of Justice under Congress's control. Obama would be impeached for countless crimes against the american people if he didn't control the DOJ.

Remove lifetime judicial appointments.

others are being considered as well. Most important is term limits.

mav8051703d ago

Yes, a State Convention is our only hope to retain any liberty at this point. Once power has been seized by a central power, it will never relinquish it, and the tyranny of this federal government is becoming more evident every week which is why Article V is so tremendously important. It allows us to take back power and place it in the hands of the states and closer to the people where it belongs, and most importantly out of Washington and those power hungry career do-nothings.

T21703d ago

loved your post because it laid out clearly what a conservative should stand for, without going into "obamacare is the devil" rhetoric....
... I don't disagree with your post especially some recommendations, but correcting social inequalities is fairly important in a society, and healthcare and education in the U.S. is pretty bad. And correcting social inequality isn't as easy as "low taxes and jobs" because it's just not that simple.
anyway I don't disagree I'm just floating out there that I don't believe all consservative ideals are realistic in a society.

assdan1703d ago

This is insanely hilarious.

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