Return to Racoon City: Revisiting my Boyhood Trauma

Hardcore Gamer: As soon as I was clear of the crash, I started running. Broken humanoid figures – zombies, though the word seems utterly inadequate – lurched toward me from all sides, reaching out to grab me with their putrifying hands as I scrambled to escape. Somehow I managed to weave around them and make my way toward the end of the street before ducking into a nearby gun shop for cover. I found some bullets behind the counter, but before I could even get them into my gun the ravenous horde crashed through the front window of the shop and came for me. Hammering the trigger, I pumped round after ineffectual round into their limping corpses as they stumbled ever closer. Sure enough, they got to me before I could take even a single one of them down, and after a few seconds of struggling they overpowered me and began to rip my organs out. Blood splattered across my vision, the world around me faded into nothingness, and I was left sitting on the couch, shaking in terror and on the verge of tears. I was gripped by an unshakeable fear so profound that for five years hence I was unable to sleep in darkness.

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proskatercam1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

And to think, people once considered Resident Evil games to be "traumatizing"...loo k how far we have come.

admiralvic1798d ago

Yeah, now we got truly traumatizing games like Ride to Hell Retribution.

Irishguy951797d ago

I never even found them scary. Either way RE4 is the best game with the name Resident Evil. People only started moaning about the change of gameplay style when RE5 and 6 sucked. No one cared about the change when RE4 came out.

Stuart57561797d ago

You're right, reviewers said it was a welcome change, I loved it, it was still dark, atmospheric and scary. I remember playing 5 and thinking why isn't it scary anymore. It wasn't the gameplay style change it was the setting.

UncleGermrod1797d ago

i think re4 was a darker game, with more sinister enemies. the medieval inspired setting, along with the dark enemies stil helped re4 feel truly scary. re5 was too "sci-fi", and the more modern setting sort of took away from it.

Shazz1797d ago

Il never forget my memories of beating resi 1,2,3 especially how those spiders creeped me out way they ran across the ceiling.

BABY-JEDI1797d ago

I've been traumatised by RE5, by how bad it was. Great way to destroy a horror/survival franchise.