3DS Weekly Deals: 3DS XL $150, Heroes of Ruin $15, Project X /Mario Tennis $20, B2G1 Preowned & more

3DS Weekly deals and sales from Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, Kmart, Walmart, eStarland, Groupon and Gamestop

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timothyckeegan1463d ago

Zelda 3DS XL bundle for $149.99
Now that's a Black Friday deal :)

Apollo11463d ago

Mario and Luigi 3DS XL bundle is also for $149.99

edgarohickman1463d ago

Never seen Mario Tennis Open go on sale, is it a great game?

Snookies121463d ago

It was pretty fun from what I played of it.

xlSAVAGElx1463d ago

Dam I really want to pick up that 3DS XL wish they had that deal at Gamestop

just-joe1463d ago

You know I try to have it where I don't buy myself anything in December (just presents for other people, but stores have been really making it difficult for me lately.