‘The Last Guardian’ director talks PS4 and Xbox One development process

Tame Ico’s Fumito Ueda has made a few comments in regards to the development process on next-generation platforms.

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ThaBx1587d ago

When is this game coming out all ready and is the lil boy in the game Chinese or American?

Sevir1587d ago

Lol. Does it matter if the kid is Chinese or American?


On topic*
They just need to either scrap it or show it already team Ico Hasn't released a game since 2005! -_-

GadgetGooch1587d ago Show
sinjonezp1587d ago

Gadget dont be a douche. I mean it has been a long time since this great dev released anything. I hope we see something soon.

sprinterboy1587d ago

Must be hard working there for 8 yrs not having anything to show for it.

Eyeco1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Gadget I would have agreed with you 3 years ago, but look at it this way, They are supposed to be considered one of Sony's premium development houses and that I accept, but their last game was in 2005 a fantastic game at that, but 2005 is almost 10 YEARS and in that 10 years all we've really gotten is a 2 minute trailer, and a re-release of 2 of their previous games, the only reason they're still relevant is because of that 2 minute trailer released almost 5 years ago, I can't believe it's been that long since i've seen that trailer it seem's like the other week, this site was on fire that day it was announced.

Don't get me wrong I love Team Ico, Ico and SOTC are in my top 10 favourite games, but this developer has been around for 16 years which is a long time about the same time as Rockstar, and all they've given us in that time is 2 games,1 trailer and a re-release. I'm sorry but that's ridiculous how much time do they need ? look how many games Naughty Dog has released in that timespan, 13...THIRTEEN ,all of them high quality and what of SSM ? dozens.

I'm growing increasingly impatient with this dev, I don't just want them to release TLG I want them to do some serious game output afterwards comparable to Rare if not or at least collaborate with other devs to output something kinda like SSM, I'm starting to think this studio just isn't getting much funding and support from Sony, this is making them probably the most unreliable dev under Sony's belt, which is shame considering their talent and potential.

Sevir1587d ago Show
mikeslemonade1587d ago

Misleading title that makes it seem like it's coming to X1. SCE is publishing this game so no chance.

ICO use to be in the top 10 but hasn't aged well. SOTC is in my top 10.

mewhy321586d ago

Im not holding my breath on getting a game from them. I would love to but it doesn't seem likely.

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dafegamer1587d ago

Holy hell! Why does the race or background matter?

cyclindk1586d ago

I believe his mother was a polygon and his father was a texture, can't be certain though without getting his gametic code checked to be sure.

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Doghead1587d ago

Hope this is still Ps4 exclusive

Callediceman1587d ago

At the rate they are going, try a PS23 Exclusive

pwnsause_returns1587d ago

The Last Guardian: Forever

Hail to the The Griffon Baby.

Sarcasm1587d ago

Already pre-ordered, amazon says should be here by 2046

Legion211587d ago

@pwnsause_returns that was almost too clever

_QQ_1587d ago

I don't see why the Platform really matters as long as i can buy it on PS4, personally i just want it to come out already.

Lucreto1587d ago

Team Ico is a Sony studio so it will remain exclusive.

ShinMaster1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Why wouldn't it be PS4 exclusive?

It's made my Sony's Japan Studio.

CGI-Quality1587d ago

It's either for PS3 or PS4. It's Sony-owned.

BattleTorn1587d ago

What difference does it make, to you - if the game you play is available on another system? (provided that other system hasn't affected the qaulity by being catered to)

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Simco8761587d ago

Release on both systems, I don't care. Just give us a great game, Xbots won't be picking this one up anyways.

lets_go_gunners1587d ago

I'm sorry what? Implying people who don't have the same console as you don't like good games.

Simco8761587d ago

Implying that people with an Xbox, tend to not buy games like this. It's proven, but some are different of course.

Sarcasm1587d ago

Why would Sony Japan Studio make a multiplatform game.

Qrphe1587d ago

Because there are 80+ million PS3s out there

Sarcasm1586d ago

^I'm referring to the comment to the guy thinking it will come to the Xbox.

CrossingEden1587d ago

Um, there are no indiscernible facts that people who play xbox don't play games like this. Stop pulling "facts" out of no where. -_-

Dread1587d ago

Best selling playstation games are shooters
In fact i think its call of duty

Try harder pony

XboxFun1586d ago

Judging by most Sony exclusives, droids won't either.

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Callediceman1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@Simco876 To me it look like a leprechaun to me. All you got to do is look up in the tree. Who else see the leprechaun say YEEEEEAAAAHH.... love the Avatar lol

Simco8761587d ago

People don't get the crazy comments I make go with the fits well...but people on here are way too serious.

That's the fun of it I suppose! Where the gold @?

Software_Lover1587d ago

If you want the gold better learn how to catch me, if you want to catch me better learn how to sketch meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

bangoskank1587d ago

Funny,the chances of us seeing a leprechaun and Last Guardian release are about the same. Can anybody see The Last Guardian on PS4? Say yeahhhhh!!

kryteris1587d ago

did they even make a last gen title?

Shane Kim1587d ago

Nope. Shadow of the Colossus was their last game I think.

DigitalRaptor1587d ago

They WERE making one.

My suspicions are that it's being re-engineered as a PS4 title for 2014/2015.

E3 2014.. Greatness awaits........ I hope.

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