How to build a next gen shooter - DICE's top 10 tips

OXM - "When it works as advertised, at least, Battlefield 4 is a deeply impressive game - it's a technological tour de force, as expected, the maps are expansive and option-packed, and the classes have been skilfully tweaked. How did DICE go about knocking its latest shooter into shape? I spoke to DICE's creative director Lars Gustavsson ahead of the game's release for a few easily digestible insights."

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inf3cted11676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

Does that include making a game that does not crash constantly?

SpitFireAce851676d ago

Dice Fix your game Before you make anything else
like this list...:)

quaneylfc1676d ago

should have had remedy give the tips instead woooo!

Ares84HU1676d ago

DICE is THE worst company to ask about how to make a video game at this point.

I've never in my life seen a game that has so many problems as BF4.

DICE should be ashamed.

MWong1675d ago

I completely agree DICE should not be giving any advice with the poor stability of BF4. If the game was on the level of BC2 I would say hell yea DICE give us them tips.

Frankfurt1676d ago

They should follow their own advice.

Soldierone1676d ago

"If your game isn't crashing, it needs to be full of campers and poor hit markers"

UbiquitousClam1676d ago

tip 1: make sure the game is at least in a functioning state before releasing it, if not FUCK IT release the game anyway.

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The story is too old to be commented.