PlayStation Vita TV Gets First Launch Outside Japan on January the 16th in Five Asian Countries

Sony Computer Entertainment announced that the first launch of the PlayStation Vita TV outside Japan will happen at the same time in five different Asian countries.

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italiangamer1829d ago

This means that we don't have to wait too much to see it come in Europe and USA. Can't wait, this device is amazing

DarkBlood1829d ago

my bet is we are going to see it come here when the ps4 launchs in japan so the same day pretty much ish

Soldierone1829d ago

Then again, Sony has released several cool gadgets that never came here at all.

PlayTV, some Sony Ericson phones, MP3 stuff, PSP things, etc...

Knushwood Butt1829d ago

Finding the non-bundled version in Japan seems to be difficult; Amazon don't have it, and my local Big electronics shop didn't have either version.

plmkoh1829d ago

Are you sure, everywhere I look has both in stock.

Knushwood Butt1829d ago

I haven't looked that hard, but Amazon definitely doesn't have the unit alone (has the bundle with the pad but I don't want that), and my local Yamada Denki had neither :(

miyamoto1829d ago

I don't care about the TV show streaming stuff I just wanna play the Vita games in 720p

Batman Blackgate looks phenomenal!

badz1491829d ago

games still look better on the Vita native screen. the upscalling process hurt the graphic of Vita games on TV as they lost their crispiness in the process.

and lack of compatible software severely hurt the system over there in Japan. I have many Vita games but only 2 works and those 2 came from Japan - MvC3 and One Piece Pirate Warriors 2! other region's game currently not working! I hope this is patchable via FW update and the Vita is NOT made region locked which will piss off A LOT of people!

some games are not using all the Vita unique features too much and it should work out of the gate IMO but had no luck with my copies of Rayman Origins and NFS MW but that due to them being NOT from Japan.

I am looking forward to PS4 Remote Play the most with it as I'm still waiting for my PS4 but it would be nice if Sony can get older Vita games to be updated and compatible with the Vita TV. the controls are responsive as far as on games I've able to play but it seems like Sony didn't time the launch right! Vita TV needs the PS4 and they shouldn't have released it in Japan 1st where PS4 is not yet released until next year.

tubers1829d ago

Well that's 544p upscaled and it won't generally look better on a 720p/1080p screen unless you play from quite a distance.

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qu1ckset1829d ago

If this comes to North America it better ditch the DS3 for a DS4 or a no but for me! , DS3 are so horrible escpcially after being spoiled with the DS4!

Concertoine1829d ago

hopefully this will do better outside of japan. launching it in a handheld dominated market was stupid.

KonsoruMasuta1829d ago

The reason it's doing bad in Japan is because of it's lack of compatible software, that's what all the reviews are saying. Being in a handheld dominated market has a little to do with it, but not as much as you think.

Concertoine1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

definitely but that'll hold it back anywhere. america and europe however, aren't in love with handhelds. launching it in the one place where itd probably do the worst was a bad idea. if the handheld vita doesn't sell well there, why would the one chained to the tv that doesn't play all the games? the thing's selling 4k less than a month after launch, for crying out loud.

Masterman2801829d ago

Judging on how horrible it's doing in Japan, a handheld dominated market, i don't see it releasing in USA or Europe.

Whxian1829d ago (Edited 1829d ago )

it's a home console version of a handheld, so your point makes 0.000000 sense

Masterman2801828d ago

Even worse, it's competing with of consoles as well, which are made for the big screen. Truth hurts i know. I don't see how much better this can do outside Japan, Sony knows this which is why they didn't release it yet in the West. What Sony needs to do is pull a 2DS like Nintendo. Price drop the Vita, include an 8GB Memory card, with bundled games. That's it. Don't know what's wrong with these companies, it's not hard to make your hardware a success, especially Nintendo with the Wii U, it's so simple to make it sell well, they can just do what they did with the 3DS when it was struggling.

tubers1828d ago

It'll probably release in the West but it won't do much better facing $ 99 Xbox, $ 199 PS3, set top boxes and other electronic devices close to its price range.

arbitor3651828d ago (Edited 1828d ago )

bring this to the US already, sony. youre killing me. im throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening

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