Microsoft Game Studios Hiring Spree Gives Perspective to Xbox One’s Successful Launch

While one may argue on which next generation console has been more successful so far between PS4 and Xbox One, it’s pretty obvious that Microsoft considers the launch of its own machine a success, and now they've gone on a full fledged hiring spree to support it and keep the momentum up.

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DiRtY1826d ago

MS has been investing in their first party studios like hell for the past 2 years. Good to see that they are still doing so.

Abriael1826d ago

They have, but they have never hired this much in this little time.

Golden_Mud1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

And as I can tell most of who's hired is talented , get 343i as an example , they hired Tomb Raider creative director , also Uncharted series level designer , also creative director of Killzone

Edit : sorry but what is there to disagree on ? it isn't even an opinion , it's already a fact and yes all of the people that I called talented are actually more of known as talented

P0werVR1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

One of the benefits of competition. Remember, this is the first time either company released the console at the same time. So Microsoft has the incentive now to bring out some games that'll utilize the technology in the Xbox One.

Good things announcing next year.

As much as people want to criticize the Xbox One, Xbox One will surprise all the naysayers with title like Halo Xbox One, Sunset Overdrive and Black Tusk's title.

malokevi1825d ago


Don't take it personally. You mentioned that:

A: talented people came from sony-centric studios

B: Microsoft took talented developers from Sony-centric studios.

Bound to make the fanniest of fanboys from both sides unhappy.


redwin1825d ago

I just wish they let Rare put out the games they want. Then, we will be in track to greatness

H0RSE1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


Even if left to their own devices, Rare wouldn't likely create the greatness they once had, simply due to restaffing.

And MS actually did let Rare put out what they wanted, and despite solid reviews, their Microsoft titles sold worse than expected. As a result, Microsoft decided to restructure the studio.

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Dee_Cazo1825d ago

Woah man. Are you stupid? Them hiring all these people are actually showing how much trouble Microsoft is in because they are reaching out trying to hire people to make good stuff for that garbage system.

Microsoft is screwed and they know it so they have to try and throw their money at people to create things to make them profitable. While Sony has been doing this forever!!1!11

Every stupid n4g user.

Trekster_Gamer1825d ago

What a moronic ignorant statement. Let's here it for Dee...

Sincerely, someone who is sick of fanboy trolls such as you

AndrewLB1825d ago

Sony isn't doing similar hiring because they're broke. Go look at their stock value and how it's done nothing but drop since PS4 was released. In fact, the company has lost over 5% of it's total value.

malokevi1825d ago Show
walkincarpet1825d ago

way to impersonate the majority of salivating fan boys on here... not every user though... there are good on all sides. However it's insane how much time and effort the sony fan boys put into trying to make xbox look bad. At metacritic site you can find numerous user reviews where apparently said user bought killzone, loved it so much they gave it 10, but for some reason decided to buy X1 and three X1 games a week later and hated all of them so much that they gave them 0, 1, 3s. If they get paid to be relentless saboteurs then at least I would understand how the method to their losership.

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Charybdis1825d ago

First I thought seriously then I was like ohhww sarcastic comment... then I was like don't need to call users stupid but maybe just easily influenced by crowd mentality in order to be biased or more passionate console supporter.

I do see your point Sony hiring Microsoft developers would mean Microsoft developers leaving sinking ship. Microsoft hiring sony developers. They are falling behind deadlines.

ramiuk11825d ago

exactly,the same reason there paying companies to release DLC first on there console,the fifa legends crap,COD,division etc.

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Ausbo1825d ago

black tusk is supposedly working on 4 games too.
Not sure if i believe that, but at least they are working on multiple games.

JackISbacK1825d ago

gald fanboys dont jump on this article. i'am realy hoping good games from the devs ,people hired therre are realy great people .

CuddlyREDRUM1825d ago

I think they have spent more money on early DLC and such. Or securing exclusives from third party developers.

I really have no idea what they have been throwing money at, besides Lococycle.

DiRtY1825d ago

Quantum Break for example...

Or Black Tusk Studios (new IP)
Or Lift London (new IPs)
Or MS Osaka Studio (new IP)
Or Buying Twisted Pixel (Splosion Man)
Or Building 343 industries (Halo 4)
Or MS Dakota studio (Project Spark)
Or Buying Press Play (Max: The Curse of Brotherhood)
Or MS Redmond studio (new IP)

That happened in the past 2 years.

XboxFun1825d ago

I guess if you have Sony blinders on you wouldn't know what MS was throwing money at.

Thank you DiRtY for showing him the light.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1825d ago

lol past 2 years? how long xbox been around?

DoubleM701825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Actually since 2008, which I was telling a lot of people on here. When Phil Spencer took over he said his first mission was to get their first party studios up and running. They knew where they were weak compared to the mighty Playstation.

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kickerz1826d ago

Good work Microsoft hopefully we see some amazing games in 2014

mmj1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

On the other hand it could signal that they're falling behind deadlines and/or hemorrhaging staff, suggesting that it's down to a successful launch is just fanboy spin without the facts.

Didn't some asian lady who had worked on Halo jump ship to Naughty Dog a month or two ago?


Golden_Mud1826d ago

Looks like they just exchanged , the lead level designer of the Uncharted series joined 343i , now the graphics designer of 343i had left and joined Naughty Dogs

Spurg1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

One person jumps ship and 31 other people jump onto that sinking ship...How about you post a link to the article that proves X1 launch wasn't successful and the other one that says they are falling behind...your logic flawed my friend.

Legacy2121826d ago

Actually its doing really well

frostypants1825d ago

Nobody knows anything. Stop bickering over speculation, people.

mmj1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

How about the author of this article post an article with facts rather than speculation? I'm not the one submitting articles based purely on my own spin.

MS hiring staff doesn't have squat to do with sales, it doesn't prove that Xbox One launch was successful anymore than it proves that they're doing badly. You need the sales figures for that.

JackISbacK1825d ago

hey bud she was just an proggramer and at 343 she was at the post of engiene proggramer was not having a lead post and for your kind info a year back the lead level designer of uncharted 1 and 2 was hired by 343i and is now at lead environment designer at 343i. this was hyped becasue a girl moved from ms to sony's teritory and fanboys hyped it ,this is an common thing MS is making their divison a big place to work for,and a more news tomb raider's creative director moved from crystal dinamics to 343 for the post of creative dirctor waht about that want a link get a look it http://www.computerandvideo...
and now hows that .

Ausbo1825d ago

While jumping ship from microsoft to sony does help a story like that get more hits, i guess this girl is a super genius. They've even called her a female version of john carmack

deepio1825d ago

Corrine Yu leaving 343 is no minor thing my friend. Look her up, she is the reason Halo 4 looked so good on the 360. I for one, was sad to see her go.

mmj1825d ago

I was just trying to point out that you can make anything of MS hiring, I could make an article speculating how it is a sign of MS doing badly and launch being terrible.

andibandit1825d ago

Both companies have more or less sold all they had in stock, how is that doing badly?

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kingdip901826d ago

This is kind of telling. They waited to see how xbox 1 would sell before they decided to hire staff to support the system. This to me suggests they were not all chips in until now. Maybe it really was sink or skim for xbox and bring potentially spun off.

dsswoosh1826d ago

Microsofts stock is like 10 times that of Sonys. Sorry to say but if anyone is a sinking ship it is definitely Sony.

Microsft have been committed from day one and they are hiring staff because they can afford to invest in more growth.

kingdip901826d ago

I did not say microsoft. I said xbox as a division. If they didn't prove that they could secure the install base to maintain profit microsoft wouldn't have allowed them to invest in new staff. It's simple really, all this shows is that Microsoft wasn't confident in xbox 1 but now it seems to be.

It wasn't even a negative comment sheesh

Spurg1825d ago

Loool...your talking out of your arse aren't you.
If your not link please.

Pogmathoin1825d ago

What a load of crap.... Even with the terrible press and BS from mental fanboys, they have been full steam behind X1....

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SLUG1826d ago

NOT ANY MORE NOW xbox one will have a very good year of 2014 in games

TheKayle11825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

naa lost billions with the ps3...pretty much all the last gen long.....and sony honestly isnt this rich seeing that pretty much all the other technology division r doing bad...

but as u see sony is still here after 7 horribles years for them and now the ps4 is doing if u scared dont worry-- also if the xbox one would go VERY and im saying V E R Y..bad there are close to zero chance that ms would close and destroy the xbox brand...

but :) luckily for us the xbox one is going very v e r y there are no probs :)

hazardman1825d ago

It wasnt that MS wasnt all in. Trust they were, but drm/nsa/price shit scared everyone away, they are working hard to
try and get gamers back. Now that they see good numbers, they wipe their fore heads and say that was close fucking call!!! Lets keep the good momentum going and they know they only way to compete with Sony is with GAMES!!

If MS heard the gamers about DRM, I know for sure they know we want games!!

kingdip901825d ago

That's my point exactly though, Microsoft saw how gamers reacted to the original policies and didn't know if they could win them back so they have held back and there has also been rumblings of selling xbox off... now with strong sales it seems that Microsoft have faith they have won back at least most of their fan base.

This will bring good games and security for xbox. I have no idea how that is bad news or fan boyish of me to say in any way. I have no idea what the other reply's to my comment are so upset about.

For xbox this is good news.

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IRetrouk1826d ago

Looking forward to what they have cooking, hopefully we see some fun new ips.