Family Guy Game Coming to iOS in 2014

A free-to-play Family Guy game is coming to iOS and Android devices sometime in 2014.

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SilentNegotiator1827d ago

Awesome! Family Guy licensed games are always GREAT!


CrossingEden1826d ago

It's free to play. -_- There's literally nothing to complain about in that situation because you didn't pay anything for it.

SilentNegotiator1826d ago

I just implied that the game will probably suck. It's a prediction, not a complaint.

ajax171826d ago

I want nothing to do with Family Guy since they killed off Brian.

AllroundGamer1826d ago

same here, but my friend says Brian is back again in todays episode!!! I can finally watch FG again :)

FlyingFoxy1826d ago

Even that scene sucked, i watched it on YouTube.. no heart went into it, just killed him off within like less than 2 minutes and it was over.

Writing of Futurama is much better imo.

AnotherProGamer1826d ago

they bought him back in the new episode

ScubaSteve11826d ago

I wonder if it's gonna be like the simpsons tapped out