YouTube: It’s Not Too Late To Stop The Madness's MartineB. questions the ideas behind Youtube's controversial ContentID policies and whether the sharing site can survive ostracizing one of it's largest groups of content creators in a world where there are plenty of other viable options.

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yewles11801d ago

When content creators are getting flagged for their own content, it's too late.

iamnsuperman1801d ago

They need to go back to what it was before this major cluster F (first it was the Google+ thing and now this automated content ID rubbish).

lastofgen1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

I hate even the way they got rid of the original channel designs.
Now, the only thing we have to personalize it's a single small strip of space on the top.
That destroyed the various personalities and cool designs we saw for all the channels.

imXify1801d ago

They can always delete youtube forever... oh wait.

People from 2008/2009 wanted to use youtube for fun and only for fun. Now it's nothing but money money money and bs like that.

lastofgen1801d ago

I will forever dislike google for their involvement with youtube.
Almost every single thing they have done with yt has negatively impacted it's core set of content creators.

XboxPS1800d ago

Google+ was the one that started the madness.
Google tried to be like Facebook or Twitter,But It didn't work out.