Naughty Dog Is Against Monetization Rant

"In this video we get to talk about the latest tweet made by Naughty Dog regarding monetization on Youtube"

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majiebeast1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Nope sorry Naughty Dog is right. You only view this from the side of the Lets Players. I think LastofUs/Beyond 2 souls and other heavily story based games, lost plenty of sales thanks to Youtube videos showing their entire game.

Pandamobile1824d ago

I don't get it, a lot of people seemed to be against digital distribution because they felt like they didn't "own" the product that they spent money on.

Now we see things like this where we're not allowed post gameplay videos and do with with them as we please on the internet because of arbitrary restrictions and some people are defending it?

People watching a let's play on Youtube aren't going to forego buying the game because they've seen a few minutes of gameplay and a set piece or two. If they were going to purchase it before watching the LP, they're probably going to still purchase it. Conversely, someone who's on the fence about it comes and sees a LP video and that could turn out to be what aides in his/her decision to buy it.

If these videos don't exist, or there's no way for the people who make them to benefit from them, it's a loss of free advertising.

Thankfully many of the more customer-focused game developers still realize the benefits of having a dedicated online community that produce content for other players to watch.

ZodTheRipper1824d ago

Both sidesxare somewhat understandable, BUT ...don't forget that movies can't be shared like games can. Imagine doing someone a "Lets watch" for a 90min movie, that wouldn't be allowed too. You can basically see every game from start to finish on Youtube and and I'm sure this has some effect on sales and I would think it's rather negative than positive (as a form of advertisement).

I for one have no problem with that but I can understand that some are angry about it. I rather play games instead of watching someone playing them anyway. Also it's better to go blindly into a game without having watched tons of videos I think.

DarknessShado1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

u do have a point that watching a few mins can help someone pick a game but i doubt thats what companies are getting at. i believe they're more against full walkthroughs. i seen many people just watch a game rather than play it, ive also seen many people bash a game from a walkthrough rather than play it. full walkthroughs rob a gamer of the thrill of just playing a game to see how it is. i rather hear someone say they bought a game didnt like it and traded it for a different game than say than say they didnt like it based on gameplay they saw. sometimes feed back is useful as a warning not as a decision but its a 50/50 thing. see im 20 if i had never tried pizza for myself when i was around 5 and waited for someone to tell me it tasted horrible then i would've missed out on 15yrs of heaven because i didnt try it and tooks someones word for it

rainslacker1823d ago

I honestly believe that if someone is going to sit through an entire campaign of a game to watch it on a Let's Play video, they probably have no interest in buying the game. It's akin to the piracy argument. Is it really a lost sale?

On the other hand, there are people that watch these videos to get a feel for the game. You're going to win some people over by it because they like what they see.

The converse is true as well. You may lose people that are interested in the game because they don't like what they see.

However, I don't really see what difference it makes. If people aren't going to buy a game based on publisher released marketing, then they aren't likely to buy it without playing it first through rental, or at a friends house, or something. So it's not like they won't see the game.

DragonPs41823d ago

I think the whole debate is making money off Lets Play videos, I don't believe anyone should be allowed to make money from someones else property.

Reviews, short clips are fine but once you show the entire game or huge chunks of the game. People should not be allowed to make money from gameplay vidoes with commentary.

Those same commentators can start reviewing games through Youtube and having lets play sessions on other sites.

I'm fine with Lets Play as long as people aren't making money off it.

joab7771823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Can you show things that aren't walkthroughs? I understand both sides but I have only ever watched something once I own it or to see if I want to buy it. If a company isn't confident in their product...then too bad. But, I am an avid gamer and have never watched video so I didn't have to pay for

I think they will experience unforseen of which is diminishing or hurting a culture that actually needs help right now. As we move towards social integration, recording and sharing on new consoles, I think this move is backwards.

Moreover, my guess is that its a powerplay with an attempt to limit certain content to particular companies and sites. Anytime money is being made, others feel that they must b losing money. Cmon. I guarantee you that the advertisement and support alone is worth it. How many videos spent countless hours praising The Last of Us? How many ppl do u think actually bought the game as opposed to hooking it up to their TV for Friday night movie night?

ShinMaster1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

To be fair, Naughty Dog hasn't imposed anything. The tweet said they just didn't like it and didn't go into any detail.

They have not clarified their view beyond that at all. People are just jumping to conclusions.

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aimforthehead1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

I think the burden is on the developers to make games people want to play, not just watch. As they have no right to restrict players from letting others watch as they play a game they own.

iamnsuperman1823d ago

That is the issue with Naughty Dog. They make fun games to play, no doubt about it, but they are also really fun to watch (movie quality). I remember playing Uncharted 2 in my halls at university. My flat would sit their watching. I asked if they wanted to play but they said no. They enjoyed the movie quality aspect.

joab7771823d ago

Is it simply the broadcasting of a video game or the monetization of it? And if it is just the later than theyhave no real issue with the videos...just the fact that someone is making money off their intellectual property. But the we may ask, whose IP is it if I am recording myself doing a speedrun?Wow...very murky. We need new laws. Until then, in a time in which a lot of money has bebeen invested in new consoles, I believe they should err on the side of caution and let the industry flourish. Investigate and lobby if need be...but be warned...unintendes consequences r real...and advertising isn't a 30 sec spot anymore!

iamnsuperman1823d ago

I think you have a point. Story based games probably suffer from let's plays. I remember seeing let's plays of The Last Of Us but I didn't watch them because I d
i didn't want it to be ruined. But there is probably an equal amount of people who would watch them and think I know the big fuss with this game now. I don't really need to buy it. It's like a let's play of a movie (like zod18 said). Some people on YouTube do let's plays properly (They avoid spoilers and dont go too far into the game). Sadly I feel these people are in the minority (I do subscribe to this minority)

ajax171823d ago

Maybe Beyond, but I doubt TLoU lost any sales because of videos.

uncharted561823d ago

They are against monetization of content they create not Lets Plays.

grimmweisse1823d ago

There's a diffence between a let's play and showing a game. Let's play is more about the personality playing the game than the actual game. I don't think it discouraged anyone unless the game turns out to be rubbish. If someone is the type who thinks a let's play might discourage them from buying a game then it's their own fault for spoiling the game for themselves and not the let's play or YouTube.

KwietStorm1823d ago

You think they lost sales based on what?

Kran1823d ago

Beyond lost sales because it was a movie that had little to no proper interaction, and they lied about our choices mattering.

The Last of Us losing sales? PFFT as if it did.

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yewles11824d ago

I actually know plenty of people that decided to not buy The Last of Us base on let's play's *coughparatrooper1n0cough* and considered the game garbage after a couple of minutes. Opinions can be strange sometimes...

Pandamobile1824d ago

Are people not allowed to formulate their own opinions?

yewles11824d ago

Huh? Who said otherwise? Being strange doesn't deviate the fact that it's there, that's nature.

Ultr1823d ago

Saying something is garbage is not an opinion.

wolfsaviorzx1823d ago

The Last of Us was a great movie, but anyone who watched 2 hours of it would have realize it's a horrible game (actually playing it is even worse). And this is coming from someone who loves Jak and Daxter (One of my favorite games) and Uncharted Series was really solid as well. The last of Us is a Pretty Turd that showed us many "Game Reviewers" would much rather be reviewing Movies.

Ultr1823d ago

See, saying it is an horrible game is not an opinion, telling what you didnt like however is.
The last of us is one hell of a game I am on my 4th playthrough, and you are telling me and everyone else that the game is horrible, that sure sounds stupid don't you think.

KwietStorm1823d ago

So Uncharted, of all games, is really solid, but The Last Of Us is nothing but a good movie. Lmao

MidnytRain1823d ago

Seems like a good way for publishers with s**t games to sucker a few extra customers.

Riderz13371823d ago

Good thing Naughty Dog doesn't make Shitty games.

Try again.

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1823d ago

Not always but sometimes they do...Like when they made The Last of Us.

Irishguy951823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

No, they just make shitty movies

I tried.

wolfsaviorzx1823d ago

Jak and Daxter = Solid Gold. Last of Us = Pretty Shit. Naughty Dog makes some of my favorite games (Jak, Crash, Uncharted) but sometimes they make shit like Last of Us.

HeavenlySnipes1823d ago

lmao these guys are trying to hard^

Golden_Mud1823d ago

After Jak and Daxter , it was most of the time creating cinematic games , I just hope they return for the era were they created story and enjoying gameplay ,not just seeing a story run and just that .

MidnytRain1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )



I said "puslishers," and I was referring to the aggressive YouTube flagging.

Try again.

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Galacticos1823d ago (Edited 1823d ago )

Please tell us more.

Bill_Willson_CIA1823d ago

Xbox 360 fanboys dont have games to play,then have to talk shit about the PS3 Masterpieces.

MidnytRain1823d ago

I said nothing about either console or their games. You people are legit psycho.

Austin481823d ago

bunch of little b*tches that don't know a good game when they see it.

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MajorGecko1823d ago

i always watch youtube gameplay before buying anygame, most game devs dont release demos anymore cos they are scared it will turn people off, so do they want us to make blind purchases??? i can youtube a review of just about anything movies, books, products what makes games so speical???

Riderz13371823d ago

Naughty Dog releases demos/betas for their game. Try again.

DarknessShado1823d ago

i agree with u 100% there needs to be a demo for every game. i normally have great judgements in games but when i wanna buy a psn game or a game i never heard of on ps3 or ps4(when more games come out for my system) i wanna test it out before i spend $$$ that i wont fully get back

JohnS13131823d ago

I doubt Naughty Dog gets many sales from YouTube videos. They're way above that. Only small developers might get that kind of help. If he wants to blame anyone for this mess though blame Nintendo. Aren't they the ones who started this whole YouTube mess?

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