Tekken Producer Reacts to Criticism on Eliza's Inflating Breasts: "Get a Life;" Calls Narrow Views

Legendary Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada responded today to the criticism moved by some to the fact that new Tekken Revolution's character Eliza inflates her breast size once she drinks an opponent's blood, and his response was, as usual, not very politically correct and straight to the point.

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Blaze9291588d ago

i swear i don't know any other industry as immature as the gaming one. It's just some tittayz - who cares? Or is it just North America with the way we still view sex as taboo?

Godmars2901588d ago

Its is an issue to make adjusting breast size an apparent element of the character as opposed to some cheat code. At the very least it shows a lack of tact as well as maturity.

Abriael1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

'cause games always have to be "mature" and "tactful" right?

Serious business video games are.

LoaMcLoa1588d ago

Haven't you seen those japanese movies where women shoot lasers out of their vaginas...? Why can't games be silly if movies can?

Godmars2901588d ago

"Serious business video games are."

Actually, given that Nintendo is the only publisher not trying to be ultra-realistic and most everything from Sony and MS is trying to be either COD or Game of Thrones, yes they are. But that's besides the point.

Just saying its a bit pointless to offer low hanging fruit like this to critics.

KonsoruMasuta1588d ago

"Actually, given that Nintendo is the only publisher not trying to be ultra-realistic and most everything from Sony and MS is trying to be either COD or Game of Thrones, yes they are. But that's besides the point."

Do you even know what you're talking about? Last time I checked, Knack or Dead Rising 3 were far from COD or Games of Thrones.

cleft51588d ago

Shows a lack of tact and maturity? By whose judgment? Who gets to say what is or isn't okay? Who gets to be the moral compass? Who gets to decide what is right and wrong or what goes to far?

Just because you have some narrow set of puritanical views or anyone else that doesn't make you right. I am glad the Tekken producer is reacting the way he is. I play games like Tekken to see the Tekken makers vision of what the game and characters can be all about. If you or anyone else doesn't like something the solution is simple, don't play it. People really need to stop forcing their narrow minded views upon others.

Baka-akaB1588d ago

"Pointless to offer low hanging fruit like this to critics. "

it's even more pointless to tiptoe around them and catering to their oppressive views .

There have been comics books for more than half a century , and to this day , lots of stigma are attached to it . Comics even had their own internal censorship authority for decades , it changed nothing except being detrimental to the quality of some of the published work of the past .

At some point fans have to stop dreaming of being "taken seriously" , and just be content that their medium is successful and thriving regardless of mainstream perception

admiralvic1588d ago

@ LoaMcLoa

Theres a difference between an established series like Tekken (I mean it was big enough to get a cross over with Capcom) and Onechanbara (which has this sort of stuff). People expect better from Tekken, but Onechanbara... well I doubt anyone cares about the series in any real way.

Inception1588d ago


"Actually, given that Nintendo is the only publisher not trying to be ultra-realistic and most everything from Sony and MS is trying to be either COD or Game of Thrones, yes they are."

I've play games from Sony such as Rain, Tearaway, The Last Guy, and ICO, and there's nothing like CoD or Games of Throne from those games.

Seriously dude, you should shut-up if you don't know nothing.

Godmars2901588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

"I've play games from Sony such as Rain (PSN), Tearaway (PSV), The Last Guy (PSN), and ICO (PS2), and there's nothing like CoD or Games of Throne from those games."

And you should look at one platform, one era, before telling someone to shut up. Know the difference between PSN and AAA gaming. look up the definition of "realistic" and "realism" for that matter because of all the games you list only one has surreal graphics. The Last Guy uses freakin real world maps!

Inception1588d ago

"And you should look at one platform, one era, before telling someone to shut up."

So i should look at PS1 or PS2 games that tried to be CoD or Games of Thrones? Lol, even Game of Thrones doesn't exist in that era.

"Know the difference between PSN and AAA gaming. look up the definition of "realistic" and "realism" for that matter because of all the games you list only one has surreal graphics."

Oh wow, now you twist your own post with PSN and AAA games. Now, tell me if Shadow of the Collossus, Arc the Lad, Dark Cloud, Alundra, Wild Arms, or Rogue Galaxy trying to be ultra realistic and copied CoD or Game of Thrones.

"The Last Guy uses freakin real world maps!"

So what? are TLG graphic ultra realistic and a copied of Game of Thrones or CoD? Dude, you seriously don't know shit.

Godmars2901588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

No. you just don't understand what I'm talking about. Can't see progression.

Asteroids is the same to you as Dragon's Dogma.

Inception1588d ago

And The Last Guy is the same as CoD or Game of Thrones to you. Lol can't see why i waste any more time with people who don't know nothing like you godmars.

edgeofsins1588d ago


He is talking about realism. Not based on reality. Many of the games you listed aren't games about unrealistic power ups and one hitting enemies by jumping on their heads. They have more foundation behind something to have some level of maturity to them. Knack has its cutscenes to provide depth. It has its physics to provide realism. Most Nintendo games are more basic then that.

As for his asteroids to Dragons Dogma comment. Dragons Dogma is obvious fiction but it has realism. Asteroids does not.

So when you think that he is calling games the same genre or level of detail as Call of Duty you are just jumping to conclusions, much like everyone else on the internet tends to do, and so those very people also abandon rational thought and congratulations on all the agrees for essentially missing the point every comment like the people that agreed with you that don't have perspective to even try to understand what someone is talking about.

rainslacker1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

This is Tekken. It has a farting panda. It's not the game I go to for maturity or extreme realism.

ravinash1587d ago

I don't understand why it is that people think that games have to be all things to all people.

Sure there can be a range of products from, hack'n'slash, Cartoon to Manga to high art.

you can have maturity as well as children’s games or even just adolescent style games. it's not all or nothing.

ShinMaster1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

1 - "Ultra-realism" is not what he meant by "serious business". So your reply made no sense.

2 - COD, Game of Thrones and ultra-realism is NOT "most everything" Sony is trying to be. Not at all.

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MightyNoX1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

This was actually brought up before, I forget which Japanese developer, but it was the same deal. The whole outcry over 'sexism' is not nearly as frequent as it is in Japan.

Also, I really like Harada. He tells it like it is. Remember his jabs at Capcom?

@DCfan: Ooooh, right! Thanks a lot!

DCfan1588d ago

Goerge Kamitani and Dragon's Crown Sorceress

Abriael1588d ago

I wish it was only North America. Here in Italy it's actually worse.

frostypants1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

In a general gaming culture where immaturity can be common, Japanese gaming culture is particularly immature. Also, you're speaking as if it's immature to call out the immaturity of inflating breasts. Really??? It's not about sexual's about stupidity. It's the people who enjoy this sort of creepiness who need to get a life. I'll bet this developer is the kind of weirdo who buys girls panties from vending machines (yes, Japan has stuff like that).

abstractel1587d ago

If there were an equal amount of games with men's appendages growing it wouldn't be an issue. Women are often really badly portrayed in games, even worse in Japanese games. Naughty Dog agrees with this sentiment and when creating the women characters for The Last of Us, they wanted to change how women are portrayed in games.

What entertainment value is there of playing a game where a woman's breasts grow bigger when she drinks blood? It's not even a funny joke. If a male fighter's dong grew bigger when he drank blood, would that be funny? Would it be funny every time you played the game?

So many disappointing comments here and agrees/disagrees.

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Majin-vegeta1588d ago

I really dispise people who go ape Sh*t over a character with huge water balloons.Take your white knight whining somewhere else.

DarkBlood1588d ago

Then you won't mind if i take your dragoon spirit? :P

Qrphe1588d ago

Sarkeesian has brainwashed many.

DCfan1588d ago

Never knew tits had the power to make people go apeshit.

DFogz1588d ago

People have been doing crazy things for tits for thousands of years now, don't act so surprised

rainslacker1588d ago

True, but it wasn't too long ago where we actually liked them. Now it seems like it's a bad thing that female game characters have them.

I might sympathize with those claiming it's over-sexualization, but I see worse stuff than what most people claim about on a daily basis in women's own wardrobes.

contradictory1588d ago

do not underestimate the power of sex appeal.

note how i said sex appeal and not boobies.
for i prefer nice juicy butt instead of boobies
but if you can have both then all the better really..

yes, i'm going for that level of awkward today on N4G
feel free to join in on this slimy conversation everyone

mediate-this1588d ago

Feminists and beta males. I look at it like this, its a game its the devs creation, people need to exercise their options to not play the game. I dont like alot of games, but i atleast try them and decide after that or i just wont try it at all, but i wont complain. Sex or sexualized characters can sometimes feel forced but i dont whine about it. People need to care about their lives, and stop forcing their narrow minded views on others.

Baka-akaB1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I wish people talked less about her breast , and more about how abysmal and uninteresting she is as a character

Abriael1588d ago

To echo Harada, care to elaborate?

Baka-akaB1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Just my opinion of the character nothing else . Her moveset doesnt seems appealing to me , especially the whole "geese howard wave" aspect of it , even it i doubt it's overpowered . People voted for her , but only had a vague description , had hardly a say about her moves .

Then again people voted for this , when at least one character proposed a potential addition of a missing martial art . I feel there have been enough inclusion of "fantastical" characters in the last 2 or 3 tekken , over more martial arts being included

The whole boob scandal around it is a waste of time and ridiculous . There is more voyeurism and vulgarity in stuff like the Sims , and no one complains much about it because its arguably less graphic .

Swiftfox1588d ago

It's not wrong to criticize the design considerations of creators. As I said before, creators/artists have a responsibility to how all types of people see their work.

I also don't see the similarity in point to your Sims reference. In Sims you can choose what your characters wear, how they look, etc. It doesn't favor either sex as females have the play power to do whatever they wish as much as men do. In Tekken, this character is part of the game. There is no choice involved here. They designed a hyper-sexualized character for other men to vote on. It's preferential treatment based on sex and it's wrong. It's not about graphic, it's about inclusion and choice--two things woman are constantly denied in gaming.

DragonKnight1588d ago

"It's not wrong to criticize the design considerations of creators. As I said before, creators/artists have a responsibility to how all types of people see their work."

No they don't. That assumes the "you can please everyone" paradigm can actually exist and that's not possible.

The only responsibility a creator/artist has is to create based on their own vision. It's not their responsibility to coddle anyone's feelings or sensibilities.

There will always be someone finding something to be offended about by any creation. Offense is a choice, not a random event.

Baka-akaB1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

"@Zerochaos "

That's a ridiculous statement . They only care is and should be to convey their artistic vision . However you interpret is is your own issue and prerogative .

"They designed a hyper-sexualized character for other men to vote on"

And yet no one knew what she looked like , nor any of the other characters , beyond a vague description at the time of the poll . granted no one expected an ugly female , especially with the romantisicm and glamour usually associated with vampire .

Notice how the only explicit female , "sexy female soldier" from the poll , still didnt win .

"I also don't see the similarity in point to your Sims reference"

I dont make it similar . my point isnt even about women rights and representation there . It's about the hypocrisy of the press and mainstream to judge a game for "erotic art content" while all too happy to make literally a voyeur's dream game , one of the constant top selling game franchise .

But fine if you prefer it was a bad example

NarooN1588d ago

I agree. Tekken's character design in recent years for pretty much all of the new characters have been terrible. They're boring and uninteresting. The only reason most people even play these characters is for the movesets, and even then many of them aren't that great.

But yeah, Tekken has stopped being about well-designed characters and a decent plot since post-Tekken 4. Even Harada himself once stated that he doesn't care about the story at all and doesn't even work on it.

Baka-akaB1587d ago

The previous post was for Swiftfox obviously . my bad for the wrong copypasta

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KonsoruMasuta1588d ago

"OMG! A fake woman has breast that grow! Let's rage!!

These people really do need to get a life. Somewhere out there, there is a REAL woman that is actually being oppressed and discriminated against. If you care so much, go help someone that actually needs the help instead of complaining at someone for THEIR design of THEIR characters.

PoSTedUP1588d ago

a ******* men! +bubs & respect.

frostypants1588d ago

It's crap like this that leads to oppressive attitudes towards women. But whatever. People who enjoy this kind of thing never see real women anyway.

NihonjinChick1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

This doesn't lead to oppressive attitudes forwards women. As a girl myself, I can tell you that much. Of course when I see a woman in a video game with knockers the size of watermelons, I roll my eyes and get a good chuckle out of it but I don't get mad. Women do the same to men. Almost every girl on this planet would love to be in a room with big muscular guys with the kind of proportions they have in video games. As long as a real woman wasn't oppressed in the making, I have no problem with it.

DragonKnight1588d ago

@frostypants: And I suppose that Call of Duty leads to violent attitudes that lead to mass shootings right?

Oh wait, that was debunked as stupidity. Guess what this is too...

mediate-this1588d ago

Two way street, men are oppressed like crazy in this day and age.( im talking about northamerica) where do start? From pushing beta males at us, to the gay agenda, mens rights concerning their children after divorce, to every commercial portraying males as dumb asses and cluts.

Sorry off topic, but woman have it good in north america. Its his game if he wants to make a make believe chick with massive breats so be it. Who does it really hurt in the long run? First world problems.

ravinash1587d ago

@ NihonjinChick.

Exactly.... fact is, that is the responce that men have at it too (roll eye and a good chuckle).
It's just a bit of sillyness, and if an one is gettig up in arms about it, then their just being silly them selves.

It's just a bit of humour, some people will get the joke and others won't.

As for the whole "things like this oppressing women"... there are far worse things out there.
You just need to look at music videos these days to see much worse. At least this character is a fighter and holds her own... which is much better than women being shown as just a play thing in these videos.

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Katana Yamato1588d ago

@NihonjinChick: Yeah because you speak for all women... You have no idea what you're talking about and you're overgeneralizing.

NihonjinChick1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

Never said I speak for all women. I never even said "all women". It appears you're the one who has no idea what they're talking about.

I pointed out that women can also have fantasies or thought of men that are sometimes unrealistic. It human nature to think about things that we find attractive. You would be wrong to think that men are the only one who paint these kinds of images for the opposite sex. You can see it in all forms of media. You just don't see it in video games as much because it's a male dominated industry.

Who am I to criticize this guy for his character design when I'm no different? If I was to make a game, my male characters would probably look like my ideal male.

DragonKnight1588d ago

@Katana Yamato: Let me get this straight, NihonjinChick, a woman, said she doesn't have a problem with this and you're trying to tell her she doesn't know what she's talking about?

That's the problem with feminists. They think they have the right to tell even women what they should be offended by and what they shouldn't be offended by.

ravinash1587d ago

There is no one image of men that all women like in the same way there is no one image of women that all men like.

If NihonjinChick is going to make a game, she will do it with the images that are appealing for her. Why wouldn't she. Game makers have to make games that they like to play, otherwise they tend to not work.

There is a difference between what people hold up as the ideal and what individuals find attractive.
Fifty shades of grey was written by a women, but not all women would like a man like the main character (in fact most probably wouldn’t) but it didn't stop it from being a popular book.

Katana Yamato1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

@DragonKnight So just because she's a woman (a woman, singular) as long as one woman think its okay then that doesn't deem this character isn't sexually objectified? Misogyny isn't an Only Male thing ya know. Women can be misogynistic to. Though i'm not saying Nihon is misogynistic she doesn't see the blatant favoritism for the male gaze and why companies keep making characters like these. The Producer's comments make that even more blatantly so.

Nihon just doesn't realize the ramifications of the type of continued design of characters like these: that women in games are only catered to the male audience and nothing more. There's no variety, and they stick to only one mold while men can have a variety of body types and roles.

While i don't think all of the women in Tekken are bad (I think Nina is a cool and sexy character in a way, but its obvious she wasn't designed for females to like her) this character is just shameless. She's pretty much a Morrigan ripoff and not a good one at that. Its stupid and to justify it is just as laughable and pitiful. If this character is meant to be humorous it falls flat, if its meant to be serious its beyond embarrassing.

Also, i want to make one thing clear, i'm not saying that Nihon can't like this character, but her reasoning on why this doesn't influence to oppressive behavior toward women is ridiculous.

Another thing is i'm not a feminist, i'm fine with women being sexy as long as it fits in context and they have good characterization. But this Eliza character is so generic and such a ripoff of the Morrigan character that's its stupid. Tekken character designers are much better then this gothic lolita that came from the depths of anime hell (and yes i know she was voted by fans), but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have exercised creative control over including her in this game.

@Nihon Uh yeah you did state some things in which you make it seem you talk for all women rather then yourself. You say "This doesn't lead to oppressive attitudes forwards women." instead of saying "I don't think this oppresses women". Then you use your gender as someone whose qualified as representing all women because you keep stating your thoughts as a fact when they're an opinion.

You then later on overgeneralize women by stating "Almost every girl on this planet would love to be in a room with big muscular guys with the kind of proportions they have in video games."

And yes these type of characters tend to influence women in real life to whether or not you realize it. I don't need to tell you how women are treated in the gaming community by men and other misogynistic women, you can find articles like that easily. The comments in here alone are proof that if a woman or man thinks of any female character as being sexualized then the group who likes these type of things in their game will shout loudest to quiet them down because it privileges them.

Anyway, i'm done with this. Stuff like this is par for the course unfortunately.

NihonjinChick1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

If you don't hear me say I speak for "all women", don't put words and my mouth and try to tell me I implied something I didn't. You also didn't seem to understand the point of my comment and only seem to look at certain words and try to twist things to fit your argument and agenda. You talk about people attacking and shooting at people who scream "sexism" but you're the one trying to dream the loudest. You came here and try to tell me I didn't know what I was talking about and tried putting words in my mouth and twisting existing ones.

Women also have thoughts of their ideal man, some are realistic and some are not. Stephanie Meyer can have books and movies with semi a unrealistic guys who remove their shirts despite the conditions but you attack the men who show what they find attractive in a female. That's why I have no problem with it, that would make me a hypocrite. If I was to make a game, my male characters would reflect my ideal male. Here is the truth, sexism was here before games and was even worse long ago. Game characters don't cause sexism and woman being treated badly. You don't see a video game character with large breast and magically turn sexist. It all comes down to upbringing, not whether or not they saw a big breasted woman in Tekken.

You also don't seem to understand what true sexism or objectification is. A woman getting paid less than a co worker because she is a woman? That's sexist! Caling a woman derogatory name and testing her badly just because she is a woman? That's sexist. A husband treating his wife like anything less than a human being? That's objectification. A man making a game character with large breast? Not even close.

To tell you the truth, I think this design is pretty funny and foolish. I get a real good chuckle out of it whenever I see women like this in video games. I don't really like them but I don't hate them either. If that's what the designer like, more power to them. But I'm not going to sit here and attack him when I know he probably would think the same of my male characters if I made a game.

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