5 PS4 games We Want Sony to Announce

PS Gang writes - We all know Sony have the best first party exclusives, no doubt. When it comes down to choosing which side have the best developers,well I think we all know the answer.

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DeletedAcc1462d ago

New IP
New IP
New IP
New IP

Jaqen_Hghar1461d ago

much as a man loves LoU he feels that a sequel may diminish the legacy. A man wants either a new IP from ND or a new Jak that goes back to their highest skilled area gameplay wise, 3d platformers! Blend the cinema of an Uncharted (not realistic graphics just beautiful art style with breathtaking vistas), the atmosphere of LoU (not scary just setting any mood as well as they set that foreboding one), and the gameplay from Jak and a man would have gaming nirvana. Jak 3, Crash 3, and Uncharted 3 are their masterpieces so a man would expect the third game in whatever they make on PS4 to be the best or very close to the best of the gen.

MVGeneral1461d ago

I would want a new ip from a developer that I can trust will deliver on whatever game they publish. Naughty Dog is trust-able in that sense, as they can release anything and I would know that the production value, graphics, story, voice acting and game-play would be phenomenal.

That being said, they really need to announce a fantasy game, like zelda/lord of the rings type of deal. Imagine a ND game like that.

I also think that aside from Uncharted 4, ND is working on a space game. Don't beleive me, replay LAST of US and look at all the comics you pick up and listen to ellie's and joels constant ramblings about space. Just like how a survival horror game was hinted via Uncharted series.

Pay attention people.

JoSneak1461d ago


BlakHavoc1461d ago

Well I personally think that if a sequel was always in mind at ND even before the first game they should do it. But don't make one just to profit from the hype it would generate, games are always best when the ideas for the game come naturally, not forced. But I think this game has a story that can expand, there's nothing about the ending that pretty much drove the story into a dead end. Gameplay was great and can improve even more, overall I think a sequel would be even better than the original cause thats how confident I am in ND.

ForgottenProphecy1461d ago

I love The Last of Us, great game, but I'd rather a new IP from ND honestly, maybe that rumored space game. I also would rather have a new IP from SSM than God of War 4. I also want PlayStation All Stars 2 now that the roster can included Knack, Iota, hopefully Crash, and many more.

plaZeHD1461d ago

I would rather fill that list with new ips than a sequel for The Last Of Us.

CuddlyREDRUM1461d ago

That has to be the most played out avatar, ever.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1461d ago

Hope GG make a fallout 4 like game.

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Majin-vegeta1461d ago

For me personally.
1:Legend Of Dragoon 2
2.M.A.G 2
3.Resistance 4(go back to number 1 dark atmosphere).
4:Warhawk 2
5:New Socom (Go back to S2 days)

MidnytRain1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Didn't Starhawk tank? Doubt another will be made anytime soon. Also, I'm pretty sure if for whatever reason another SOCOM comes out, it won't be anything like what you're hoping.

Majin-vegeta1461d ago

I said warhawk not starhawk.Same creator totally different game.

MidnytRain1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )


Starhawk WAS Warhawk, and it flopped. You're probably not getting Warhawk 2.

shoddy1461d ago

Starwawk flop because it doesn't feel like warhawk.

Love the hover craft.
I wany warhawk 2

dcj05241461d ago

@Rain Starhawk isn't WARHAWK. WARHAWK has a World War 2ish feel. Starhawk is like 2356 or something.

KingofGambling1461d ago

Starhawk was a spiritual successor, but not a true sequel and the creator Dylan Jobe is interesting in making a sequel or something.

BitbyDeath1461d ago

@MidnytRain, Dylan Jobe just announced the other day on Twitter that he is considering making a remastered version of Warhawk.

Sevir1461d ago

Starhawk played more like Gears of war RTS. It was devoid of what made Warhawk so awesome... You can fire up Warhawk right now and still find 1 million players enjoying the game and servers still packed. Starhawk is a solid game, the warhaek fanbase played it and determined that it was too foreign from what made Starhawk so awesome. As a result it flopped but not just because Warhawk fans but because of Sony's failure to MARKET their ip! Starhawk is a solid, good game,
But as with Many Sony games the marketing team is just not committed, they left this and many others out to dry, Resistance 3, Twisted Metal Reboot, Starhawk, Puppeteer, .A.G, and to an extent, Killzone and Motorstorm even though they are pretty successfull

MidnytRain1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Who gives a flip what kind of "feel" it had? It was a successor that no one bought, so making another one likely isn't a plan.

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JoSneak1461d ago

Resistance 3 was the best of the series... they just need to do the same thing but no Chimeras this time

MidnytRain1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

Or a better story.

ForgottenProphecy1461d ago

wait, a Resistance with no Chimeras?

Sevir1461d ago

Resistance without the Cholera would be call of duty or battlefield. Doesn't make sense!

The universe for that IP is RIPE! Resistance 3 was the best of the series, but plenty wasn't explored... The CLOVEN were spoken about in 3 games but was not even touched on once during resistance 3. And we never even Fought against an "Angel" in the entire franchise... Insomniac and Sony Bend did the series good but it didn't live up to it's full potential!

Insomniac didn't dive completely into the lore of what was fully established in R:FOM. Angels, Cloven would be awesome to explore in game play and story.. I'd kill for a Resistance 4.

Tango_9111461d ago

@ 5) Have you heard of H-Hour? Its the spiritual successor to the original socoms.

Tiechie1461d ago

Well warhawk could possibly come to ps4, if this is to be believed.

dcj05241461d ago

H-Hour is out early 2015. WARHAWK and Mag are incredible. They deserve incredible sequels

BitbyDeath1461d ago

Good list, just a few more i'd like to add.

#6: Tokyo Jungle 2
#7: Pixel Junk Monsters 2
#8: Motorstorm 4

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lonewolfjedi1461d ago

definitely would like to see more new ip's

nigelp5201461d ago

Syphon Filter 6
Until Dawn
Crash Bandicoot 5
Everquest 2
Wild Arms

BlakHavoc1461d ago

At this point I think they should just reboot Syphon Filter, they could reintroduce it to generation of new gamers.

Master-H1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

- The Last Guardian
- Crash Bandicoot
- New Tenchu or a remake (i'm hoping they acquire the rights from whoever has them now, i think Fromsoft) but probably won't happen.
- New Syphon Filter or Bloody Roar
- New IP by Naughty Dog

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