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Submitted by jasona1980 716d ago | opinion piece

What Is The Difference Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?

ThisisXbox: "So, back to the question at hand and why it needs to be said so many times in public – the real difference between Xbox 360 and Xbox One is not just the hardware and technical capabilities, nor the vast improvement in visual differences between Xbox 360 and Xbox One games. Xbox One was designed to be future proof, it will lead xbox gamers into the next five years at least and grow with more and more exclusives. The Xbox 360 will eventually end up unsupported as more and more gamers make the jump from last-gen to new-gen with Xbox One. You can guarantee that it is certain Microsoft will ensure that all new features planned for Xbox will be with a main focus on Xbox One over Xbox 360." (Microsoft, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

The_Infected  +   716d ago
The Xbox 360 was a better console without Kinect in the box.
EasilyTheBest  +   716d ago
Where do you start.
Its a stupid question. Here is another.

What is the difference between the PS3 and the PS4?
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   716d ago
many things

where as 360 is almost identical to x1
hellvaguy  +   716d ago
They r almost identical....If your cross-eyed and your mother is also your fathers sister.
Unreal01  +   716d ago
360 was more appealing.
BattleAxe  +   716d ago
I think Xbox One is virtually the same thing as the 360, but with Kinect forced down your throat and some extra power.

PS4 to me seems to be a more powerful version of the PS3, but with gameplay streaming, screenshot sharing and a yearly subscription fee.
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QuickdrawMcgraw  +   716d ago
The difference is the Xbox1 already has more exclusives then the 360.
XboxDone  +   715d ago
The PS4 is a leap in visuals and performance. There is no leap to an X1 only a step backwards
SilentGuard  +   716d ago
The 360 has an easier to use and more capable UI, with games and not Kinect and tv being the primary focus.
Chris12  +   716d ago
Nope. It took lots of pressing to get to what you wanted on the 360, it drove me nuts. Now I can just ask for what I want. Stick in the past if you like but I'll take the future thanks
KonsoruMasuta  +   716d ago
Well, that was the case at the start of it's life.

The 360 hasn't had any solid hardcore exclusives for about 3 years. Most of the games developed for it during the time were casual kinect games.

So I don't get attacked by fanboys, I'll leave this here.
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fattyuk  +   716d ago
^^ that playstation list sure is mighty fine!! Could do with psn titles stuck on that list aswell compared to Xbox arcade (that's if there were any exclusives released)
CrossingEden  +   716d ago
No solid hardcore exclusives for three years?
-halo reach
-halo anniversary
-halo 4
-gears of war 3
-gears of war judgement
-forza 4
Secondly, it's about QUALITY, not quantity, especially considering that on the list there is a crap ton of subpar games/shovelware on the ps side. Like MAG, Socom 4 and a ridiculous amount of jrpgs that are extremely similar to each other.
NihonjinChick  +   716d ago
"ridiculous amount of jrpgs that are extremely similar to each other."

I had to laugh at that, CrossingEden. Considering Gears of War 3 and Judgment are the same and so are the Halo games. The only 360 game on that list that actually does something different is Forza. There isn't much QUALITY there.
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fattyuk  +   716d ago
@crossingeden, you surely can't look at that picture and try to justify that the Xbox 360 has had a ton of exclusives??
hazardman  +   716d ago
Theres quality there, just to much of the same shit. Halo and Gears..good games but just not enough!!!
JohnnyTower  +   716d ago
The difference is around $200.
barb_wire  +   716d ago
Think you mean $300
Belking  +   716d ago
They took what the 360 had and made it better. No hype needed.

"They tried to make it worse at first. The gamers forced them to make it better."

No they didn't. Gamers only forced things to stay the same. the only people they helped out were places like GameStop so they can continue to screw people over. They only delayed the inevitable. Digital s the future.
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KonsoruMasuta  +   716d ago
They tried to make it worse at first. The gamers forced them to make it better.

Digital may be the future but 24 hour checks and requiring you to plug a camera in your console for it to work are not.

I'm happy they changed those crap policies.
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hazardman  +   716d ago
Belking wish I could agree. Im loving my Xbox One but there is to many obstacles to do certain things. Also what about a low battery warning or ability to check how much energy left. Or checking my hard drive, having to dll apps to use blu ray or listen to music..lil shit like that gets on my nerves because it should all be there from the get. That all being said I am having a great time with my Xbox One..everything it does have runs smoothly..well at least for me!!
Qrphe  +   716d ago
>No hype needed

Anti-hype with their DRM policies is what killed the X1 before release. That and price
NeloAnjelo  +   716d ago
@ Belking Go support your DRM BS, always on Kinect and all the 180s.
GarrusVakarian  +   716d ago
" Digital s the future"

I agree, some time in the future maybe, but clearly it's not wanted now or in the IMMEDIATE future. Gamers spoke up against MS's anti consumer policies, there IS a way to make DRM work while also being consumer's called Steam (offline mode).

"Gamers only forced things to stay the same"

Gamers didn't force anything, we didn't want MS's DRM, we didn't want them having our money AND power over our products telling us when we can and can't play something we have paid for with our own money. So we spoke out, and seeing as we are how MS earn their millions, we prevailed, we voted with our wallets, MS saw that and did a huge 180.

But it was too late, those policies and 180's amongst a lot of other things have tainted their reputation and image.

It doesn't surprise me to see you supporting MS's anti consumer, power crazy, greedy policies, but we all know an all digital future isn't wanted or needed yet. Ill stick to physical gaming and actually owning the products i buy and not being told by a multi-billion dollar company when i can and can't play my console....what is this, Nazi Germany?.
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DigitalRaptor  +   715d ago
Completely and utterly wrong.

There are a number of things. Things you've admitted yourself as being steps backward. Things that may be fixable if they concentrate on them, but steps backward nonetheless. And some things are inherent to the long-term design so are unfixable. Things that they've put in there that people think are gone, but the problems are still based on what remains of that infamous DRM they put in there. It's screwed it.

A system-wide party chat problem. Horribly long install times. A poorly prioritised interface. Having Kinect at the forefront as a system seller, and having next to nothing to show for it in regards to gaming.

Just check out the REAL impressions from pro-360 gamers and words from the 360-experienced below. Even the controller, that you guys were saying would be "improving perfection" is a step backwards in a number of ways. $100 million dollars investment and it ends up worse off.

Executive and non-gamer decisions that went into the Xbone, have caused absolute steps back from the strong gaming-focused vision J Allard helped define.
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Godmars290  +   716d ago
Ones more contemporary, modern, version of the other but has an accessory shoved down its - the consumer's - throat.
hazardman  +   716d ago
I wish Xbox One had a Kinectless bundle for the people who are always crying about it. Funny tho even if it was optional I would have still bought the Kinect for it. I bought a PS4 and camera for it aswell. Why make a big deal out of it I mean if console has use for it then why not get it. I really didnt need camera for PS4 but Playroom was cool and face recognition for sign was cool to.

I guess it comes down to preference.
air1  +   716d ago
My throat had nothing to do with my purchase of the xb1.. Im happy with my xb1 just as much as you are happy with your ps4, i like kinect and wouldnt want to experience the console any different..
Godmars290  +   716d ago
I haven't bought the PS4 yet. Waiting for media feature to meet and return to what they are on the PS3.

So no, I'm not happy with what Sony's done in regards to "next gen" just like not everyone likes having the buy the Kniect with the XB1.
air1  +   716d ago
Soo you dont own a next gen console... You are quite vocal for someone that hasnt made the jump and ironicaly you are waiting for media features.... Lmfao! The irony is strong!
kingdip90  +   716d ago
Gamers who don't own next generation are fully capable of having an opinion. I to have problems with next gen consoles just like godmars. Yet I follow the news anyway hoping for the day next gen becomes worth the money they are asking to me.

With all the information online it's very easy to format an educated opinion without owning a system it just sucks that by offering an opinion you get labeled a fanboy either way. Even if that opinion is valid and makes perfect sense.
Godmars290  +   715d ago
What irony? When I get a PS4 it wont be just to say "first!" nor to get the "must have" titles whether I honestly want them or not. I'll get it for games I honestly like, and if it handles media like the PS3 - like it should have in the first place - then so much the better. I wont have to have PS+ to actually use the thing.
GadgetGooch   716d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
hazardman  +   716d ago
Everything and nothing!!
ABeastNamedTariq  +   716d ago
TV and power. That's just off the top of my head.
NeloAnjelo  +   716d ago
One is a games console, the other one pretends to be... you already know which one.
WMANUW  +   716d ago
BabyTownFrolics  +   716d ago
The differences are a graphical upgrade and the ability to access and manipulate netflix with voice commands. It may sound insignificant but I like it.

At least so far, things will evolve over the years. Just like they did on the 360.

I'm enjoying my xbox1 as much as my ps4
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Goku781  +   715d ago
Xbox one has a better camera.

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