7 Days To Die Now Available On Steam Early Access

The sandbox building and zombie slaying game 7 Days To Die is now on sale through Steam Early Access. To celebrate, developer The Fun Pimps is offering a discount on the game for the last days of the year.

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Daniel_Potter1797d ago

Took you long enough
It has been on steam for like 2 days already

devileyed1797d ago

I know right, the game is starting to really shape up though.

Abdou0231797d ago

There are already several of those games, But the narrative & the NPC sare a great idea, make that happen fast, and bring it to consoles.

Xristo1797d ago

Kickstarted this, and happy I did!

andrewer1797d ago

Haha I bought on pre-order, loved the idea of this game since the beginning.

Koopdogg1794d ago

Great game and alpha version 5 is shaping this game up nicely ...Keep them coming .

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