YouTube Flagged Jonathan Blow For Posting Footage of His Own Game

Last week YouTube took down thousands of gameplay videos from its network, claiming they violate copyright laws. This whole thing happens thanks to the new Content ID system that automatically categorized each video you've uploaded.

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xHeavYx1703d ago

Goes to show how much YouTube it's screwing up

MidnytRain1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Google has been doing everything in their power to drive people away from YouTube lately.

SynGamer1703d ago

I honestly hope Twitch becomes the new "YouTube" but for gaming.

porkChop1703d ago

Yup. YouTube has been acing up for months, at least for me. Videos won't switch to HD unless I reload the page, pause, select HD, then move the play position by a few seconds. Full screen glitches out half the time. The play/pause/etc bar at the bottom of the video screws up and won't pull up. The list goes on and on. It just keeps getting worse. YouTube won't even load a single video ever on my HTC One or my Nexus 7.

Kryptix1703d ago

It's pissing off a lot of people that has their job centered around gaming and reviews.

YouTube rushed the ID system, it's unfair for the people that fairly uses the content. Even a slight glimpse of some content in the background can get a video flagged and taken down.

What I really hope is for another video sharing website to step up and start taking it's place because YouTube is becoming the opposite of user friendly and is actually attacking the same people that are making YT money.

Hopefully Twitch uses this opportunity to really spread it's wings because soon we're all going to need a new place to watch all of our gaming entertainment from the people that need the money to produce good quality videos. (Angry Joe being one of them, for example.)

frostypants1703d ago

Not just Youtube. Gmail sucks these days, too. They keep enabling stupid "features" like the promotions tab and expecting users to figure out how to disable, rather than asking us if we want them enabled first. Google is getting way too cocky.

PurpHerbison1702d ago

"Google has been doing everything in their power to drive people away from YouTube lately."

I can actually agree with this. It has trouble buffering even the simplest videos and I am sick and tired of having to pick which name I want displayed upon logging in.

JD_Shadow1702d ago

I hope people are looking at Daily Motion. They've just started offering their "official content" package, letting people do most of what YouTube offers now with the partner system. I've been getting some of my content to Daily Motion with little trouble so far (though one of my videos is giving me a hard time on the technical side, but that has nothing to do with the current YouTube situation).

Yeah, I think this is when Daily Motion should be opening the doors to gamers and saying "hey, don't forget that we exist"!

The Great Melon1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )


Buffering on Youtube has been a pain in the ass for years now. Ever since they enabled the block buffering I haven't been able to watch a video from start to finish. Youtube chooses to only load one chunk and until you actually hit the end of that chunk it won't load anything else. The end result is watching videos in 2 minute chunks. I pretty much avoid youtube as much as possible nowadays. The experience is just terrible now.

TheGrimReaper00111702d ago

That's where I've been going lately
It's not nearly that copyright protected as YouTube

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Blaze9291703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

YouTube/Google isn't really the one to blame here. If Jonathan's game is being identified as Sony property then that is a Sony problem because Sony are the ones who initiate Content ID to search for this content.

His problem is with Sony some reason claiming HIS content and needs to figure out why Sony is doing that. Google/YouTube's ContentID system doesn't just say, "hmm, maybe it belongs to Sony so give it to them." No, it matches anything up that a content owner submits to be searched for.

Sony directly submitted the audiovisual content for tagging.

But he wants to attack and bash Microsoft all the time but isn't saying a word on why Sony is claiming and making money off his property on YouTube..interesting.

don't believe me? Just take a look at how the system works yourself:

"When Content ID identifies a match between your video and a file in this database, it applies the policy chosen by the content owner."

..."chosen by the content owner."

...chosen by, Sony.


lol @ the disagrees. How am i wrong? Honestly, explain it to me. Are you sony fans that delusional to not accept FACT even? lol whatever

yewles11703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

The irony...

EDIT: And let's not forget Naughty Dog's own channel taken down before... TWICE!!!

RytGear1703d ago

The system has been done by a robot, not a human being looking for every penny it can grab.
This is not Sony's fault as with a lot of the flagging it is being done without the supposed content owner even being aware.

Shinox1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Oh look Youtube Register a trademark for the Witness on the PS4 and linked it to Sony , LETS BLAME IT ON SONY FOR THIS !

You do know that Youtube is behind all this mess and i'm sure Sony wont be that stupid to do such a trivial thing like this to a big indie developer like Jonathan .

Blaze929 you are such a hypocrite fake gamer hating and blaming on Sony for no reason , Quit voting yourself up with your fake accounts your last response to me proves that you are one fake gamer who trying to prove himself with lies over someone who is being forced in 3 bubbles to respond to your hypocrisy.

Blaze9291703d ago Show
Kryptix1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

You're wrong, old content before the change is automatically registered to a Youtube channel's ID without their awareness.

Here's the video explaining it: (It's at 17:00, but you can start at 14:00 for the full story on it)

Because Jonathan Blow's game, The Witness first appeared on Playstation's YouTube channel, anything related to The Witness became automatically locked to that PS channel.

Sony has to whitelist Jonathan Blow and allow him to post anything about "The Witness."

That's why I think Content ID was rushed and not done properly because content is being tied to Youtube channels without their awareness. And this makes it a hassle that people have to go through all their hundreds of videos and manually turn Content ID off or let certain people post content related to whatever the video is about on their channel.

Blaze9291703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )


"You're wrong"

...but, you JUST posted a video (with time stamp) showing EXACTLY how I am right -_______-


"Another company claimed our music illegally and made false claims. So we had to manage the rights just to allow our customers. We never got involved in rights managements until we had to and now we have to manually whitelist our own customers."

They literally just TOLD you they are involved in rights managements with ContentID because someone else was stealing their stuff. So they submitted THEIR content to ContentID rights management so that when found, it would automatically claimed and given to Video Copilot - the actual owners.

But in order to allow customers to use it, as they have paid to do so - they need to be whitelisted BY VideoCopilot or face being tagged BY ContentID.

this is the exact same thing i've been saying - how is this system really this hard to understand with you people?

"Because Jonathan Blow's game, The Witness first appeared on Playstation's YouTube channel, anything related to The Witness became automatically locked to that PS channel.

YOU are wrong. a channel must be a member of the ContentID program. If it is not submitted into the database, it isn't being searched for - PERIOD. Sony submitted The Witness into the ContetID database.

Content Owner submits something to contentID database

ContentID uses content in database to match with videos on YouTube

once found by contentID, it will be registered to whoever submitted the original content as the source match.

These things are NOT being handed out to RANDOM channels. It's being handed to WHOEVER submitted the source into the ContentID database.

Do you still not get it?

Kryptix1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

lol "But in order to allow customers to use it, as they have paid to do so - they need to be whitelisted BY VideoCopilot or face being tagged BY ContentID."

You said it yourself...

Even Nintendo is having trouble with it.

"It’s nice to see that Nintendo is keen to work with its fans in order to help avoid these content ID matches that are currently nuking video game content all around the site. " -From link

Hey...I'll give you a pat in the back for trying. It's all automated, and those channels with the ability to use ContentID have to manually whitelist people.

DragonKnight1702d ago

Blaze, you don't know what you're talking about. You're just a Microsoft fan looking to blame Sony for anything. The content ID system is completely automated and so many developers and publishers never made claims against so many videos and yet the videos were claimed in their name anyway. All that was necessary was the fact that the video was about a PS4 game, that's it. The system is totally broken.

YouTube is the problem, not Sony. Sorry, you're going to have to put your torch and pitchfork away for another day.

Kryptix1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

DragonKnight knows what he's talking about.

To stop any channel from claiming content that is not theirs, a large portion of the videos were automated to a certain channel ID. The very first "The Witness" video surfaced on the Playstation channel, so to stop any other channel from getting the rights to it, it got automated to Sony. And Sony can transfer the rights to a different ID when asked. So when I said "old videos are automated to be locked to the channel without awareness," that's what I meant. Newer videos are popping up a choice to submit it for ContentID checks, older videos are automated and need to be manually sorted out.

Hope you understand now.

JD_Shadow1702d ago

So, all those videos that people like Angry Joe and TotalBiscuit posted about this and how it actually happened is completely lost on you, is it? Good lord, the lengths people will go to validate their fanboyism!

Soldierone1702d ago

Thats wrong. These companies can do that, but they are not the ones doing it. Third parties are the ones "helping" them filter things for them.

For example Vevo makes putting music on YT a pain. You may get marked from Warner Bros music, but its actually Vevo that caught you. Sometimes it will even directly say "Vevo Has Rights" instead of Warner.

It shows when you run a channel and challenge some of the content. If its listed as the company (in this case Sony) then it gets reversed and no one cares except the third party that is playing dirty.

Had the issue before. GTTV and Spike were marking all our videos as copyright claims, even though the videos were sent to us from a PR. We contacted the PR about it, and they said they don't know why Spike/GTTV was doing that and to just challenge it so it gets reversed. We still got a strike and by the time YT put it back up it didn't matter.

iamnsuperman1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

The whole thing is automated and not claimed by companies (which is why everyone is getting g flagged at once). From my understanding is Google has severally messed up the system. By changing how the partnership system and content ID works everyone is being flagged. The whole system wasn't thought out. It ain't Sony's or anyone's fault but Google's. The way the have done it means everyone gets flagged for smallest amount of things (even the companies who are supposedly reporting the videos for violations have no idea what is going on because they didn't make a claim)

Craigatorian1702d ago

why do people like u exist?

RedDevils1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Blaze is basically an xbot hating everything Sony relate typical hypocrite without any logical reason

solidjun51702d ago

The MS shill is strong with this one.

"Don't feed the trolls."

ShinMaster1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

@ Blaze929

I like how you completely ignored 'yewles1' post.

Another example of this is Angry Joe's Skyrim videos were taken down and Bethesda contacted him saying that they had nothing to do with it. As well as an interview he conducted which was claimed by "TombRaider".

And even if Sony did submit the content, why in the world would they purposely want to take it down from the developer's channel? That's not what happened. I think 'Kryptix' summarized it pretty well @ (#1.2.9).

No matter how much you want to blame Sony, it ain't gonna make Xbox any better. Just saying.

MetaReapre1702d ago

This isn't Sony's fault, they tagged it for peopled who are actually breaking the copyright laws, its youtubes fault that they made an automated machine that will flag ANYTHING that is using their content even if its in fair use or if the person is the owner of the content. YouTube made a faulty system so yes you are very wrong.

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come_bom1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

"YouTube Flagged Jonathan Blow For Posting Footage of His Own Game"

Jonathan Blow should blame Microsoft for this. /s

adorie1702d ago

Yeah. YouTube sucks now. Monetization is ruining the internet, imo. This BLOWS!

llMurcielagoll1702d ago

Is it a possibility that YouTube may face lawsuits due to their broken system?

Prime1571702d ago

Yeah, I've been purposely not clicking on YouTube videos, even if I really want to see the content. I'm not sorting this lack of expression.

AuToFiRE1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Its more of how the copyright association runs the government.

Orionsangel1702d ago

Where youtube is messing up is allowing bots to do their dirty work. These bots obviously have flaws.

HonestDragon1702d ago

At that, it's their own automated copyright service that is doing all of this. Multiple Youtubers I am subscribed to have had their videos flagged because the system recognizes only what is shown and assumes that the content cannot be monetized. However, many video game companies (like Deep Silver and Bethesda) have outright denied they are the ones flagging videos. Youtube's automated system is what's doing this and channels are finding flags that are being issued by companies they have never heard of (primarily from the music industry).

For more clarification on this whole issue, the following videos are from Angry Joe (top link) and FarFromSubtle discussing what is happening with this copyright fiasco.

I hope these videos will be helpful to you guys in getting a better understanding of what Youtube has done and how broken their copyright claims system truly is. I mean, if it flagged a video of content from the actual owner of the content, then they need to fix this. It is affecting the livelihoods of many content creators that have given up their old jobs in favor of a career online. Many publishers and developers recognize this as well because they realize that content creators help in promoting games (whether through first-looks, news, or reviews). Google needs to stop pushing their gimmicks at us and get Youtube back on track.

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jjb19811703d ago

Twitch is waaaay better

Convas1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

In what world? Not the one I'm living on, surely.

Back-to-Back1703d ago

Twitch and youtube are 2 different beasts.

Youtube is great for vods. Youtube live sucks.

Twitch is great for live videos. Storing videos on twitch sucks.

wannabe gamer1702d ago

you mean twitch where streams stop working for no reason and download speeds are gimped when they should work just fine. twitch has extremely bad servers and bad routing. console sharing trafic is making it that much worse and will continue to do so

warczar1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I think he's saying that twitch has a chance of being better than youtube. I know one thing, youtube is getting worse not better. The next step is charging people to watch a video.