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gamrReview's Brent Galietti: "Tearaway isn't the best platformer ever made, but it's quite possibly the happiest one, with a bright paper craft world that brings you in and a narrative that pulls at the heart strings. It also takes advantage of the PlayStation Vita's many features that most games never dare try to utilize, let alone do so effectively. Tearaway is a complete showcase of what the Vita can do and we can only hope that more Vita games will be as ambitious as this in the future."

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Soc51591d ago

I'd like to see it on ps3 or ps4

Nabbic1591d ago

It would be terrible to port this over... This game was literally built with the Vita in mind. It uses every single feature it has (Camera, Tilt, Front and Rear Touch Pad) and even has a few pictures of Vitas made out of paper near and in the end.
It just wouldn't fit.

Inception1591d ago

Just like Nabbic said, if Sony port this for PS3 & PS4 than it will not be the same again.

KakashiHotake1591d ago

Sony should have made this game for PS3 or PS4. The honest hard truth of the matter is nobody gives a damn about the Vita unless you already own one and it's only a little over 2 million people world wide that owns one and it's been out long enough. If people don't have a Vita by now then obviously there's little interest. The remote play feature sounds cool and all but to be honest I think most people are content with just playing games on their ipads when their laying down.

MazzingerZ1591d ago

Then it would be other game you are talking about, the Vita capabilites + the creativity of MM is what makes the game awesome

On the contrary, I think SONY put MM to work on PSV to show devs what you can achieve when focusing only on PSV rather than just porting to it

Inception1591d ago

"it's only a little over 2 million people world wide that owns one"

Fyi, Vita sold more than WiiU. It's like over 6 / 7 Mill worldwide. And like Nabbic said up there, Tearaway will not be the same charming game if it's ported to PS3 / PS4.

So, if people want to play Tearaway than buy a Vita. It's cheap and it has good catalogue of games beside Tearaway.