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The PS Vita hasn't been a tremendous success. Despite its exceptional library of games and well-designed hardware, stiff competition from Nintendo, the rise of smartphone and tablet gaming, and the high cost of entry have stunted its growth.

But Sony isn't giving up. This year, it launched a redesigned model in Japan that makes the PS Vita slimmer, lighter, more colorful, and less expensive at the sacrifice of the original's gorgeous OLED display and more premium build. But was it a worthy tradeoff?

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Goro1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

A re-review. From 8.5 -> 8.7!

Vitalogy1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

And this is old news already, ign posted it on december 11, 4 days ago. A quick search on n4g and the poster would noticed this has been posted already.

Also I don't agree with the reviewer when he say that the new vita has better colors. Seriously have he compared them models side by side?

thehobbyist1588d ago

I don't think the reviewer was talking about screen colors I think they were talking about the color of the Vita itself. The new model has a much bigger selection of colors.

Th4Freak1588d ago

He's right, the LCD screen has better colors (more balanced) and it has a faster refreshing rate. Take a look at this article:

What people call "vivid" colors is actually oversaturation, I think it was mentioned in the US IGN PSV 2000 review too.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1588d ago

New colors of the handheld itself,not the screen, and OLED does have more vibrant colors than the new one

DarknessShado1588d ago

i live in new york city united states and i have an imported store i go to and i have compared both vitas the oled has better picture quality the colors stand out more. the lcd just shows black a little bit better

BelkingOfSony1588d ago

Oops, sorry for the mistake, didn't notice. Hate it when IGN do video reviews and written reviews separately.

himdeel1588d ago

I think all consoles should have yearly if not annual reviews. I think about the PS3 when I first got it and what it is now, its not exactly the same. Its better than it was. Consoles have static hardware so reviews of this type for consoles would be more of a discussion of changes/updates of software features. Nothing wrong with that.

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cleft51588d ago

I just brought a Vita and I love it.

mcstorm1588d ago

The Issue the psv still has is its lack of games out side of console ports. I said at the start I was really excited about the psv but my worry was developers were just going to port console games to it and not make psv only games and that's what we are seeing. Also Sonya lack of hand held ips are starting to show now.

I hope Sony turn this around as the hardware is amazing but for me they still have a long way to go to beat Nintendo in the hand held market.

eferreira1588d ago

They have a lot of games, Doesn't matter if it's a port, still contributes to the library. Games like Tearaway and killzone just recently came out that are exclusives plus more.

colonel1791588d ago

I agree with you. They are putting a lot of games but most of them are console ports or indie iphone games.

They should do more games like Gravity Rush that utilizes every handheld feature the way it's supposed to be.

Sadly, I think Sony is just fine with it being a PS4 companion, since they confirmed that every single studio is doing PS4 games. I don't see a great future in original made-for-vita games.

dcj05241588d ago

Most of the indie games are exclusive or on PC. Only 5-6 (Fruit Ninja, angry birds!, Draw Slasher,Jetpack Joyride) are phone games. You shouldn't generalis Indies like that. There were 5 big Original Vita games this year and. 6 last year. Next year announced so far there is 3 announced for next year off the top of my head that are original to the Vita. 2 are sequels. If the port is on par with the VITA and is exclusive to PlayStation then I consider it exclusive too (Dragon's Crown, PlayStation all stars battle Royal, Sly 4, ect.... )I think your over generalising Vita's library too much.

thehobbyist1588d ago

Not a lot of games outside of ports you say? Well let's take a look at PS Vita exclusive games:
Soul Sacrifice
Killzone Mercenary
Persona 4 Golden(HD remaster with double the content of console version so not a port)
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation
Ragnarok Odyssey
Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God
Touch My Katamari
Wipeout 2048
Gravity Rush
That's 11 exclusive games. With 4 more coming out(In the US) Q1 2014. All good. And if you say that's a lack then you must be joking.

Protagonist1588d ago


"lack of games out side of console ports"

Seriously, how can you be on N4G and say that?

Anyway see that list @thehobbyist...

TheLastGuardian1588d ago

People say Vita has a lack of games no matter how many games it gets. I think these people need to do more research.

mcstorm1587d ago

Sorry I don't think I explained it well enough I mean lack of games that makes people want to buy the console and new IP's not console IP's.

Yes it has Resistance and KZ but they are not going to make people run out and buy a PSV.

What I mean is the PSV lack of games that are not taken from being a console game as in a pickup and play game are lacking. It has some great games but it is only appealing to a small amount of gamers.

Also games like MNR could of been really good on the PSV but taking things out of it like online play really make the fun limited.

I just think sony need to look at some new ideas that are psv only that appeal to core and none core. Tearaway seems a good start for this but it needs more fresh IP's like this to try and out do the big name Nintendo names like Mario Kart, Nintendogs and Pokémon.

As I said the hardware is amazing but the software is what it is lacking to help push its sales but there is Still time for Sony to get the right mix of games to help push sales.

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DualWielding1588d ago

I'll keep sayign it Vita's main problem is memory card's cost, lots of people simply refuse to pay 80 bucks for a 32 GB memory card as amatter of principle

imXify1588d ago

I don't mind because buying digital is waaaaaay cheaper.

For example, Tearaway is 45$ at retail, taxe included. In PSN the same game is 35$ only. I saved 10 bucks with that game. And around 5-10$ with other games.

Mr_Writer851588d ago

And what if the Vita was an extra $80?

You'd been moaning it's too expensive.

People thought the Vita would cost more then it did. But as usual Sony take a hit on hardware and make it up on accessories.

Yes they are expensive but no one is making you buy one.

Also if you look at the money you have/would save with Plus then again that's money saved.

But as usual rather than seeing the good side people just moan and think they are being ripped off.

DualWielding1588d ago

Well that was a bad call from Sony, I think people would have been more willing to pay more for the console which is top end hardware than they are to pay for overpriced memory card

Pillsbury11588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

I have been playing killzone mercs non-stop along with hotline Miami. I have dozens of games I haven't even started yet from ps plus. I just bought spelunky for 3.75$ on psn, anyone that says there are no games has not truly looked into the vitas library.

Fullmetalevolust1588d ago

I've been sinking in hours upon hours onto dragon's crown, Murama's rebirth, Ragnarok Odyssey, Soul Sacrifice and I wouldn't mind a few good ports, because at this point, playing on the go is the only time I can get some quality gaming on a busy schedule.
There's still a back log of games I haven't touched yet, PS+ has been a god sent and a curse for the vita..too many games.
I can't wait to get my hands on tearaway and Ys: memories of celcetta. And where's the announcement for gravity rush 2?

Knushwood Butt1588d ago

Yeah, PS+ and a Vita and you'll have more games than you can possibly play (probably, unless you have a LOT of free time!).

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