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gamrReview's Xavier Griffiths: "In a launch period where a lot of the so-called “next-gen” games feel shallow and rushed, NBA 2K14 feels refreshingly complete. It sets a strong foundation from which to build on for the rest of the new hardware cycle and maintains its position as the best basketball sim in the wake of NBA Live’s disappointing return. I look forward to seeing how the developers can keep innovating but in the meantime they have already delivered plenty to keep me satisfied until next season."

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Takwin1553d ago

The forced online made this game go from one of my favorites to absolutely despised and I will never buy another 2K sports game again. Making us save on their servers, which are notoriously terrible, no rewards for simming franchise games (I love simulating whole seasons and the management side), pay to win VC, and more make this game a definite NOT BUY. Don't be swindled by the beautiful graphics and solid gameplay mechanics, as the online and pay to win ruin it.

hazardman1553d ago

You right!! I want to trade it but it end up back in the One every time.