Some Metal Gear Solid V info: Deja Vu, marking system, first person aiming and more

Here are some small bits of information about Metal Gear Solid V from the latest Kojima Productions Alert, the studio’s official podcast.

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1826d ago
BiggCMan1826d ago

I actually wasn't sure about first person aiming since there was no footage! YESSSS!!! It was such an amazing thing for MGS4, glad to see it back. It was ok in the older games, but a little difficult.

Tibbers1826d ago

MGS5 has snap aim assist. I REALLY hope they get rid of it in the final version (and I have a really bad feeling about aim assists in the new MGO).

BiggCMan1826d ago

Yea it wasn't annoying in Peace Walker at all really, even on the console version with the increased accuracy of the analog sticks.

It was put there because of the PSP controls, but was fine when it made the transfer, didn't mind it at all. Might even be able to take it off in the options like a bunch of other things.

Tibbers1826d ago

Except Peace Walker didn't have a "press aim to snap to the next enemy" assist like in CoD (and now MGS5).

TheDarpaChief1826d ago

I cannot wait at all for Ground zeroes, im so excited to rescue myself as snake!

RE_L_MAYER1826d ago

they better release raiden dlc for playstation

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