GTA-San Andreas game can be played on devices with IOS

Two days ago the folks at Rockstar’s have announced that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is available and can be downloaded from the App Store for $ 6.99 and can be played on Iphone (Iphone 4s starting from and ending with the Iphone 5 c), the 5th generation of the iPod Touch, the iPad starting from the second generation,iPad Air,iPad Mini and also iPad Mini with the retina.
The game has been modified so as to be compatible with IOS version and can be played on mobile terminals and it has several features specifically designed for IOS:

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CursedHero1703d ago

This is fantastic news! I mean, I am drunk, but that will NOT demean my enthusiasm for this news!!!

Agent_00_Revan1703d ago

Congrats on your intoxication. Just remember, don't drink, drive, and beat up hookers.

CursedHero1703d ago

In that order?! Or, like if I drive and then drink, which throws off the pattern, is it okay?!

Matt6661703d ago

I still want Rockstar to remake 3,VC and SA into HD

Newmanator1703d ago

Why remake SA when you have GTA 5?

x5exotic1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Because GTA V is, and I don't think I'll ever say this enough, a half-assed remake of SA. Even with "focusing" on 1 city, they just removed a shit-ton of gameplay and what did we get in return? Just the inevitable graphic improvement, some animals & random shit that were moved in, but terribly handled, from RDR, and Dogs. F***king dogs. Whose idea was it that this would be good gameplay.

This is what we got for giving up flamethrowers? Jetbacks? Body and car modifications and fun cheats?

Yeah I'd take an SA remake over that any day.

Newmanator1700d ago

I understand your points but I have to say I think it's a great game. I am too upset about the fun cheats going and jet pack (WTF R*). Don't you think the physics engine makes for fun chases and the like? SA was phenomenal but I feel like the improved AI makes a game with more immersion and replayability. I respect your point though

Muffins12231703d ago

What the fuck...iphone?Please support the vita not the iphone.Tired of this shit