There’s A Dinosaur in Battlefield 4, Here’s How to Find It

Gamers have been wishing for Dinosaurs in Battlefield 4 since forever and DICE has finally inserted a cool Easter Egg in the map Rogue Transmission that is a step towards getting a full fledged T-Rex into the game. In the map, players will be surprised by the sound of a roaring dinosaur that fills the whole map, however, no dinosaurs will appear. It is sad but it is another giant leap towards Battlefield Dinosaur! Interested gamers can follow the guide here to activate the Dinosaur sound on Rogue Transmission.


It's not a dinosaur, it's a dinosaur roar... misleading title... ~admin

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JessiePinkmanYo1703d ago

Wish dice would insert a patch not a dinosaur

RedDeadLB1703d ago

Why not both? A full blown t-rex walking around the map eating people with the game-fixing patch strapped to it's back. He who kills it gets his game fixed.

Summons751703d ago

I agree, if they do an expansion like BFBC2: Vietnam except with dinosaurs, that would be amazing!!!

NarooN1703d ago

No one would ever kill it since the game will just keep crashing before any real progress is made.

crxss1703d ago

basically giving up on bf after 4 if I don't see a freaking dinosaur mode. Who teases something for this long and doesn't deliver?

mrbojingles1703d ago

That's actually,...brilliant!

malokevi1703d ago

Lol, awesome. That would make for some epic firefights.

neogeo1702d ago

can I kill it with the noob tube?

JessiePinkmanYo1702d ago

Instead of AT mines, you'd have to look out for dinosaur dung

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C-H-E-F1703d ago

Why are people so caught on this dinosaur thing? That's the dumbest add-on ever BF4 + dinosaurs?? How about fix the freaking game and add more guns, attachments, character models, vehicles, maps... THINGS OF MODERN LIFE IMPORTANCE... smh If you want dinosaurs play Turok

Conzul1703d ago

Battlefield doesn't need Dinosaurs, because it is one.

eyeDEVOUR1703d ago

If it ever got dinosaurs it would turn into the same cliché as COD's zombie bullshit...Does anyone really want that???

mixelon1702d ago

It would bring in some new players and would offer a light hearted distraction/game type/s for seasoned players. Buzzkill..

I'd play the hell out of Dinofield 4.. The world didn't need Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon either but that was fun. The idea of such a nice engine and talented team working on something as dumb as a dinosaur mode is genius.

Blachek1702d ago

Why wouldn't people want an additional game mode...

There is all this talk of patches, patches come from coders. Leaving the designers to twiddle their thumbs. Put them to work on something they could have fun expressing themselves with without the bounds of reality while providing BF4 players with more game modes and a greater return on investment in terms of re playability and value.

Hell, maybe you would even wind up seeing COD sales take a hit from people who buy it for Zombies try their hand at something new with Dino Mode on a smoother, better looking game.

Don't you think putting a time sync, that appeals to Zombie players, like Dino mode into BF4 would capture a lot of the COD boys that run around in the game, keeping them from the competitive game modes like conquest and rush?

SpecialK1702d ago

Just picture this:

your in the middle of a rush mode, attacking a base and doing well, on the ground near a block of flats, suddenly


Dinosaur rips through the wall, sending a sniper falling to the ground, everyone's running round like WTF? One guy running away gets picked up and eaten.

You call in your mate in a chopper to take that beast down but s shrewed defender hits the chopper with a rocket, disabled it spins out of control into the dinosaur who grabs it by the tail and sends it flying into a nearby tank.

enoughs enough, you bring out the big guns, both teams with tanks, LMG's fire at the t rex, its carnage. after its taken enough it falls to the ground.

for a few seconds everyone is silent. Then you get sniped because all snipers are bas***ds...

Games have gotten way to boring and predictable lately, what happened to time splitters style craziness and a bit of fun?

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Rimeskeem1702d ago


Please place ice pack on the burned area

stuff1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I don't think Battlefield 4 is ready for dino mode just yet. The maps amount to little more than big, nearly empty boxes with basically flat landscapes and very few (eventually deconstructed) obstacles. The dinos would be ever visible and that would take away most of the trill.

Maybe for the next Battlefield and hopefully not developed by DICE.

1702d ago
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JohnnyTower1703d ago

It's time for a Jurassic Park next gen game.

SolidStoner1703d ago

actually that would be fun.. Jungle survivor game with dinos are rare...

christrules00411703d ago

What happened to Primal Carnage Genesis? I remember seeing a couple of the trailers but nothing for a super long time.

Omegasyde1703d ago

^^^ Primal Genesis is still suppose to come out this year. I am wondering if they are going to add on the dinos vs humans game mode still.

Thinking of that reminds of the multiplayer in Turok rage wars...and Turok in general. Great games on n64.

gcolley1703d ago

I'm so over zombies, bring on the dinosaurs.

Sethry1011702d ago

@gcolley, I agree with you. I am hopping with the new Jurassic park in 2015 that Dinosaurs will be revived in popular media, the trend of zombies/vampires is getting a bit cold (excuse the pun).

Blachek1702d ago


I think we will see fewer Zombie related games and movies the moment AMC lets Daryl Dixon die.

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sprinterboy1703d ago

Easter egg? wasn't this obvious not much of a eater egg lol

NeloAnjelo1703d ago

How about finding a patch...? Jeez this thing is crashing consoles man, across all platforms.

KingKevo1703d ago

Great, now EA just have to find the elephant in their offices that they are not aware of. Guess they should read some NeoGAF or other threads, they drop some good hints there.

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