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There’s A Dinosaur in Battlefield 4, Here’s How to Find It

Gamers have been wishing for Dinosaurs in Battlefield 4 since forever and DICE has finally inserted a cool Easter Egg in the map Rogue Transmission that is a step towards getting a full fledged T-Rex into the game. In the map, players will be surprised by the sound of a roaring dinosaur that fills the whole map, however, no dinosaurs will appear. It is sad but it is another giant leap towards Battlefield Dinosaur! Interested gamers can follow the guide here to activate the Dinosaur sound on Rogue Transmission. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Update It's not a dinosaur, it's a dinosaur roar... misleading title... ~admin

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JessiePinkmanYo  +   467d ago | Funny
Wish dice would insert a patch not a dinosaur
RedDeadLB  +   467d ago | Funny
Why not both? A full blown t-rex walking around the map eating people with the game-fixing patch strapped to it's back. He who kills it gets his game fixed.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   467d ago
Lmao + bubbles
budgetstyles  +   467d ago
lol...hilarious !!
Summons75  +   467d ago
I agree, if they do an expansion like BFBC2: Vietnam except with dinosaurs, that would be amazing!!!
SillyBastid  +   467d ago | Funny
Patchasauris Rex
NarooN  +   467d ago
No one would ever kill it since the game will just keep crashing before any real progress is made.
crxss  +   467d ago
basically giving up on bf after 4 if I don't see a freaking dinosaur mode. Who teases something for this long and doesn't deliver?
mrbojingles  +   467d ago
That's actually,...brilliant!
malokevi  +   467d ago
Lol, awesome. That would make for some epic firefights.
UncleGermrod  +   467d ago
neogeo  +   466d ago
can I kill it with the noob tube?
JessiePinkmanYo  +   466d ago
Instead of AT mines, you'd have to look out for dinosaur dung
C-H-E-F  +   467d ago
Why are people so caught on this dinosaur thing? That's the dumbest add-on ever BF4 + dinosaurs?? How about fix the freaking game and add more guns, attachments, character models, vehicles, maps... THINGS OF MODERN LIFE IMPORTANCE... smh If you want dinosaurs play Turok
Conzul  +   467d ago
Battlefield doesn't need Dinosaurs, because it is one.
eyeDEVOUR  +   467d ago
If it ever got dinosaurs it would turn into the same cliché as COD's zombie bullshit...Does anyone really want that???
mixelon  +   467d ago
It would bring in some new players and would offer a light hearted distraction/game type/s for seasoned players. Buzzkill..

I'd play the hell out of Dinofield 4.. The world didn't need Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon either but that was fun. The idea of such a nice engine and talented team working on something as dumb as a dinosaur mode is genius.
Blachek  +   466d ago
Why wouldn't people want an additional game mode...

There is all this talk of patches, patches come from coders. Leaving the designers to twiddle their thumbs. Put them to work on something they could have fun expressing themselves with without the bounds of reality while providing BF4 players with more game modes and a greater return on investment in terms of re playability and value.

Hell, maybe you would even wind up seeing COD sales take a hit from people who buy it for Zombies try their hand at something new with Dino Mode on a smoother, better looking game.

Don't you think putting a time sync, that appeals to Zombie players, like Dino mode into BF4 would capture a lot of the COD boys that run around in the game, keeping them from the competitive game modes like conquest and rush?
SpecialK  +   466d ago
Just picture this:

your in the middle of a rush mode, attacking a base and doing well, on the ground near a block of flats, suddenly


Dinosaur rips through the wall, sending a sniper falling to the ground, everyone's running round like WTF? One guy running away gets picked up and eaten.

You call in your mate in a chopper to take that beast down but s shrewed defender hits the chopper with a rocket, disabled it spins out of control into the dinosaur who grabs it by the tail and sends it flying into a nearby tank.

enoughs enough, you bring out the big guns, both teams with tanks, LMG's fire at the t rex, its carnage. after its taken enough it falls to the ground.

for a few seconds everyone is silent. Then you get sniped because all snipers are bas***ds...

Games have gotten way to boring and predictable lately, what happened to time splitters style craziness and a bit of fun?
pwnsause_returns  +   467d ago
Rimeskeem  +   467d ago

Please place ice pack on the burned area
stuff  +   466d ago
I don't think Battlefield 4 is ready for dino mode just yet. The maps amount to little more than big, nearly empty boxes with basically flat landscapes and very few (eventually deconstructed) obstacles. The dinos would be ever visible and that would take away most of the trill.

Maybe for the next Battlefield and hopefully not developed by DICE.
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PiperMCFierceson  +   466d ago
Omg yeah man. Its so bad it ruines the game experience, it suck cuz it such a good game.
JohnnyTower  +   467d ago
It's time for a Jurassic Park next gen game.
SolidStoner  +   467d ago
actually that would be fun.. Jungle survivor game with dinos are rare...
christrules0041  +   467d ago
What happened to Primal Carnage Genesis? I remember seeing a couple of the trailers but nothing for a super long time.
Omegasyde  +   467d ago
^^^ Primal Genesis is still suppose to come out this year. I am wondering if they are going to add on the dinos vs humans game mode still.

Thinking of that reminds of the multiplayer in Turok rage wars...and Turok in general. Great games on n64.
gcolley  +   467d ago
I'm so over zombies, bring on the dinosaurs.
Sethry101  +   467d ago
@gcolley, I agree with you. I am hopping with the new Jurassic park in 2015 that Dinosaurs will be revived in popular media, the trend of zombies/vampires is getting a bit cold (excuse the pun).
Blachek  +   466d ago

I think we will see fewer Zombie related games and movies the moment AMC lets Daryl Dixon die.
sprinterboy  +   467d ago
Easter egg? wasn't this obvious not much of a eater egg lol
NeloAnjelo  +   467d ago
How about finding a patch...? Jeez this thing is crashing consoles man, across all platforms.
KingKevo  +   467d ago
Great, now EA just have to find the elephant in their offices that they are not aware of. Guess they should read some NeoGAF or other threads, they drop some good hints there.
lildudexst  +   467d ago
dinosaur Battlefield that would be sweet
amnalehu  +   467d ago
There is another T-Rex in the game but you have to find it in the single player mode. :-)
Liamabob  +   466d ago
Hanging from the car mirror in the Shanghai mission?
amnalehu  +   466d ago
there is also a lil t-rex hanging on the view mirror in the car in the intro of the shanghai mission.

and yea the game needs a damn patch there are trophies iv earned and it wont give me them. the game crashes during campaign and multiplayer and emblems still dont show on guns and vehicles.
amnalehu  +   467d ago
Thats the T-Rex I was thinking of! You win!
Bolts-N-Rays1109  +   467d ago
I wish there was a shooter with dinosaurs... Fricken love dinosaurs.
DeadMansHand  +   467d ago
Agreed 100%. I want a Turkok game a la Fallout open world. Nextgen only. Huge jungles and open plains snow, fog, rain and sun. Massive wildlife. Little guys, flying raptors, herbivore and carnivores. Make a horse sized one that can be domesticated and ridden for traveling lost distances. Add the ambiance of the last of us and the sense of dread like demons souls.
SonyKong64  +   467d ago
take my money, that sounds epic. A true take back to the ambiance of that time, with giant plants, giant insects, rumbles of t rexs and brontosaurus walking in the distance.

certain devs have really seemed to have mastered the organic feeling of life via pixels, so hopefully it's only a matter of time before we start seeing absolutely insane recreations of our deepest fantasies, namely the Jurassic era <3

my first hope in hell is Dices upcoming Star Wars Battlefront :D if they really kill this universe and environment, it has potential to be one of the best shooters ever, if not number one.

unfortunately EA is their publisher, so it might take some more time before fantasies become reality.

and let's not forget about the limitless potential of Oculus Rift in conjunction with the perfect game. Total immersion is around the corner and I'm ready to plug myself in.

after Oculus has been mastered, the next step must be the holodeck from star trek, the single most desirable thing I've wanted since the age of 6.
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specialguest  +   467d ago
I want the dinosaurs to have advanced AI. Dinosaurs that are aware of other dinosaurs and can interact with each other. For example, if you're running away from a pack of raptors and somehow lead them to a T-rex and its baby, the T-rex might attack some of the raptors if they approach to close. What I would hate to have is the lazy AI where every dinosaur is automatically alerted of your presence once you cross that invisible line programed to make everything locked on to you and attack you for no reason, regardless if they initially saw you are not.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   466d ago
Turok...That's a name I haven't heard in a while!

Seriously though, I have fond memories playing Jurassic Park on the Sega Genesis. If memory serves me right, you could play as the human or the dinosaur. An updated version would be cool, hell even co-op or online MP has some promise there.
LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   467d ago
Jurassic the hunted. Not great but it exists
rashada07  +   467d ago
I was wondering what the dinosaur hanging from the rearview mirror in the van in mission two alluded to. Didn't think an actual dinosaur was in the game lol
Faztkiller  +   467d ago
I think dinosaur mode would be sweet they need to fix the crashes for the people that are still having them. I haven't had a crash in weeks on PS4 been running flawlessly for me
DeadMansHand  +   467d ago
I wish I had your copy. I can play about 1-2 matches then the rubberbanding starts. Then players start time traveling and appearing all over. Then tanks and vehicles won't fire any rounds when I get in one. Then after a couple rounds the lag jumps up so bad that I will spawn and pick a helicopter and hear my guy get in but the catch is I never leave the dashboard. Then I pop in the game but I'm already dead cause my blind guy crashed into a building and then it sits then for 2 minutes.

Then I can't join and after a few attempts my system freezes. It's beyond ridiculous. I have every patch and I WANT to play. I WANT to have fun. Instead, my blood pressure rises and I get irate. Then I get a message that dice welcomes my feedback and asks me to rate the game. Lol. Insult to injury.
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SonyKong64  +   467d ago
can you play normal 32 player conquest yet? this is my favourite mode and I have yet to play a single min of it..

yes, the same mode I've been playing on console battlefield for years, the same mode I was playing the day before launch on my ps3 that I upgraded to ps4/bf4..

until this is fixed I just play assassin's creed and wait.. withholding on my premium purchase and even tempted to return to last gen just to get my fix..
Armadilo21  +   467d ago
now where is the survival dinosaur mode
Smoey  +   466d ago
The shark on paracel storm interests me more!
neogeo  +   466d ago
I play BF4 on PC with the 360 gamepad and come in last place every time. I'm too lazy to use mouse
jahfen83  +   466d ago
I would buy this game just to shoot an extinct animal. If I could ride on the back of a t-rex, I would buy two copies!
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FANTA1180  +   466d ago
i wish dice would visit jurrasic park and kill themselves.
FireStorm50  +   466d ago
They should fix the title to "There’s A Dinosaur "Roar" in Battlefield 4, Here’s How to Find It" lol
cell989  +   466d ago
they really need to bank on this idea, before another dev takes notice and betas them to the punch, it could be the Next Zombies game, if done right
Neo Amon  +   466d ago
fuck snipers!!!

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