Opinion: PS Vita deserves more games like Tearaway, fewer console ports

PSU - Many PS Vita owners have spent the holidays playing Tearaway, enjoying some of the best gameplay Sony's handheld has to offer. For readers yet to play it, the demo comes highly recommended, as does the full game. Hopefully, the critical success of Media Molecule’s latest serves as a call to action to other PS Vita developers—if the system is going to realize its potential, it needs more games that make use of its unique capabilities. This is not to see more games need be like Tearaway, necessarily—simply that more games should be idiomatic to PS Vita as opposed to other consoles.

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yanikins1111674d ago

ARGH! I wanted to support the devs, and it's cheap so I thought "what the hell".

Most fantastically beautiful wonderful creative game I've ever played.

If you have a vita, you need to at least try this game.

MightyNoX1674d ago

And it was made by a team of 8 people. Boggles the mind, right? :)

iamnsuperman1674d ago

All I could find was it was team of 15 people and in all honesty that is right amount of developers for a Vita game. As Vita games just do not sell very well a smaller team is perfect as they don't have to sell as much to get a profit. This might now be the way Vita games are developed. I can't wait to play this game (I am currently waiting on Amazon to send me Tearaway)


yanikins1111674d ago

DJ-ing a bridge. Just :D!

BelkingOfSony1674d ago

i initially tried the demo, and it was so good that i decided to buy the full game. easily one of the best games of the year.

CocoWolfie1674d ago

I do believe the more the merry, some ports are really really good and worth while but yeah soul sacrifice and tearaway were really nice :)

Remy_S1674d ago

Damn straight! We need all the exclusives we can get. BTW Tearaway is half price at GameStop through the 21st.