5 Great Party Games

Every now and then at a party someone will ask around if anyone wants to play a game of something. If you’re that person then this article is for you. However at a party you don’t want to be anti-social or play a game too competitive. Of course the games that you’d play varies greatly with the people who you play with. If you’re like me, you have friends who enjoy video games and friends who dabble a little but still enjoy playing games.

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WeAreLegion1647d ago

I'd give that title to War Thunder or DCUO.

guitarded771647d ago

SingStar - Best singing series out there, really great with friends... especially if they can't carry a tune.

Buzz Quiz is great too. The custom controllers make it a more fun experience, than using a normal controller/wand.

itBourne1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

The two buzz games I have played were not much fun in my opinion. The first 95% of the game was pointless, because the last thing was weighted far far to much.