GTA 4 totally disses Apple

"As it turns out, if you browse the internet enough on GTA, you might come across an Apple ad parody. The not so subtle mockery of Apple consists of a computer ad for "Fruit", that implores you to "THINK Simple. THINK Minimalism. THINK Overpriced." Ouch.

There's also an ad for a banana shaped "iFruit Phone" with "No buttons. No Reception. No storage capacity. All ego."

Looks like the folks at Rockstar aren't too impressed by the iPhone either." writes

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spacetoilet3678d ago

It's funny coz it's true!

ravinshield3677d ago

everybody loves microsoft.wooow

Kakkoii3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

It's odd that Microsoft get's made fun of all the time. But when someone makes fun of Apple it becomes headline news.

Just stating my observation..

I personally believe people shouldn't get to worked up about these things. Cause in the end it's always about what YOU WANT. People will always be around to joke about a product. It's there personal opinion and there entitled to it.

Study the kind of product you want, always go around and look at different companies to see what they have to offer. A lot of the time you may find something you like better then what is advertised out the wahoo in the media.

Touch screen phones and Wifi in devices have been around long before Apple did it. Like the Archos 604/605 for instance. I'd rather get the 605 then an iPod Touch any day. Yeah it may not look as pretty, but it has the kind of features I want.

The iPhone isn't innovative. It's ARTISTIC. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, as I am an artist and appreciate products that have a good look, as do most other people. I just wish people wouldn't get the 2 confused so much.

But what the iPhone and such has done is helped push Touch screens and mobile Internet more into the mainstream in North America. More and more companies are taking the plunge instead of the few who used to do it. So that's a great plus :).

I do think the iPhone is a top of the line product tho. I just think Steve over prices his stuff to much. I wish he would take the fact that.. If you make something really cheap, you can still end up making the same amount of money, if not more. Due to it selling SO MUCH more due to it's price. If you take a look at the graphics card market. Most of the money is made in the low and mid range cost cards. Not the high end expensive ones.

This comment was probably a bit off topic to the story.. But when I feel like talking..... I gotta do it :).

Bonsai12143678d ago

did you really say the iphone wasn't innovative..

Kakkoii3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Well Bonsai1214... Explain to me what makes the iPhone so much more "innovative" than existing products from other companies.

Cause.. touch screens have already been done ALOT, so you can't say that. Wireless internet has already been in many phones for quite some time also, so you can't say that.

You know something that's innovative? Nvidia's upcoming APX 2500 hardware that will be used in new phones.

What they did was, they shrunk down their best GPU on the market and created a super power efficient design. They created a new power management system to further improve power usage in the device. It is capable of playing 10 hours of 720p video. The hardware is capable of using up to a 12MP camera. There's so much more to what they've done but it's to much to go into. Here's a link to there site about it.

I personally can't wait until a Phone or even just a PMP comes out that uses the APX 2500. And I bet alot of homebrew scene people would love to have it also. All the power under that hood, would be capable of doing ALOT.

neil_19803677d ago

the whole iphone thing really bugs me...

my last 3 phones have been touch screen with inbuilt wifi, gprs and the ability to store 4 gigs worth of mp3's

infact my latest phone (tytn II) has inbuilt gps and 3g too and that was out before the iphone.

so yes how exactly is the iphone inovative seeing as I had a phone on a par to it 3 years ago and my current phone can do everything an iphone can and more and was out before it????

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gotta love rockstar. apple is soooo very much over priced

wass0073678d ago

Hahahahaha Rockstar totally pawned dere ass!!!!!!

OoOLeafsOoO3678d ago

u do realize that GTA IV is multi-plat right?

wass0073678d ago

yh a do, do u realise master cheif is a power ranger lol!!!

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