Be Grateful for the Xbox One

Reuben Williams-Smith writes: "I don’t like the Xbox One. I don’t hate it, because hate is something I reserve for bigots, escort missions and people who talk in the cinema. But the Xbox One is not a console that I have any particular affinity towards. It’s overpriced, it under-performs, and I have no interest in the Kinect, voice activation or any of the other features tacked on in the name of progress...But for all of the Xbox’s spiteful, patronizing, money-grabbing drawbacks, I’m still glad that it exists. Because the alternative is worse."

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Bigpappy1801d ago

A PS4 fanboy that at least understands how this business works. Both of these companies will dry your pockets if you let them.

lonewolfjedi1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

no debating competition is great its shows which one is going to work harder and give you more for your money

joab7771801d ago

I've been saying this for awhile. Its like politics...they constatnly drive the competition and rehetoric while knowing very well that the success of the other, at least for the time being, is paramount to survival of the industry.

guitarded771801d ago

I don't know that even the biggest fanboys have ever said they wanted the other manufacturer out of the game. Well all know having choices is good, and spurs competition.

That said, it can have a "negative" effect too sometimes. I'm not saying it's "negative", but look at motion controls. Wii sold so many, and Sony and MS followed suit. MS actually took a big portion of their internal development, and put it toward Kinect, cutting back on core internal development at the tail end of the 360. I saw that as a negative for me.

Eonjay1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Exactly. Its not that serious. No one wants Microsoft to go out of business or for a world with no options.

Is it really that difficult to imagine a world where Microsoft is responsible for its own reputation just as any one organization or person representing them should be?

Is it also too much to ask that Microsoft be grateful to the gamers that have supported their product?

Gamers value their power as consumers.

Retroman1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

not going to lie about it i hate anything MS produce outside of software.
after RROD fiasco on 360 why waste money on un-reliable hardware.

speaking facts.

theWB271801d ago

So the OG didn't have major problems...the X1 doesn't have major problems, but you say you're wasting money because of a problem that's been cleared up for the last 6 years?

Seems legit -_-

Necro_5591801d ago

I dont understand this. Yes the RROD was bad. And you have the right to be mad if you were effected. HOWEVER. It was for launch model 360s. And even then, warranty covered it EVERY TIME. And the warranty was like 3 years on RROD. So they covered it EVERY TIME. Now for every other model after the launch models they worked GREAT. The Xbox 360 elites, the Xbox 360 s models all were nearly flawless. The original Xbox was also nearly flawless and you never heard of faulty original xboxs, the original Xbox was also much better designed and quality of the PS2. You also never heard of faulty Xbox 360 s models. The only issue was with launch model 360s but they remedied that fast OR covered it warranty. They also took all the cautions for the Xbox ONE. A massive case for a lot of airflow. A huge fan and heat sink. With tons of vents. As someone who leans more to PS, i really get tired of people giving MS shit a generalizing all hardware from MS because of RROD.

DragonKnight1801d ago

@Necro_559: Bzzzt, wrong. That 3 year warranty took 2 years to be implemented, so there was a one year window where everyone was screwed because Microsoft denied the existence of RROD.

Also, don't talk about "never hearing" anything about faulty xboxes of any kind, else you're liable to get hit with links you really don't want to read.

nosferatuzodd1801d ago

Say what u will that still don't let me like Microsoft and I never will

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CGI-Quality1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

That's because not every "fanboy" is as partisan as some choose to believe.

Of course people should be grateful for competition, but next time, Microsoft should be grateful to the people that offered them a chance to even BE competition! No matter how much money you think you can make, consumers feeling screwed will eventually look elsewhere and that is one of the reasons why the PS4 is riding a tidal wave of positive chatter, much unlike its predecessor's early days.

redwin1801d ago

You write as if Sony didn't have RDM ? If so, what's that day one patch? Sony won the show by hindsight ! I'm no one fan boy I got them both !

CGI-Quality1800d ago

@ redwin: I think you meant "DRM". Show me anything tangible that Sony shared the same idea(s) as Microsoft and we can continue further. Otherwise, you're blowing hot air - something I didn't do.

Also, plenty of "non-fanboys" either both them both, bought just one, or bought neither. You buying both means nothing.

bleedsoe9mm1801d ago

i believe the loudest most obnoxious ps4 fanboys aren't actually long time sony fans , they are the same people that were screaming on every message board how great the 360 was compared to the ps3 , now the are on to the ps4 .

ltachiUchiha1801d ago

Yes its a business but I look at it this way. Which friends are the ones u going to follow or better yet call, "True Friends". The friends that are always their for u through hard & good times no matter what or the friends that are hardly their for u but only come to u when they are in trouble & always lead u to trouble? Thats exactly how I look at all these corporations.

Sony may have their ups & downs with u but they ALWAYS give back to the gamer with amazing exclusives & ps plus that provides us with free games, early access to demos & betas & discounts off games & sony does this all the way to the end of its hardwares life span.

Microsoft leads the way & puts free apps & services behind a pay wall but they also have some good exclusives. Problem is they will leave u hanging to go hang with the crowd that is bringing in the most money & then begin to forget about their real friends & move on to bigger things but notice when their new hardware comes out, they comeback & try an make up for it.

ltachiUchiha1801d ago

Im not hating on microsoft & dont care what console anyone prefers but these are my experiences I had with owning a ps1, ps2, ps3 & xbox, xbox 360. Im still debating or ill grab an xbox one down the line but microsoft makes it hard to trust them.

nategrigs1801d ago

Actually, One of my big issues with microsoft is their exclusives. They have deep pockets, so they can afford to buy exclusivity for great games (titanfall). The problem is that this game would exist without their money, they just spend their money so that a percentage of gamers cant enjoy it.

Sony invests in great first party studios. They spend their money creating games that wouldnt otherwise exist.

n4rc1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Ummm... Sony buys studios outright.. You think they have some kind of development farm team? Their decisions keep all games away from most gamers forever.. Pretty selfish to complain about waiting on a title vs never getting it at all

Investing in a project or buying a company outright... I can make the argument one is a lot better for the industry.. But you won't like which one..

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lonewolfjedi1801d ago

the title sounds like something my parent's will tell me

ATi_Elite1801d ago

I was grateful for Ryse!! With all the HATE I enjoyed it.

I'm hoping 343 goes all out for Halo Next! Seriously they need to go above and beyond with it and then go even BIGGER for Halo 5 as the x360 should be dead by then so 343 can code exclusively for teh XB1

XB1 offers an alternative and keeps Sony on their toes!

Seriously the Xbox360 brought Sony back down to Earth after OWNING the console market with the PS2! Now look how focused Sony is and how great the PS4 is.

Competition is good for consumers.

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