Sonic Dash Review by Gaming on Android

Triverse writes, "Sonic Dash, a title that most gamers would have thought was a no brainer, is finally here. We got a taste of this style of Sonic game in previous games on consoles such as Sonic Jam (the world map was viewed from behind Sonic) and on some levels of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 (on Dreamcast then later PS2/Gamecube, etc). This is the game that should have kicked off the 3D endless running genre, not Temple Run. Much like most things in life, the smaller, more nimble, company can innovate quicker than a larger corporation- the question here is, did Sega learn anything from the competition?"

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TheBlade1797d ago

If it's a phone game it's insta-shit.

cesuf1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

You don't even own a cell phone lil bro. Some day, some day.....

triverse1797d ago

So, according to you, it has to come out on a console or Nintendo/Sony branded hand helds to be worth playing?