Aggressive Gaming - 8 Annoying Gaming Trends that Need to Change

Every generation has their own grips about what our beloved industry is doing to ruin itself. Nevertheless, as video games grow to a level that exceeds all of other media there are a number of current movements within our business that are alarming, or at the very least just plain annoying.

Here at Aggressive Gaming we take a look at some of these self-imploding industry trends that threaten the fabric of our entertainment, and the creativity that defined our favorite electronic pastime.

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caseh1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

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Until the site is back up, I'll hazard a guess at:

Buggy/Incomplete games
Micro Transactions
Day one patches
Dumbed down games
etc the usual suspects

olliec94931703d ago

The fact that we are all so familiar with them is either a depressing reminder of the systems failure to change and/or bad (and repetetive) journalism about games. I still feel sick thinking about fucking Jessica Chobots (fuck knows how its spelt) ugly ass face in ME3. In fact thinking about me3 makes me sick anyway. This isn't even relevant. In fact it is old news in general but it makes me so angry how utterly vacuously formulaic and disappointing that game was. Some people say i am easily sidetracked. They are probably right.

Roccetarius1703d ago

That game was a disaster waiting to happen. Chobot just happened to worm her way into the game, replacing the better actor in the process.

geddesmond1703d ago

Here's the biggest that really needs to change. The console war and all the sensitivity that comes with it. If only people took a deep breath and decided to keep there opinions about another console to them self then this gen would be a much better time to game in. After all, we all have our own likes and preferences.

Cant we just all grow up and be happy for our console of choice instead of attacking the ones we don't like?

caseh1703d ago

The console war has always been there, ever since I was in school going back over 20 years ago. Difference being the abuse was dealt out in person on the playground between Nintendo/Sega, Sonic/Mario etc not from behind a keyboard.

The Interwebs has just given the entire 'war' greater visibility. It won't change now, this generation will undoubtedly be more of the same.


The console war is nothing. DLC pricing, buggy games, day one patches, unfinished games etc... are on both systems.

Arturo841703d ago

Overall in gaming the friggin Nickel and Diming on additional DL content and on consoles the ridiculous lack of price adjustments compared to pc

oIITSBIIo1703d ago

Paid DLC , Micro Transactions .