Jack Tretton talks ‘Destiny,’ ‘inFamous: Second Son’ and ‘Uncharted’ on PS4

Sony’s Jack Tretton has provided some comments in regards to “Destiny,” “inFamous: Second Son” and the next “Uncharted” game on the PS4.

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Relientk771706d ago

Can't wait for these games

iGAM3R-VIII1706d ago

Also The Division and DriveClub!

1706d ago
imtheman20131706d ago

The Division... *drools*

And DriveClub looks pretty slick, but I am excited for Codemasters to make another DiRT game! DiRT 3 is easily my favorite racing game to date.

Freak of Nature1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Add in ND's other IP, and SSM's 2 new IP's and dare I say it.....The Last guardian, the Order, and of course Media Molecules new up coming IP....To name a few more...

ajkula1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

I wish driveclub ps+ edition is still alive...

And cant wait to about that open world santa monica game ! ! !

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come_bom1706d ago

inFamous: Second Son is the game I'm expecting the most on the PS4.

As for Uncharted, i wish Naughty Dog did a new IP.

Gridloc1706d ago

They did, it's called The last of us...

imtheman20131706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

While Uncharted will no doubt be a blockbuster title, I agree that Naughty Dog should focus on another IP. I always feel like trilogies are where franchises should end. Few that go past a trilogy are ever successful... not to say that Naughty Dog doesn't have the ability to do it, because they do.

Another thing that I found weird with the Uncharted reveal was that it's, so far, only "Uncharted." No subtitle or number. To me, that feels as if they are trying to reboot the series, which would be weird considering that the series isn't very old.

zero_gamer1706d ago

The Last of Us isn't a PS4 game. He wants a new IP for the PS4.

JackVagina1706d ago

Second team(UC2, TLOU) is probably doing a new IP or possibly TLOU2, but my bet is new IP.

JunoDivided1706d ago

@imtheman2013 I don't think they are Rebooting I believe it is just too early in the development to have a full title I'm sure it will be a Uncharted 4 but they don't have a subname yet like they have done with all the games. U1 was drakes fortune, U2 was among thieves and U3 was Drakes deception. U4's subname might be a hype spoiler so they wont reveal it till later.

tigertron1706d ago

@ JackVagina

Savage Starlight.

ajkula1705d ago

They certainly did,..
Guess we gotta wait

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geddesmond1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I can't wait to see what this gen has in store. Most games announced already look amazing but can you imagine the possibilities developers now have to create games that will leave us breathless. I wonder what Rockstar are working on.

Edit: Also I hope we see a MAG 2 game this gen. Imagine what a developer can do with the PS4 hardware for a game like that. I know many didn't like MAG but it was one of my favorite Sony FPS exclusives.

dragon821706d ago

MAG is my favorite online shooter ever!!! I would love to see MAG2 for PS4. Most people didn't like it because it was very unforgiving to newcomers. The graphics weren't great either. No other console game could handle that many players with zero lag.

geddesmond1705d ago


I'm glad I wasn't the only one to see the special that was in MAG and it was unforgiving to new people buy once you got the hang of it then it became one of the funnest FPS games last gen. Yeah the graphics weren't great and that's why I said, could you imagine what Sony could do with that game on PS4 specs. Not only graphics wise but stability wise and content wise. I know zipper ain;t around anymore but Sony still owns the IP so maybe e ill see a MAG 2. Lets pray for it.

gazgriff2k121706d ago

i wonder how much better destiny going to be on ps4 compared to xbone

Letthewookiewin1706d ago

Well judging from the multiplat's already released I'm sure it will be much better. And the gap will only widen as the systems get older.

greenlantern28141706d ago

Agreed these games look great add in the order, the division and 2014 already stacking up to be great for gamers

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Majin-vegeta1706d ago

Can't wait for these games.


Black-Helghast1706d ago

Dafuq is Yobo? You only buy once? o.e

jocomat91706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

you only beast once.

1706d ago
-Foxtrot1706d ago

I need more Uncharted :)

Silly gameAr1706d ago

I'm up for some more Uncharted myself.

king_george1706d ago

Me 2. Dont understand people that say it needs a break. By the time the next uncharted comes out it will have been 3 or 4 years guys

Inception1706d ago

Third that. I want more adventure from Drake. And so far Uncharted only have 3 game for PS3 and 1 for handheld. So i don't understand why some people said they got franchise fatigue or sony milked the franchise.

bradleejones1706d ago

Can't wait for more uncharted. They could release 3 more in the same day and i would buy all three and sit down and play them straight through.

NeloAnjelo1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )


The Order 1887
Drive Club
Multiple Third Parties
Santa Monica + another 10 Studios...


TheFallenAngel1706d ago

The order is my top game that I'm looking forward to. Ready at dawn Did an amazing job with God of War on PSP.

NeloAnjelo1706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I can't wait for the next E3. I know it's a while yet... But the anticipation is killing me!

Majin-vegeta1706d ago

Not to mention they created a special team dedicated to bringing more Japanese games to the west.Good times ahead for us PS4 owners :)

Ausbo1706d ago

They also have that other game thats been flying under the radar. Shadow of the Beast.

NeloAnjelo1706d ago

Yes I know... Definitely under the radar.

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