eSports – Capcom Cup 2013 + Official Live Stream

Capcom is ending the year with their international tournament, Capcom Cup 2013 in Burbank California. Throughout the year several fighting game tournaments qualified players from all over the world who compete in Street Fighter X Tekken, Super Street Fighter IV AE, and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to take a shot at Capcom Cup 2013.

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GSKerns1826d ago

was a little disappointed there was no 5th character reveal... but at least they acknowledged it is coming soon

Redinfamy1826d ago

Yeah they could have added it or even an additional character but pretty sure an update will happen to reveal something else.

GSKerns1826d ago

yeah actually since then Ono came really close to revealing the character, going as far as to confirm she's female. Either Gouken's daughter or one of the Bison dolls seems likely

XboxFun1824d ago

I thought it was Retsu as the revealed character, Supposedly a Capcom art book was leaked showing the USF4 characters and Retsu's face was among them.

GSKerns1824d ago

Ono denied it was Retsu and even called out the commentators for suggesting it. That artwork done by Shinkiro was done a year before Ultra was even announced... but that doesn't stop people from posting rumors without doing any research first.