Xbox One Bundles Are Available At Best Buy, Offers One Day Sale for Call of Duty:Ghosts

For those still searching for an Xbox One bundle just before Christmas can head over to Best Buy, as several several Xbox One bundles are currently in stock. Lone Xbox One units are also available with the cautionary ”available for delivery by December 24.”

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Raven7221554d ago

Just as an FYI for those expecting these to sell out quickly, they have been available on Best Buy's website for almost 48 hours now.

Raven7221554d ago

Just in case any of you think I'm just being a fanboy about it or something, here is the link to the VGChartz forum where someone pointed out that they were available. The first post was made sometime between late Thursday and early Friday.


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lawgone1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I'm actually glad that the PS4 is nowhere to be found...I don't need any temptation to buy any other gifts for myself this Christmas. That's what the XB1 was...and my iPad Mini lol. I just hope anyone that orders one of these for Christmas actually gets them. Best Buy certainly doesn't have the best reputation for fulfillment.

ltachiUchiha1554d ago

Lol wow an amazing 1 ps4 in stock at 1 store haha & I bet thats gone now.

Clunkyd1554d ago

What are the chances of you walking into a walmart and finding a ps4, its very rare.

xDHAV0K24x1554d ago

Awesome. Keep rollin' em out

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