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USA Weekly Chart (week ending 12/7/13)

Platform Weekly (change) Total
3DS 226,592 (-56%) 10,999,933
XOne 163,659 (-48%) 1,132,717
X360 122,085 (-74%) 41,915,14 6
PS4 102,296 (-38%) 1,323,275
PS3 86,912 (-69%) 25,634,686
WiiU 65,676 (-56%) 1,783,690
Wii 21,529 (-55%) 41,301,627
PSV 18,356 (-66%) 1,583,645
DS 7,813 (-57%) 52,756,723
PSP 4,020 (-44%) 19,764,394 (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   468d ago
Xbox One is catching up but these numbers still shouldn't matter

Both will be successful

Game on!
Lalanana  +   468d ago
Yup.. If sony can't get ps4 in stock fast enough in the USA. Xbox one will surely overtake them. Step it up Sony.

Let the disagrees start
iGAM3R-VIII  +   468d ago
lol you see considering that this is 1 week ago, this means SOny probably is back in stock. ALso if you think about it, as soon as the PS4 is back in stock, it will gain a huge jump. so even if the X1 does over take, it wont be for long

It is gonna be a close race in next gen. wait a year when 1 console get a far win over the other and it is clearer. This gen just started so its hard to know right now.

Also SOny doesnt need to step it up when they lead in software and hardware
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Riderz1337  +   468d ago
Step what up? They are leading in both hardware and software sales. Only one that needs to "step it up" is Microsoft.
Pogmathoin  +   468d ago
PS4 is winning.... Do we get something? Why do people scrutinize these numbers if you do not get anything from it? Ohhh personal satisfaction? My god that is terribly sad.... Screw that, Xbox, watch TV..... Sweet.....
Chrischi1988  +   468d ago
Oh, Wii U did more weekly software sales in NA, even thoug its install base is just mere 400k bigger then the rest of next gen. I thought at least now, the software sales would e much bigger with the just released consoles. I was wrong, good for Nintendo and again prove for it not being doomed any time soon ;)
mikeslemonade  +   468d ago
Demand hasn't been met for PS4. It's conclusive with numerous reports that X1s are sitting on shelves while PS4s are sold out in a much faster rate.

The uninformed are buying X1s, and soon once the negative PR snowballs people will stop buying X1s at this rate.
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stragomccloud  +   468d ago
Didn't realize there were so many stock holders here on N4G.
modesign  +   467d ago
i can tell someone doesnt know about supply and demand.
noctis_lumia  +   467d ago
who cares anyway...worldwide sales is what matters and there xbone wont catch up ps4
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   468d ago
I guess Ps4beaver some look at it like a sporting event.I have my fav hockey and football team.I get nothing material when they win a game.But I do get a feeling of satisfaction and enjoy the opportunity to rag on a rival.And with Sony so far cutting into MS's power base in the USA this gen.And with this site being so pro MS(only MS fanboys claim the opposite).It makes it very enjoyable surfing N4Xbox.
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SlavisH2  +   468d ago
wow they are going to catch up to wii u in no time.

P.S. Does software include digital sales?
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AKR  +   468d ago
I won't dispute that; you're more than likely right ~ but all new items (especially electronics) get that launch-boost, because everyone wants the new thing on the market. It should be interesting what the sales rate will be when January/February hits, and the launch hype subsides.
ELCUCO  +   468d ago
No it does not.
Evil_Abed  +   468d ago
Knack already out of the top 75 by week 4. Halo 4 still duking it out at 44, 57 weeks later...

Edit: Just noticed no KZ:SF either. All those sales must have been front heavy with, short legs.
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mdluffy  +   468d ago
Killzone is selling the best in Europe, don't worry about that.
beereal360  +   468d ago
Well I live in the good old USA and we love Microsoft and the numbers don't lie.
TRGMatt  +   468d ago
Kinda funny to see Microsoft's loyalists noticing numbers now that they are close.

Yeah Killzon has always been a Euro-friendly franchise. Makes me think Europe pop culture has better taste than North American...
Riderz1337  +   468d ago
Funny you should say that. Killzone is the best selling exclusive for next gen platforms.

Ryse + Dead Rising 3 < Killzone Shadow Fall in sales.

That's right, two of the Xbox's biggest exclusives (Combined) can't match the sales of Killzone. Nice try buddy =)
Bundi  +   468d ago
Yeah back in November when the PS4 was out for 2 weeks and the Xbox One just 1.
Now KZ SF isn't even amongst the top 75 selling games just 4 short weeks since launch, hence the term front heavy used by the original commentor.

Now both Knack and KZSF have been kicked out the top, those are the facts, there was no need to drag Ryse and DR3 into this since both are clearly still in the list.

Edit: again I say...back in November.

Being the best selling at one point in time does not = best right now. I can't imagine that will remain true if it keeps being beaten by games like 2010's RDR which made it on the list. Now those are some "TRUEFACTS" for you.

Here is another just to drive home the truth, GTA IV is more than 200 weeks old and it beat KZSF last week.
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Riderz1337  +   468d ago
@bundi, still on the list and yet they are both not even able to manage half the sales of KZ Shadow Fall. Lmao, try harder. Killzone is the best selling next gen exclusive. TRUTHFACT.
B-radical  +   468d ago
fps sells nuff said
Chrischi1988  +   468d ago
Killzone is almost outsold by Mario 3D world, on a failing console, as you guys always make everyone remember. And over time, it will easily outsell Killzone. And dont give me this crap about it not being a next gen title, because it released during the same time, on a 8th gen console. Most of you dont even know, what next gen means, you say these words, but give them a different meaning, than what a dictionary would tell you.
YodaCracker  +   468d ago
PS3 fans used to tell me that 360 exclusives would sell more because 360 owners had less games to choose from, while PS3 owners had many exclusives dividing up the sales. So shouldn't that same logic apply now considering the Xbox One has quite a few more retail exclusives at launch than the PS4? I guess not.
JoseV76  +   467d ago
Yeah but killzone is the most boring, generic as game justike the old ones!
TheGreenMan  +   468d ago
@evil abed

So because PS4 is beating Xbone in console sales its now about game sales instead? What happens if PS4 starts leading in game sales too? Let me guess, it'll then be about North American games sales? Your back pedaling is pathetic...pretty soon you're going to run into a wall with nowhere to go.
Bundi  +   468d ago
Bro, Xbox One beat PS4 in hardware sales as well, what are you talking about? Where is the backpedaling?
These are just one week sales and anything can happen next week but what he says remains true, Xbox One games sold more that week. Consoles too.

Stop taking games so seriously.
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Nes_Daze  +   468d ago
Oh there is no backpedaling, just denial is the better word, fact remains that PS3 was second best selling console in the world last gen, and now it looks like PS4 will also be ahead of a microsoft console..worldwide...and for some reason you can't say too often here or people like Bundi will hurt...
shivvy24  +   468d ago
How is killzone meant to be in the top 75 ? The ps4 install base is just over 2 million while 360 has 80million, it would be more fair if its compared to Xbox one
Evil_Abed  +   468d ago
Okay, all Xbox One exclusive games are in the top 75 and none of PS4 are despite less Xbox One consoles being out.
T2  +   467d ago
There's no stock of ps4 so how can they maintain top software sales? pretty much common sense
moparful99  +   467d ago
Considering that the attach rate for killzone and knack were very high and also that PS4's are completely sold out it means there really aren't new customers to buy the games are there? Common sense will take you far in life..
NeloAnjelo  +   467d ago
Who's playing Halo 4 online now... no one...

KZ2 Servers are STILL going along with Resistance fall of Man, yes that right... and you can still find games.

And the US doesnt equal the world.
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XiMadarauchiha   468d ago | Spam
TheFallenAngel  +   468d ago
Xbone catching up eh.
SITH  +   468d ago
Go Xbox One go!
awesomeabe1998  +   468d ago
Surprised how well the Wii U has been doing. Think about it: It is only selling 40k less units than PS4 and PS4 just came out a month ago.
lastofgen  +   468d ago
I'm simply waiting on the new zelda game to pick up a wii u.
Zelda has pretty much been the only kick-start I needed to buy a new nintendo machine.
Happened with the n64, gamecube, 3ds, and now, probably the wii-u.

Until then, the x1 and 3ds have plenty to keep me occupied.
KingDadXVI  +   468d ago
Yeah, I have a WiiU and the best game so far has been Lego City Undercover, it is a great game but there are no other really great titles that are original right now. Had to flip back to my 360 shortly after getting the WiiU. Just waiting for my kids to open up the Xbox One under the tree in 11 days so that I can join the next gen Xbox Club. PS4 will not be getting a purchase from me until next Xmas at the earliest. Simply not enough compelling games in 2014. Hopefully we will see an upsurge in 2015. Till then it will be primarily Xbox One with a smattering of the WiiU.
mcstorm  +   468d ago
KingDadXVI I'm loving my wiiu right now. Pikmin 3, sonic lost world, windwaker HD and Mario 3d world are must buys imo. Loving Forza on my one but at this moment in time the wiiu has the better line up of all the next gen consoles as I'm bored of the same mw fps and not a fan of ac or nfs.
kwandar  +   468d ago

Really? Haven't got LegoCity so may have to pick that one up, but I've found a ton of great games.

In our house we are varied ages and currently playing/played (and loving!) Pikmin3*, Deus Ex DC, Mario 3D, Trine2*, The Cave, Little Inferno, Assassins Creed IV, Scribblenauts*, Just Dance*, Zombi U, Zelda Wind Waker*, Wonderful 101*

The kids really get into the ones I've marked *, and I like a lot of them too, though prefer games like Deus Ex.

Online Tennis/Bowling ($10)and Wii Fit U (free) with Fit Meter starting up now too, but haven't played enough - but price is good :)

Anyway .... the Wii U games have generally been stellar.
2muchw1nn1ng  +   468d ago
I don't really see the good news. I see a very popular next gen console experiencing shortages still outselling a year old Nintendo system. It's not really good news for the Wii u right now.
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kneon  +   468d ago
I've been out shopping most of the day and while Wii U's are piled high everywhere I did not see a single PS4 and only 3 XB1's. The only reason they aren't even further ahead of the Wii U is that they can't produce enough units to meet demand.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   468d ago
Ps4 stocks are pretty lows for every regions at the moment. that is why
Rustynail  +   467d ago
Bad excuse, 3DS sells a million per week worldwide, and even then, they have no problems with stocks.
moparful99  +   467d ago
@rustynail 1million per week? Exaggeration much? The 3ds has sold roughly 13 million this year. There are 52 weeks in a year. 1 million a week would be 52 million.. PS4 sold 2 million units in 16 days.. Far more product for something that hasnt had adequate time to build up supply channels.
beereal360  +   468d ago
Xbox one and Xbox 360 is killing sony
AWBrawler  +   468d ago
Is it just me or are thesr low december numbers all around, except for the 3DS?
JessiePinkmanYo  +   467d ago
They'll probably increase dramatically as we get closer to Christmas. The PS4 would have higher numbers too if they get their factories pumping out units. The supply simply isn't there.

I wish everyone would look at the big picture here and be happy that ALL video game associated products are doing well. This puts out a message to investors, developers etc that we are a hungry and economically healthy community, which in the long run would benefit everyone.
Bundi  +   468d ago
Dat Halo 4 legs!! *chuckles* RDR and GTA IV on 360 beating recently released games which will not be mentioned out of pure fear.
Nes_Daze  +   468d ago
what are those recently released games?? Oh wait I already know, you aren't using any logic...
LOL_WUT  +   468d ago
Even though the sales for every console dipped as a Wii U owner it's sad to see the Wii U being outsold by every "home" console here's hoping it picks up ;)
Theyellowflash30  +   468d ago
Why is it "sad" to see it being outsold. What should it matter. Not only that, its just the US. Wii U sells the more than the PS3 and PS Vita TV in Japan. Either way, Its not like its selling as bad as the Vita
iliimaster  +   468d ago
paying for xboxlive gold and not being able to send voice messages ill stick to my 360 and get the most out of my money already spent on a year of xbl i shouldnt have to downgrade in my live services when i get the new system !!
RPG_Lover  +   468d ago
love all the systems
Stevino321  +   468d ago
But didn't sony and ms both announce 2 million?
beereal360  +   468d ago
You ever notice that sony fan boys stay on the Internet trolling. That's because their console duck. Well back to my xbox I got games to play.
Moncole  +   468d ago
Because they hardly got any good games to play.
chrisarsenalsavart  +   468d ago
wich brand gave us the best and most versatile exclusive game library throughout the last 19 years?
i give u a clue, it start with a S
Moncole  +   468d ago
Nintendo doesn't start with an S.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   467d ago
Their consoles a duck? Mine never quacked at me or my other two systems
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   468d ago
I hope those numbers are accurate, because those would be decent numbers for Wii U...
josephayal  +   468d ago
Supreme Victory for Microsoft and Nintendo
Nocando  +   467d ago
Man, somehow I am enjoying my chosen system less because it isnt selling as well as the competition. Do I need to put a /s?
its amazing how people think Microsoft is winning. when they are not
Nintendo is improving but not winning
urwifeminder  +   467d ago
Go Nintendo and MS solid stuff all round.
Zefros  +   467d ago
Good numbers for both, but i am 100% honest here. In norway there are no ps4 in the stores at all, 5 of my friends are trying to get one but no success at all.
xbjuan  +   467d ago
all i see is negative numbers all around
Dorwrath  +   467d ago
Oh look PPL getting their e-peens out again.
NeloAnjelo  +   467d ago
Stock Sony... you make, we buy
Locknuts  +   467d ago
PS4 and X1 will sell out cuz they're new. The real success story here is the 3DS. Underpowered compared to the competition and thought of as a gimmick, it's succeeded based solely on the quality of its game library, not hype. That makes me happy for the industry.

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