Check Out the Steam Box Unboxed Out if Its Lovely Looking Wooden Crate

The first batch of Steam Box machines have been sent out to beta testers, and some have already been delivered. Of course some are already posting unboxing videos on YouTube.

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Kayant1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

Damn! Now that's what you call a high class beta. I can't believe it comes in a crate loooool. Man I really want one (The crate alone will do :p). They really did a great job with the case design considering the components some of these machines have.

Edit - @Abriael

Another video (Thanks gaf) -->

Abriael1558d ago

The used removed that one. Looks like he's shy lol :D

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1558d ago

I would open it with a crow bar.

kewlkat0071558d ago

Is that an Xbox

Lots of power in that form factor..

Back-to-Back1557d ago

An xbox one with a 360 faceplate. Absolutely zero style.

Sarcasm1557d ago

If the Xbox One looks like a VCR, then this looks like a Comcast cable box.

kratoz12091558d ago

My misses would kill me if i had something like that on our cabinet

esemce1557d ago

That's a shame cos when your missus saw what was in my cabinet she gave me sweet sugar, two times.

tee_bag2421557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

*Double post*

tee_bag2421557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

What's your point ? Your missus wears the pants ? Or she doesn't like big powerful machines?

Einhert1557d ago

Personally I could give two chits about my misses opinions on my entertainment.

Step up, be a man in your relationship.

tee_bag2421557d ago

In other words, grow a pair yes?

liquidhalos1557d ago

Because in the real world the state of an electrical cabinet is way more important than a peaceful stable home life. Forgive me for not taking advice from a basement dweller

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hello121558d ago

I don't like the controller, i prefer thumbsticks personally. If you could plug your x box controller or ps4 controller into it and it will work. I would seriously look at buying one.

This will work with mouse and keyboard, anyone know? Will it have internet?

Software_Lover1558d ago

Controller looks like a pain, but looks can be deceiving

SlapHappyJesus1557d ago

I am very interested in trying it out. Plan to grab one at retail when available, if only just to see.
Hoping I take to it though, obviously.

-Foxtrot1558d ago

I don't see why they don't have a controller with analogue sticks alongside this one....the whole concept of the Steam Machines is choice.

Sure it would be good to plug your PS4/Xbox One controller in but it would be better if your playing with an official controller.

The only games previews keep talking about with the controller are FPS games which it seems to be made for in my opinion and then RTS games.....thats all. How you could play a fighting game with all the combos and that I'll never know.

cyguration1558d ago

You can plug your Xbox or PS controller into it and it will work fine.

I don't play any PC games without an Xbox controller, they're too sexy.

bleedsoe9mm1558d ago (Edited 1558d ago )

any controller with linux drivers will work that is if you don't put windows on it , then any controller that works with windows would work as well

kingduqc1557d ago

1) I'm peaty sure you didn't use the controller at all so you opinion is invalid.

2) You can use a ps3/ps4/360/xbone or any controller just like any pc.

3) You can use a mouse and keyboard.

4) From my understanding the steam controller is faster and more precise then a joystick.. So yeah.

DeadIIIRed1557d ago

"From my understanding..."

See number one from your own comment.

LAWSON721557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Oh I did not know you have one and used it for an extended period of time to properly judge the controller, thanks for your impressions on something you do not own or probably have not even touched. It is like hearing everyone say GOTY for a game that is not out yet

wolfsaviorzx1557d ago

"Will it have internet" *Facepalm*

turgore1557d ago

Yes, because it is not a nintendo product.

edqe1557d ago

> I don't like the controller, i prefer thumbsticks personally.

It depends what kind of games you like to play. Thumbstick controller are useless in games like Crusader Kings 2, Europa Universalis 4 and alike. To me Steam Controller look better for FPS games than thumbstick but I doubt it could beat keyboard+mouse.

Unless Valve removed support for XBox or PS controllers they works without problems.

Si-Fly1557d ago

When did you get to try it??

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Alex_Boro1558d ago

Thought I was watching someone take apart an Xbox One because of how big that crate is.