What Nintendo needs to do to win over the masses

Brett from Stick Skills explains what Nintendo needs to do to win the next generation competition.

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cocadaking1707d ago

Open world Pokemon game and it's done, WiiU is saved.

zeal0us1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Open world Pokemon game for Wii or Pokemon MMO for WiiU won't happen mainly because Gamefreak's co-founder,Junichi Masuda, prefers the main series to stay portable.

RPG_Lover1707d ago

the system is fine the way it is. Tearaways 14k sales prove the masses really are the problem themselves

Heisenburger1707d ago

Tearaway huh?.... -_-

You got wicked reading skills brah.

TheBlade1707d ago

He's just pissed off and feels the need to lash out because he can't face that the Wii U has been a complete and utter failure.

360ICE1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

The masses aren't looking like they'll change though...

Anyway, some commercials for a great game like Super Mario 3D world and an open-world Pokémon. There you go, Nintendo. That's your strategy.

_QQ_1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Did tearaway really only sell 15k? wtf is wrong with the world. I'm really not a fan of the VITA but i don't need to play it to know that Tearaway is amazing. Media Molecule are one of the few remaining Devs that push ingenuity and innovation and they deserve better,makes me want to buy the game just to support them.
seriously not only is Tearaway probably the best VITA game, but nothing else really came out for VITA around the time how do people not buy it?

Nabbic1707d ago

No mate, the sales didn't take into account digital.
And the Vita has a huge amount of digital sales.

Crossbones1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

New Ips and $199 Price Tag.

LOL_WUT1707d ago

And another price cut $300 didn't even do much to increase sales ;)

Crossbones1707d ago

New Ips around the $199 Price Tag will make it more attractive.

iplay1up21706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

"That's financial suicide" agreed! Some people seem to just expect Nintendo to just give the system away. It is already being sold at a loss.

Just because it is not as powerful as PS4/1, does not mean that it is not a worthy system. So many people who have not even sat at HOME with Wii U and really checked it out,but just shrug it off. Oh well, there are an awful lot of great exclusives out now and coming out in the next few months and also allot of "definitive" versions out of some ports (along with some really crappy ports too).

The WWHD 32g Bundle at $299 is a great deal, and allot of gamers missed out on the GameCube version. WWHD on Wii U is amazing, the first person mode is pretty freaking sweet.BTW I have seen the WWHD bundle as low as $279. Toys R US has the Skylanders Wii U 8g bundle for $259 with Nintendoland!!!! That sale is going on right now. That is a GREAT deal seeing as you are going to need an external HD anyway. Fry's has a 500G HD for $49 right now.

wonderfulmonkeyman1707d ago

The price is fine.
It just needs more of its main franchises to come out.

KimoNoir1707d ago

Wait another year and come out with an even more powerful console than ps4 and one. Create an all round better network for the gaming community and core community. Make smashbros look fucking sick with frostbite

cesuf1707d ago

It would take much longer than a year to offer a significant benefit at a reasonable price point. Prolly more like 3-5 years.

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