The Dumbest Thing About the Xbox One-vs.-PS4 Horse Race

DailyFinance - Congratulations to the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One; you're both winning this console battle. As bizarre as that sounds, it's the only way to read the latest press releases from Microsoft and Sony regarding their competing gaming systems.

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1561d ago
fattyuk1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

Xbox live still not offering anything new compared to 8 years ago.

edit: hmmmm

Grave1561d ago

... is that the Steam Machine shall rule them all! Muahahaha! :D

LAWSON721561d ago

That has a long way to go considering it can only run Linux supported games. IMO it will be pointless to have for at least a year, unless you have a dedicated machine with WIndows or install WIndows on it

Grave1561d ago

You have a great point, but it is fun to kid a little.

hellzsupernova1561d ago

Well to be fair both of these consoles are pointless at launch but I still bought one lol

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kratoz12091561d ago

The Steam machine will be as successful as the Wii U,

MasterChief841561d ago

Fanboyism is so annoying... I have owned all Sony platforms and Microsoft platforms at the same time. They all had their strengths and weaknesses, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of them... And I will enjoy my XB1 and PS4. The success that Sony and Microsoft are having at the moment is great for gaming and gamers! I wish success to both companies because means a brighter and more fun future for me a gamer.

wolfsaviorzx1561d ago

What's sad is you have said nothing negative and still have a disagree. Some people's hate over a Box you put under your TV (regardless of which one) is just sad and makes me think they have a mental disease.

Pogmathoin1561d ago

I would like to thank all those who disagree with me, even when I state nothing much. It helps to give an idea of how good my life is with multiple consoles and a decent laptop when I see the disagrees racking up on me. Shows me there are many sad lonely and just downright pathetic losers out there. As Wolf said, there must be some mental disease out there, but I think its just lazy fat ass pimple bursting idiots who have no clue about life.... Xbox, turn on PS4.... Sweet.....

bleedsoe9mm1561d ago (Edited 1561d ago )

i have a really nice toaster my old toaster wasn't living up to my high toast standards , i don't believe my new toaster manufacturer is making their toaster because they have some deep understanding for me as a toast lover , nor would i shower the manufacturer with praise and put down my old toaster manufacturer in long post about how great one is verse the other . i bought it that's all the praise they get !

p.s. i'm not talking about Toast

LAWSON721561d ago

I find it entertaining. I always get all the platforms I can to play games, and I am happy for the close battle between MS and Sony, because last gen when MS got ahead they drifted off to find a new audience while feeding the early birds the same thing for the rest of the gen.

wolfsaviorzx1561d ago

Agree I'm glad Sony has really up their game. I'll be getting a PS4 when Naughty Dog surprises me though I hope they aren't working on another last of us. I want a New Platformer... even if it's not Jak 4.