EA Sports UFC has provided the first images of the game

After a few months after EA Sports UFC released on the Xbox 360 platform, “Fight Night Round 3″ was a huge success,team who works at game development to come up with many new things that will be integrated in the new generation of game consoles that will appear next spring and released the first 2 images from game.

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Fireseed894d ago

The skin shading material looks great but those shirt's do not have the same quality rendering and it's slightly jarring when you notice it...

wannabe gamer893d ago

there is 2 screen shots and neither have shirts in them, what are you looking at

Fireseed893d ago

Whoops typo. Meant to say shorts but I think people know what I meant.

eddieistheillest894d ago

He the light heavyweight champ not heavyweight.

wannabe gamer894d ago

i got a headache trying to read that jibberish. good screens tho but ill believe ingame when i see it.

fractured74894d ago

Very observant eddie,am i right in saying this game is for the kinect,the kinect works well but i want a proper game.I hope i am wrong and i am a massive fight fan but does not work better with kinect.

For the record next gen fight night please,please,thats the game i want to see made.

Nicaragua894d ago

you would be completely wrong in saying that this game is for Kinect.

boing1894d ago

If it's anything like MMA, I'll pass.

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