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Final Fantasy XIV Housing Prices Revealed, Community Facepalms as Tens of Millions Are Asked

Every MMO player experiences, more often than he’d like to admit, those moments in which he really doesn’t understand what a developer is thinking. For many Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn players this is one of those moments. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4)

Lovable  +   566d ago
I think I saw 50M Gil for large house or something...I only got a million on me and that's after spiritbonding a whole ton of equip...
Abriael  +   566d ago
Yeah, 50 million of you want the least desirable large plot in the least costly server. It can go up to 625,000,000, which is insane.

On my server the smallest plot of the least desirable class is 20 million >_>
levian  +   566d ago
Well it IS meant for a FC, groups of 10-50+. If everyone tosses in 500k-1m then it's totally doable. Maybe not for the largest house, but small-medium houses are totally within range.
sunnygrg  +   566d ago
This is an example of a Dutch Auction. Prices will go down every 6 hours at a specific rate (0.14% typo in Patch Notes), but the highest asking price is basically for servers where the economy is very healthy.
Abriael  +   566d ago
The problem is that they don't go down under 50% of the original price (and it takes a lot to get there), which is still prohibitive for most.
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betan21  +   566d ago
I been playing this game for 3yrs now and i only have 3mil atm.I dont plan on getting a house anytime soon.iT'S OVER PRICE
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PurpHerbison  +   566d ago
Something is totally wrong on your end. I have 1 mil and I have been playing for 2 months.
sunnygrg  +   566d ago
This is your Free Company house. You buy it as a group. Everybody contributes.
levian  +   566d ago
Funny how no one seems to realize this right? Everybody seems to think that THEY have to individually toss out 8-300m. It's spread between a large number of players.
jamz4  +   566d ago
There shouldn't be a barrier this large in a bought and subbed game
catch  +   566d ago
To be fair these aren't for individual players but free companies; so they can pool their gil together.

That said, still crazy expensive.
Abriael  +   566d ago
Personally, I know only 4 free companies in my server that can afford a small house. Of course I don't know everyone, and for sure there'll be more, but I don't really see many willing to completely break their bank like that.
MonChiChi  +   565d ago
Yea it's nuts, we are pretty wealthy but no way we all give our entire earnings for housing. I plan to give a few mil but after seeing prices, I think I will wait and see if they decide to change it.
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
This is just pathetic. I was talking to a friend of mine who's into MMOs and he says that the reason the costs are so prohibitive is that SE doesn't want the game too populated with houses, they want the game to last a long time and so they want housing to be a long term goal for people.

That's just sad. Creating artificial length is wrong. This is going to be used as a case to justify microtransactions for in-game currency. Who wants to spend years gil farming to get the best house on the best land unless they are the most diehard of diehards? I mean, you're talking spending hundreds of dollars of real world money in subscription fees for a house. What do you honestly get out of that that equals what you spent in actual value? Nothing.

Even 20 million for the absolute worst house is pathetic. SE are getting worse every day.
admiralvic  +   566d ago
"This is just pathetic. I was talking to a friend of mine who's into MMOs and he says that the reason the costs are so prohibitive is that SE doesn't want the game too populated with houses, they want the game to last a long time and so they want housing to be a long term goal for people."

It sounds like your friend is just bitter / hates Square Enix. The thing is, these are guild houses, which is something the article notes. So if you have a 20 member guild and everyone kicks in 1 million, then you can instantly buy the "absolute worst house". I can't find any information on the max number of people you can have, but I've seen the number 500 thrown around. If that is indeed the case, then you could buy the largest, highest class, best of the best house for 1,250,000 a person. Obviously, neither of these extremes need to come in play either.

Honestly speaking, if you have a good guild and reasonable ambitions, then nothing here is beyond your grasp. It might take some time and effort, but it's certainly doable if you're committed to having a house.
DragonKnight  +   566d ago
No he's not, I'm likely misrepresenting what his intention was in explaining it to me.
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   565d ago
It's not really a waste of subscription fees if the person working towards gaining enough money to buy a house actually has fun. I don't see a problem with SE making some things in the game hard to get. When people finally do buy a house it will be a rewarding experience. A testament to their hard work. People have the right and will spend their money how they want.
XishikiX  +   566d ago
Having the cost too prohibitive at the start is better than having it too low. If they make the cost too low, it can cause a lot of other issues with economy. If it is too high and not enough can afford it in a reasonable time frame. The mechanics will likely get adjusted.

The economies in these type of games take a long to develop, and a lot of times never end up developing well.
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CommonCent  +   566d ago
2 words Ultima Online. Housing wasn't outrageously expensive which sucked if you joined a server late because you couldn't find a spot to place a house.
Nabbic  +   566d ago
Remember children, the reason for this is to moneysink it.
The rich will contribute large amounts towards houses, balancing the economy a bit more.
PurpHerbison  +   565d ago
Shut up, nerd.
Kamikaze135  +   565d ago
While you're right, the price is still too steep. They are asking people to ditch most of the content the game has to offer and farm gil for a few months. Why? Because even if you're in a large FC, most people wouldn't be willing to fork up several million gil for a house. Not everybody cares or even wants a house....and unfortunately I care ;_;
TRGMatt  +   565d ago
Why is anyone in the community surprised by these prices? I, for one, expected the lowest housing to cost around 50mil though 625 million better buy one hell of a pad with a view of Limsa Lominsa AND the shore in its penthouse :p
A LIVING LEGEND  +   565d ago
They had to rein in the ridiculous economy already in place or at least attempt to do so.
By 'had to' I mean like tonight.January comes quickly
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Eamon  +   565d ago
representing the global housing market?
lol, I haven't played FF14 at all. Can someone explain the purpose of a house in an MMO? Not sure what it's supposed to do..

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