Fate Cast News: Fallout 4 is Real and No Man’s Sky Revealed

Man, this week turned out to be pretty solid on the news front. In the week ending on 12-14-2013, we were shown a new trailer for The Walking Dead Season 2, found out that Fallout 4 is, indeed coming, and were lucky enough to find out about No Man’s Sky. Also, I forgot to mention it in the news, but the release date for the Elder Scrolls Online is April 14, 2014.

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KennersEd1707d ago

No Man's Sky looks brilliant!!

psman0121707d ago

Until Bethesda confirms that Fallout 4 is in development, everything is speculation. Last time I checked, Bethesda did not confirm that the script was real. Did nobody learn their lesson from thesurvivor2299??