Do Video Games Need Their Own Oscars?

Hardcore Gamer: A show that celebrates creators and respects gamers is what this industry needs to begin its long journey towards being respected by the mainstream. In terms of whether video games need their own version of the Academy Awards, the answer is yes and no.

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ZodTheRipper1711d ago

Well it would certainly help the industry to grow and get more mainstream acceptance ...but I'm not quiet sure whether we're already there yet. I think a big, official event where the best developers for each category/genre are chosen would suit this industry better. And unlike the VGX it should have a more serious approach so that developers really feel honored and try to win it.

iamnsuperman1711d ago

I welcome it except who would we have on the panel. There are very few people who don't have an invested interest somewhere. The people on the panel need to be apart of the industry but separate enough to avoid conflict. One day I would like to see an Oscars type show for gaming. Until then I will have to do with the British Academy Games Awards (which still has a lot of work to do to raise it's prestige)

rainslacker1710d ago

I feel the panel could be made up of groups from the leading body, or members of the IGDA. If you have enough of them, the vested interests don't really pan out, particularly if you exclude judges if they have a game in the running. This is not dissimilar to how the Oscars work. Although it's judges come from a third party, which is given respect among the movie industry.

The IGDA is probably the one group that almost every developer around the world is a part of. Even aspiring developers are encouraged to join.

I personally don't feel we need an awards show like the oscars on TV at the present time. But I would find a central "authority" to have more merit in their awards than the numerous websites that each give out their own awards each year. Basically if you look hard enough, you can get your game to be GOTY if it's of good enough quality to qualify.

Muffins12231711d ago

They need to get rid of user voting bullshit at the vgx or was called vga's previous times.Bunch of idiots voting that aren't really gamers. Should be decided by professionals in the gaming industry who the winner is.Then if i where a game developer i would gladly take that award knowing it was not awarded to me because a bunch of 11 year olds voted for it.

ZodTheRipper1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

And who is a "professional" in this industry? Please tell me one, it should be someone unbiased of course. Maybe the folks at IGN or Edge these days ...otherwise I don't know.

rainslacker1710d ago

That means that the people that played your game liked it. I wouldn't find that to be meaningless at all. In fact I would be quite honored. It's no different than the viewers choice awards. The downside is that those awards usually go towards the most marketed and played games, and not the ones that stand on their own technical merits.

joab7771711d ago

It needs to b legit, b in jan or feb, needs to have everyone on board, give votes to all the main players like IGN, GI, etc etc. If they r smart, they will take ou r votes to the show. Also, will NEED a couple big reveals. But, if its done right and has legit support, publishers will want to reveal their games there. Then, at E3, they can do follow ups with hands on. It could be really amazing. Need to create a board with representativea from all over and get thia thing rolling. Its what this industry needs. Games like The Last of Us deserve proper national recognition. Same with many great Indies.

iamnsuperman1711d ago

Along with other things, I think the reveals is what ruins the Vg (whatever it is now). Should there be reveals at these events? Shouldn't it be solely about the awards? The problem with the Vg (whatever it is now) is the reveals always seem to take precedent over the awards. Look at as year. Some of the awards were handed out back stage. That is not on. I know why these events have reveals (bring go in income) but to be prestigious they shouldn't be any

rainslacker1710d ago

I agree with superman here. As much as I love reveals and teasers and demonstrations, an awards show should be about the games being nominated and awarded, not an advertisement for what's coming out next.

Awards shows, for the viewer, are a time to reflect on the previous year and see what made it so enjoyable. It would allow us to see all the good the prior year had brought.

Leading up to, and during VGX, most people only talked about the reveals that may/did happen. Very little press was given to the actual winners of the awards. The whole nomination and presentation took up so little time in a three hour show. It's just sad, since so many great games were nominated.

Muffins12231709d ago

Well i would rather have edge and ign vote for winner than a 10 year old

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bnaked1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

There is an Academy of Interactive Arts and Science and they present their GOTY awards every year:

Gaming's Oscars are already there, the DICE awards, they just need to be a show like the Oscars.