Best Video Cards For Gaming December 2013

HardwarePal : In the heat of the PC gaming community and as of recently the console community, is the video card. The video card is not only the device that drives your games, but also gives you clarity for movies, pictorial and video editing.

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xJumpManx1593d ago

I will stick with my new EVGA 780TI with acx cooler

cesuf1593d ago

Paid too much just for the bragging rights for the next 3-4 months. Then 800-series comes in as the new undisputed king.

FTLightspeed1593d ago

what a douchy, simple minded thing to say. the 800 series is not going to be that much better. the 780ti will last 3 or 4 years max all games. then MAYbe you need to lower the settings.

BattleAxe1593d ago

I'm still using a GTX 260, and I can max play most games on high or very high settings. Having to upgrade your PC every few years is a total myth.

Murad1593d ago

Cough, you are so simple minded. The 800 series may be better, but in terms of pricing, it's not. A TI card is basically a 800 card, without the name, and without the initial cost. Furthermore, there's always compatibility issues with newer cards, so having a old TI is a bonus, specially one that can be SLI'd together. A R9 on the other hand, I would think would be better, but then again, it runs 20x hotter than any GTX card I know, but then again, that's why awesome coolers are coming out for it.

hellvaguy1593d ago


800 series hasn't even been announced officially, nor the specs, or the price. So I'm not sure what hat your pulling this info from.

tee_bag2421592d ago

We don't even know how much better the 800 series will be. The first batch that are coming out in Q1 are still on the old 28nm die size. 20nm will come Q3 which is what is likely to be a significant improvement.

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cesuf1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )


You don't need to upgrade every few years, but I gotta call total b.s. on your 260 playing current games on high or very high. That card was released sept 2008. Just over 5 years ago. In reality your playing current games at low and maybe medium settings if you turn down a lot of effects.

660 cards are starting to have to go down to medium settings on games like Battlefield 4, Crysis 3, etc. Idk who told you could still play modern games at very high settings with that card lol.

Murad1593d ago

Ya, that's what I was thinking as well. I personally own a GTX 670 FTW edition, which is basically a 680 without the name for it, but I know for a fact my CineBench test comes out to be less than 45 FPS, but greater than 42.

Rzep1592d ago

I have a gtx 580 SOC and I can play BF4 on Ultra, all I turn down is I think one of the AA's.

BattleAxe1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Well I hate to disappoint you, but I'm being real with you. I will concede that I am not playing at 1080p, but usually at 1768x992.

Otherwise all settings are usually maxed out with the exception of Anti Aliasing which I usually have set to either 2x or 4x, and on some games I turn the shadow quality down to medium, specifically with games like Crysis and GTA4.

I'm not sure why this would surprise you guys. Most games have been made for the Xbox 360 and the PS3 which came out in 2005 and 2006 respectively, so why would you think that you would need to have a 600 or 700 series Nvidia card to display excellent graphics?

If it weren't for the fact that my card is a DX10 GPU, I would probably hold out for another couple of years, but since Watch_Dogs and CoD: Ghosts both require DX11 cards, it's only going to be a matter of time before that becomes the standard, so I will be upgrading within the next month or so. I'd say that my GTX 260 has had a pretty good run though since I've been using it since Oct 2009.

Otherwise, if you have upgraded your GPU two or more times during the PS3 generation, then you've totally wasted your me, I know from experience.

Rzep1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

A bit of a bullshit guide. Here is a tip for those buying a card. Do not EVER buy a referance model of a Radeon card. They run louder than a jet, they run hotter than a volcano. Standard Radeon cooling is garbage.

In my opinion the best card right now is the 770, or something like an ASUS 780 if you have more money. The ASUS has the best cooling this side of the Hercules iChill cards (expensive take up alot more space in the PC). Best cooling means one of the best cards to overclock. An OC'd 780 is better than a Titan.

Edit: Something to add, buying a 770 is often a good choice because if in the future it's not enough by buying another 770 you get performance that crushes even the Titan. As in demolishes, by a lot.

Murad1593d ago

I would say the best card would be the GTX 770 I believe that was available during Black Friday from Asus, that thing was pretty cheap, I think running at 270 with rebates and everything, and not including the awesome games.

Kleptic1592d ago

totally agree on reference AMD cards...not sure what is going on in their engineering department, but its almost tragic...

however, i'm very happy with a non-reference AMD gpu (Sapphire Toxic R9 280x) can max out BF4 at about 66fps average, which is right in line with a 780 for that game, and temps only hit about 57 degrees C...and i had it at my door for $325...

and this LTC mining craziness resulted in it paying for itself in a little over a month...something nvidia cards can't do...but, the mining issue has resulted in almost all AMD cards being impossible to find, and purposely marked up in if you're only worried about gaming, nvidia is a easier choice right now...

SkullBlade1691593d ago

Still using my GTX680 which I bought a year or so ago. I doubt I need to upgrade for awhile.

SlapHappyJesus1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Running a factory overclocked 680 as well. Only plan on upgrading in the near future if the 800 series, indeed, ends up being all it is supposed to be.
The 680 can max Last Light at 60, though it will dip here and there. That's with high levels of AA.
I am not too worried about its performance going forward.

ElementX1593d ago

I have a 660ti and it runs everything pretty well. I don't play many graphics intensive games though.

dalibor1593d ago

Have been using a 7970 to mine with but now going to use it to try out some games. Yeah not the best gpu card out there but it's better than nothing.

Kleptic1592d ago

well it was AMD's flagship almost 2 years ago to the'll still max out nearly any title right now, and with a slight OC it definitely long as your gaming at 1080 and not higher...

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